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Green tea has the power to take your weight loss routine to the next level. First and foremost, it makes your metabolism more efficient and promotes burning off the excess fat. The green tea substances that are responsible for this are catechin and caffeine.

However, some green teas are more potent than others and may include extra ingredients to support your efforts further. So, what is the best green tea for weight loss? To answer this question, we’ve created a list of top five green teas you can order today.

You won’t be making the wrong choice no matter which one you choose. But one might be better than the other for your specific needs. Without much further ado, dive right in and make your pick.

Are You in a Hurry?

Want quick access to our top picks? You’re in the right place. The following section is the best green tea for weight loss overview. Take a quick look and find the one that will make your body lean mean beach-ready machine.

Best Overall: Fatbom Zero Tea 14-Day Detox CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Editor’s Choice: Brazilian Belle Bikini Body Tea 15 Day Detox CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best K-cup Tea: VitaCup Infused Tea CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Appetite Suppressant: Baetea 14-Day Teatox Herbal Detox CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Doctor’s Blend: Dr. Zisman ZT Slimming Tea CLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Best Green Teas for Weight Loss

1. Best Overall: Fatbom Zero Tea 14-Day Detox

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Fatbom Zero Tea 14-Day Detox provides one of the most potent natural blends. Aside from the green tea, this detox powerhouse contains organic rooibos, nutmeg, cornflower, and orange peel. But this is not the end of the story.

The blend also contains cloves, red peppercorn, and cinnamon. The ingredients list sounds impressive on its own, but how does it promote your weight loss efforts? Being a detox tea, it cleanses your body and supports healthy bowel movement, and may reduce bloating.

For example, the combination of nutmeg is excellent for easing indigestion. What’s more, it can better your blood circulation and, in turn, boost the results of your exercise routine. Overall, each Fatbom Zero ingredient is there to boost your immunity, aid metabolism, and expedite weight loss.

It’s worth noting that this tea is free from natural laxatives like senna leaves. It takes advantage of the extra plants and herbs to support the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Therefore, the Fatbom Zero optimizes digestive processes without putting the bowel movement in overdrive.

The tea in this review is designed for a 14-day detox cycle, and there is also a 28-day option. Both drinks are the same, and choosing one or the other depends on your routine. You may start with the 14-day one to see how your body reacts to the active ingredients, then continue with the bigger bag if you’re happy with it.

Finally, this is the best green tea for weight loss because it offers excellent value for money. You’d be hard-pressed to find such an all-encompassing blend at a similar price.


  • Eight active ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain natural laxatives
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Great value for money
  • Tastes great


  • May cause gas

2. Editor’s Choice: Brazilian Belle Bikini Body Tea 15 Day Detox

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Yes, all of us want a lean, mean beach-ready body in no time. But is it possible? The answer might be in the Brazilian Belle Bikini Body Tea 15 Day Detox. Okay, just drinking the tea won’t get you very far, but if you combine it with regular exercise and a sensible diet, you’re in for a surprise.

That begs the question — What makes this tea so potent? Like with most teas, the secret lies in the ingredients, and the list includes Pu’er, oolong, and green tea leaves. These are entirely natural and haven’t been bettered with fillers, artificial flavorings, and whatnot.

So far, so good, but what’s the oolong’s and Pu’er’s role in the blend? Traditionally used in China, oolong tea is like green tea’s close cousin, and they share a lot of the beneficial properties. For example, oolong is rich in essential minerals like manganese, potassium, and magnesium, plus a single cup may contain around 36 mg of caffeine.

Nevertheless, things get interesting with the Pu’er. Hailing from China as well, this tea is antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. What’s more, it works alongside the green tea to improve your metabolism, digestion, and help you shed toxins.

You get a single 3.17-oz. bag and there are 30 tea bags inside. The company also offers some promos and discounts when you order more than one bag. Plus, there’s a free Bikini Body Transformation guide.


  • Contains oolong and Pu’er tea leaves
  • Free from artificial ingredients and fillers
  • 30 tea bags in a single package
  • Free Bikini Body Transformation booklet


  • A bit pricey
  • There isn’t a bigger or smaller option

3. Best K-Cup Tea: VitaCup Infused Tea

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The convenient K-cup packaging is just one of the reasons the VitaCup Infused Tea landed on this list. A quick look at the nutrition facts, and it’ll be easy to figure out that this is one of the best options for anybody on a weight-loss routine.

It all starts with the green tea, but the extra active ingredients are the things that make this drink special. A single serving gives you an infusion of vitamin B-complex, including B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12. But how do these aid your weight-loss efforts?

Vitamin B-complex promotes a healthy appetite and digestion, and it improves energy levels and muscle tone. It’s a perfect complement to your exercise routine and fat-burning diet. But the abundance of vitamin B is only a part of the story.

