65 Good Conversation Starters for Talking to Teens

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If you interact with children and teenagers on a regular basis, you understand that they are prone to mood swings. Particularly as kids approach adolescence, they may not talk as much as they used to. It may feel like pulling teeth just to get them to say anything at all. That is why it is … Read more

7 Ways to Be Less Annoying to Friends and Family

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how to be less annoying to your family | how to be less annoying over text | how to be less annoying in a relationship

One of the hardest things to do is take a good look at yourself in the mirror and admit your flaws… not just physical imperfections, but personality glitches.  Think about it. Do you have a tendency to be overbearing?  Are you messy? Maybe you are the queen of guilt trips? Or the king of procrastination? … Read more

7 Signs of Gaslighting in Your Relationship or Marriage

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“Stop being so sensitive.” “Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” From the 1944 movie, Gaslight, to being one of 2018’s most popular words of the year, this manipulative tactic has proven to be effective for anyone trying to gain control over someone else. Gaslighting gained popularity among professionals in the 1980s when gaslighting was written about … Read more

37 Best Inspirational & Motivational Short Stories [2024 Update]

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funny inspirational stories with morals | inspirational stories about life with moral lesson tagalog | inspirational moral stories for adults

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book that had a lasting impact on you? Stories are one of the most powerful ways to guide, teach, and inspire people. Storytelling is effective because it helps to establish connections among people, as well as between people and the ideas that unite humanity. Inspirational stories … Read more

How to Expand Your Circle of Influence in Your Life

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circle of influence | how to expand circle of influence | increase your circle of influence

Let’s talk about the things we all worry about. According to Psychological Health Care, the top three worries in our lives are: Money/the future Job security Relationships Elite Daily came up with a similar top three, ending up with: Money Relationships Life’s purpose Whatever your main concerns are in life, think for a second about … Read more

31 Best Songs About Heroes & Being a Superhero in Life

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songs about heroes | songs about heroism and courage | songs about heroes lyrics

From helping your neighbor to volunteering at an animal shelter, real-life heroism comes in many forms. Teleportation and invisibility are no more than cool on-screen tricks. Yet, compassion, friendliness, and generosity are qualities that help us become the best version of ourselves and uplift others in everyday life. We’ve compiled a list of the 31 … Read more

7 Ways to Spot Someone with False Humility

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false humility | signs of false humility | what is false humility

If there are any people in the world we aspire to be like, it would be people with humble hearts and reputations. Humble people are gracious, even amid adversity and personal challenges. They know their weaknesses and don’t boast about their strengths. In fact, humble people don’t think they’re better than anyone else. And they … Read more

9 Ways to Improve Your Conversation Skills

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When given the choice to call or email someone, do you choose to email without giving it a second thought? I’ll admit that I always go for the electronic option. It’s more convenient, less intrusive, and it allows me to avoid having to exchange pleasantries. Technology is a huge part of our lives these days, … Read more

31 Team Building Activities for Teens to Build Camaraderie

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Are you trying to bring teens together in a positive way? Maybe you’re an educator, a youth leader, a mentor for teens, or a parent. If so, you understand that providing teens with positive interactions is vital.  If you haven’t already considered teamwork exercises for teens, you should. Teamwork is necessary for healthy relationships. In … Read more

5 Habits to Always Be Punctual and on Time

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how to be punctual | benefits of punctuality | types of punctuality

Americans place a lot of stress and importance on being on time. Whereas you go to almost any city in Europe or a Caribbean island… and business owners are shutting down in the middle of a day to go have a meal with their family and take a nap, at times leaving only a sign … Read more