5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise (and How to Overcome Them)

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5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise

The following is a sample from my book Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine. Exercising isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity. Read on to learn what challenged some people face that prevent them from exercising and how to overcome them. Steve recently polled his email list about their … Read more

How I Started Getting Up on Time

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“I’m going to need you to stop being late,” my boss said for the third time in this week as I darted myself through the front door of the company I had worked for at 10:15 in the morning. I mumbled a fake apology and got behind my desk. “Actually, I decided to give you … Read more

Sleep Habits of the Rich and Famous (Infographic)

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Many articles and research emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep for creativity and productivity. The classic “8 hours of sleep” rule get thrown around often. But a lot famous and successful personalities throughout history favored sleeping habits we’d consider strange in today’s standards. From regular naps throughout the day to two-hours of sleep at night, … Read more

You’re Reading Food Labels All Wrong – 4 Items to Closely Examine

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A huge component of fitness or weight-loss comes down to developing healthy eating habits. Exercise will only take you so far – Fueling your body with the right food is critical. Unfortunately, choosing healthy foods can be more challenging than it seems. Take a quick look at a food label and it’s easy to become … Read more

4 Steps for Buying your next Pair of Walking Shoes

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Looking to buy a new pair of walking shoes? It is important to understand the things that make a good pair of walking shoes, long before you make a purchase. This post will focus on the 4 steps you should take to help you find the right pair of walking shoes. How Important are Good … Read more

Creating Effective Workout Routines (from the comfort of your own home)

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Yoga - Relaxing Home Workout Routine

What home workout routines are you able to consistently maintain? Developing an effective set of healthy habits to optimize your overall health & fitness can seem like a daunting task. In reality, maximizing your fitness is simply a compilation of small, doable, consistent, daily tasks that you can implement. Getting familiar with a few home … Read more

10000 steps challenge: Discover the fabulous healthy routine that can easily be added to any busy day.

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The following is a sample from my book 10,000 Steps Blueprint: The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness.  If you’re having trouble developing the “exercise habit,” then I recommend taking the “10000 steps challenge” and check this book out to find out more about a routine that can be added to … Read more

15 Habits to Maintain (and Improve) Your Daily Workout Routine

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Tired of not following through on workout routines? Here are 15 habits to help you create a successful daily workout routine, and stick with it!

Is it finally time to commit to a new daily workout routine? Are you tired of saying you’re going to exercise and get into great shape and then not follow through with a plan? If those two lines sound familiar, this should be a MUST READ article Here are 15 habits to help you create … Read more

How Many Steps Does It Take to Lose a Pound? (Our Answer)

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calories burned walking | how many calories do you burn walking | how many steps to lose a pound

Have you started a walking habit in order to lose weight? The truth is walking can be a great long-term solution to shedding weight, but it’s not an overnight solution. So even if you’re getting thousands of steps per day, you might wonder: “How many steps does it take to lose a pound?” In this … Read more

How to Improve Your Bad Posture Habits

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Bad posture is something that most people don’t think about — until they experience negative health consequences.  But numerous studies have shown that it can lead to long-term back pain, fatigue, and even migraine headaches.  In this post, James Hollister goes over a simple action plan for how to improve posture, with specific habits you can easily add … Read more