Detail Oriented Person: 11 Habits That Set Detailed People Apart

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Think about someone you know whom you consider to be detail oriented. When you think about this person, do you feel impressed by their skills or intellect? Or perhaps you feel annoyed by their perfectionism. Or are you the person who first popped into your head? I feel like the term “detail oriented” is a … Read more

How to Plan Your Week: 7 Steps to Focus on What’s Important

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how to plan your week | how to plan your week to be productive | weekly planning checklist

Do you ever feel like there simply is not enough time in the week to get everything that you want to do accomplished? You may think to yourself on Sunday night that you have an entire week ahead of you to work on your projects, meet up with an old friend, get a proposal submitted, … Read more

10 Reasons Students Should Use a Paper Academic Year Planner

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academic year planner | daily planner | academic planner

A paper planner isn’t just a creative or decorative piece of stationery. Studies show that students who use a paper academic year planner are more prepared and do better in school than those who don’t. And while digital planners are fine to use on a smartphone, tablet or computer, productivity experts say a paper planner is … Read more

15 Best Note Taking App Options for 2023

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best note taking apps | best note taking app for iphone | best note taking app for android

Do you want to keep track of all pieces of information to keep your life running smoothly? Do you need a systematic way to handle data and maximize your efficiency in the workplace? Do you need a smarter way to store notes and recall lectures and course content without being overwhelmed with all the information? … Read more

31 Chores for Kids to Earn Money (The Ultimate Age Appropriate List)

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Check out this ultimate list of age appropriate chores for kids and jobs to do around the house for pocket money.

There are many different types of families out there. The nuclear family. The extended family. The single-parent family. And the co-parent family. Regardless of the type of the family, they all have one thing in common… children. And the way we raise our children will impact the way they treat others… how they see themselves… and, ultimately, … Read more

Cash Envelope System: The Why and How for Implementing the Dave Ramsey Budgeting Template

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Hey! Have you heard the one about the guy who makes $120,000 per year… but still lives paycheck to paycheck? Or the one about the single mom raising a teenage daughter… who can’t seem to stretch her modest salary enough to buy her the prom dress she so desperately wants? How about the working class … Read more

How to Use Todoist Tutorial (The Ultimate Review for 2023)

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This todoist tutorial 2018 teaches you how to use todoist effectively to boost productivity.

Feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Hate when you fail to make progress with your important projects? Want to manage your entire life with just one tool? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider incorporating the Todoist app into your life. This extensive Todoist review will teach you everything … Read more

8 Steps to Form the Declutter Habit

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Here's the eight-step plan Steve recommends to his readers for building the declutter habit.

The following is an excerpt from my book, 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home. If you’re looking for an an easy, step-by-step plan for sorting, purging, and organizing every space in your house, you need to build the declutter habit first. Read to learn how. If you want to make sure the … Read more

The Ultimate Decluttering Supply List for Organizing Your Home

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Declutter Supply List

This is a fact: And it’s especially true if you don’t know what supplies you’ll need to get started. This week, I’m launching my latest book 10-Minute Declutter (with my co-author Barrie Davenport), which shows readers how to build the 10-minute habit for simplifying your life. Our challenge was to identify what items you’ll need … Read more