VitaCup Infused Tea also contains matcha and moringa. You’ve probably heard about matcha — it’s the super-root that optimizes metabolism, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol. And it’s also an excellent source of selenium, chromium, vitamin C, and minerals.

On the other hand, moringa is there to keep your stomach and liver healthy and fight off bacteria. It’s also rich in phosphorus and calcium, making it great for bone health. When exercising, your bones and joints suffer excess strain, and you need something to help them recover.

The reviewed package includes 16 K-cups, and you can choose between 32, 64, and 128-cup boxes. The pods are compatible with Keurig, iCoffee, Mr. Coffee, and most other pod brewing machines.


  • Contains vitamin B-complex
  • Infused with matcha and moringa
  • Great for those who exercise
  • Rich in essential minerals
  • Compatible with most pod brewers


  • The taste might not suit everybody’s palate

4. Best Appetite Suppressant: Baetea 14-Day Teatox Herbal Detox

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Struggling to stay full, yet you need to lose some weight? If so, this natural appetite suppressant might be right up your alley. But appetite suppressants have gotten some bad rep, so it’s best to tell you more about those first.

Baetea 14-Day Teatox Herbal Detox doesn’t contain anything artificial to make you feel less hungry. The secret lies in the combination of ginger root, green tea, oolong wu yi leaf, and Garcinia cambogia extract. The Baetea 14-Day Teatox has even more ingredients, but these are responsible for appetite suppression.

The blend affects your metabolism and makes it easier for the body to take in the nutrients from food. At the same time, the tea helps with bloating and optimizes bowel movement. Combine that with the energy boost you get from the Guarana seeds, and you’ll have more energy while on a sensible diet.

Anyway, it pays to take a closer look at some intake suggestions because this is not just any green tea blend. It’s best to avoid drinking the Baetea Teatox on an empty stomach because it may reduce its absorbency.

Due to its appetite suppressant properties, this tea is not recommendable for minors and nursing or pregnant women. But if you don’t fall under these categories, a single serving per day should be enough.


  • Has eight active ingredients
  • Naturally flavored tea
  • Makes you feel less hungry


  • May cause some side effects
  • A bit pricey

5. Best Doctor’s Blend: Dr. Zisman ZT Slimming Tea

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Crafted by Dr. Zisman, a Harvard-educated endocrinologist, Dr. Zisman ZT Slimming Tea is undoubtedly the best green tea for weight loss. Besides, this tea affects your entire body to help you cope with a demanding dieting/exercise routine.

The ZT Slimming tea contains peppermint lead that helps with muscle relief, and the pleasant taste is the added benefit. You should know that peppermint targets all your muscles, including the ones in the colon, abdomen, and the intestine. Therefore, it promotes digestive tract health.

Changing your diet, losing weight, exercising, and whatnot – all this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Dr. Zisman’s blend can help you there, as well. The tea has terpenoid antioxidants that can reduce tension, soothe your nerves, and help you sleep better.

Another highlight is the Garcinia cambogia extract. It is a small fruit that’s rich in hydroxy citric acid, which helps reduce food cravings and detoxes your body. The added benefit of this exotic plant is that it promotes stamina, which may prove invaluable for your gym routine.

Finally, Dr. Zisman worked together with Asian Tea Masters to craft one of the most potent natural blends. What’s more, the brand stands behind the product 100%, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Six natural active ingredients
  • A doctor’s blend
  • Helps muscle relief and sleep
  • Soothing for the nerves


  • Doesn’t come in tea bags

What Is Green Tea and Where is it Used?

In the West, green tea has become popular in the past decade, but this super-plant has been one of the staples of traditional Asian medicine for centuries. It’s beneficial properties range from wound-healing to headache treatment, though most people tout it as one of the best natural weight-loss supplements.

There are different tea varietals, but Camellia sinensis is used for oolong, white, black, as well as green tea. The manufacturing process begins with the steaming of the leaves.

It’s important to note that green tea doesn’t undergo fermentation. As a result, the final product retains most of the nutrients and antioxidants.


As said, most people drink green tea to better their metabolism and shed off excess pounds. Even though there is more research to be done, preliminary studies support the fat-burning properties of green tea.

For example, a 2012 study confirms that green tea’s unique composition aids weight loss in obese and overweight adults. How? We’ve already mentioned that catechin and caffeine are the main compounds that make green tea so efficient.

Both compounds are known to ramp up the amount of energy your body consumes, plus catechin has fat-burning properties. When you ingest them, caffeine and catechin trigger a series of complex metabolic processes that optimize the levels of other chemicals in your body.

This way, your body becomes better at absorbing nutrients and removing harmful compounds. But it is best to combine green tea with exercise and dietary regime.

Is It Only About Weight Loss?

The quick answer is no. Green tea might also help you reduce bad cholesterol, manage type-2 diabetes, and improve your cardiovascular health. This natural remedy also has some anti-cancer properties due to the abundance of antioxidants.

