OKR VS SMART Goals: 3 Key Differences

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Up until I was about 20, this is what my goals would look like: “Tomorrow I am going to start. It’s a whole new week and I’ve had enough of getting poor results. I’m serious, everything is changing tomorrow.” This goal-setting strategy applied to many areas of my life, whether I was trying to eat … Read more

11 Inspiring Famous People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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famous autistic people | famous autistic people in history | famous actors with autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a widely researched disorder that continues to have advancements in understanding and treatment. While it was once assumed to be rare, autism is now thought to affect 1 in every 59 people. Symptoms of this complex neurobehavioral disorder usually start to show before the age of 3. Characteristics of someone … Read more

How to Write a Life Purpose Statement (with 5 Examples)

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life purpose statement | life purpose statement examples | how to write a life purpose statement

We talk about a variety of things here on DGH, but a lot of it comes down to one common theme: how you can improve your sense of fulfillment in life. Think about it, we’ve talked about: Living according to your values Books that you can read to help you find your sense of purpose … Read more

15 Motivational Movies All Students Must Watch

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If you’re looking for movies to help you get through the challenges you face at school, you’ll like today’s collection of motivational movies for students. The academic life can be both exciting and challenging. It takes a lot of focus, determination, and grit to be able to meet all of your course requirements in order … Read more

17 Inspirational Songs About Leadership and Guiding Others

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Possessing awesome leadership qualities helps you succeed not just in your career, but also in your personal life. You’ll discover that being a person with integrity, sincerity, and respect for others draws people to you. It makes them trust you and value your contributions. If being a good leader is one of your main goals … Read more

13 Songs About Not Being Good Enough

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songs about not being good enough | songs about feeling worthless | songs about being unwanted

Feel like you’re never good enough? You may have experienced being in a toxic relationship, where a narcissistic partner tried to diminish your sense of self-worth. Or maybe you have had to work hard for your family’s approval of your life decisions. Perhaps it’s your own thoughts that say you’re a phony, despite your achievements. … Read more

7 Idea Generation Techniques to Overcome Your Next Challenge

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If you’re like me, you may find that when you’re trying to think of a good idea, nothing comes to mind. But, that moment right before you fall asleep or when you’re out for a run, a brilliant idea will hit you. But how do you get those ideas to come at more convenient times? … Read more

5 Ways to Stop Your Self Sabotaging Behavior

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Think back for a moment to a goal you’ve set for yourself over the past few months. Maybe it’s that New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds or your goal to save money so you can take a trip or complete some of your other goals this summer. No matter what your recent goal was, … Read more

9 Habits to Be a More Responsible Person

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As kids, many of us had a tendency to associate being responsible with being grown-up.  In fact, the two went hand in hand, as far as I was concerned. People like our parents, grandparents, teachers… they were responsible. They had jobs, cars, homes. They took care of us.  But when I was in high school, … Read more

Facebook Addiction? The 4-Step Blueprint for Overcoming an Addictive Social Media Habit

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Technology has had an amazing impact on our lives in the last decade—especially when it comes to “connecting” to the world and accessing information. Never before has it been so easy for people from such disparate places as Jakarta, Indonesia, and Branson, Missouri to connect and share their opinions with one another. With the advent … Read more