Chamomile Tea Benefits: A tea for more than relaxation.

Chamomile tea is a tea that has been around for hundreds of years.

This ancient restorative tea that is thought to have numerous benefits for those who regularly consume it. It is mainly known for its benefits as a recuperative and a restorative tea. It is often used by those who are sickly and those needing a good night’s sleep.

It also contains flavonoids and therefore has many of the other preventative and restorative properties of many healthy teas.

Though, it is considered primarily to be a tea that is used to promote a good night's sleep and to ease stomach discomfort, there are a lot more chamomile tea benefits. Below are some of these purported benefits..

Chamomile tea benefits include:

• Anti-inflammatory
• Helps diabetes sufferers
• Promotes healthy skin
• Soothes stomach cramps
• Antioxidant
• Promotes sleep
• Migraines
• Loss of vision
• Prevent nerve and kidney damage
• Ease stomach discomfort
• Prevents and relieves allergies
• Fights cancer cell growth
• Ease discomfort from gum inflammation and abscesses
• Ease stomach ulcer
• Reduce diabetes suffering

Great for a night time tea habit

Due to the fact that this tea is mostly about easing discomfort and promoting a good night's sleep, this is the perfect tea to take before bed. This tea does not have any caffeine and will help you get that good nights sleep. If you have any trouble sleeping at night, I would seriously think about creating a tea drinking ritual at night around this good stuff.

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