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Green tea can also help you reduce bad cholesterol, manage type-2 diabetes, and improve your cardiovascular health.

The research into this is still limited, but this doesn’t make the tea any less efficient. Assuming you’re in good health, you’ll surely feel the benefits.

Green Tea vs. Black Tea

Since both teas originate from the same plant, you may believe that there’s no contest here, and this is true up to a certain extent. Both options are great for improving your cognitive functions and heart health.

However, the manufacturing process delivers two different teas with minute but essential discrepancies.

The main thing is — black tea is oxidized while green tea is not. When making black tea, Camellia sinensis leaves get rolled and left in the open air to trigger the oxidation process. The leaves become dark brown, and this is how the tea got its name.

The main takeaway is that the flavor becomes stronger, and a select group of polyphenols comes to life. These are called theaflavins, and they amount to about 6% of all polyphenols. Theaflavins can promote weight loss and are a powerful antioxidant. So, why would green tea be a better option?

According to research, green tea is a more powerful antioxidant, and it has much less caffeine than black tea. Therefore, it’s a better option if you’re sensitive to caffeine, but need a stimulant that can fight free radicals.

Also, green tea has an L-theanine amino acid that balances out the caffeine effects and may calm you.

Other Things to Know About Green Teas for Weight Loss

At this point, you know that the best green tea for weight loss usually contains other beneficial ingredients. These are there to boost the beneficial properties of the drink or offer unique nutrients that can expedite your weight loss.

Some of the natural blends are not that tasty and may feel too pungent. Therefore, a mix may include sweeteners or other herbs to enhance the taste. Again, the idea is to go for a product that has natural passive ingredients. For example, Stevia leaves are sometimes added for sweetness.

When it comes to consumption, it’s best to drink green tea between meals, and the same goes if you’re on a protein shake diet. That’s is because green tea is rich in tannins, compounds that attract minerals, and may limit their absorption.

That said, there are green tea blends that offset this with other active ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia extract.

As for the number of cups per day, there are no hard and fast rules. Depending on the tea you get, one or two cups should be more than enough to support your weight loss routine. However, if you’re not sure, feel free to consult with your physician and nutritionist.

A specialist can point you to a blend that’s best for your metabolism and suggest a dietary regime the amplifies the tea’s benefits.

Pros and Cons of Using the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

So far, we’ve focused on the advantages of green tea, and this section offers a brief recap of those as well. However, green tea also has certain green tea side-effects, and you should know about them. Don’t worry, the best green tea for weight loss won’t do you any harm.


The main advantage of green tea is that it gets your metabolism in order. Relatively high caffeine content boosts energy consumption and helps you get the most from your diet.

More importantly, green tea can restore gastrointestinal balance and relieve your body from the remnants of poor eating habits.

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One of the main advantages of green tea is that it gets your metabolism in order.

It all adds to your weight-loss efforts, but the benefits don’t stop there. Green tea is here to improve your overall health. For example, better cardiovascular health is related to your stamina and gym performance.

And the lower levels of bad cholesterol have a positive effect on various metabolic functions in your body.


Green tea itself can’t cause any severe side effects as long as your body isn’t caffeine intolerant. But even if you are, the adverse reactions are limited to upset stomach, irritability, or insomnia.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t combine green tea with other stimulants. If you do, it might increase your heart rate and blood pressure. If you’re taking any other weight loss supplement, read the ingredients list and check if any of them coincide with green tea.

This natural remedy may also work against certain drugs like anticoagulants and painkillers. That’s because green tea is rich in vitamin K and acts as an anticoagulant itself.

How to Choose the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

In all frankness, there is no science to choosing the best green tea for weight loss. The trick is to check the fine print and inspect the ingredients list. Chances are, the active ingredients, including green tea, are natural and adequately processed to retain the beneficial properties.

But don’t stop there, look at the passive ingredients and check for red flags. As a rule, if you need a dictionary to understand what’s in the tea, then it’s better to opt for a different one. Speaking of ingredients, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The important thing is how the ingredients complement each other and how they affect your health. For example, you should look for ingredients that contain minerals and vitamins green tea lacks. And remember, the tea can reduce the absorption of minerals, and it’s vital to compensate for this.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

The Fatbom Zero Tea 14-Day Detox stands out as our top recommendation. It has eight active ingredients that have been carefully balanced for the most optimal effect. As such, it targets all the critical areas when you’re on a diet.

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Improved digestion betters nutrient absorption and expedites detox. Your muscles will recover quicker, and on top of that, your brain should be sharper. And what are the ingredients responsible for this? They are cloves, red peppercorn, cornflower, and green tea, to name but a few.

The Fatbom Zero Tea 14-Day Detox is among the most affordable green teas on the market. And at the same time, it’s stacked with super-healthy ingredients.

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