How to Practice Mindfulness: Simple Plan to Be More Mindful in 2023

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How to Practice Mindfulness (The Ultimate Guide to Being More Mindful Throughout the Day)

How to practice mindfulness, simply and easily…. a complete guide. Will show you everything you need to know about the benefits of mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness and how to make mindfulness a part of your lifestyle. Have you ever felt stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by life? We live in a busy world. With emails … Read more

Meditation vs. Mindfulness: What Is the Difference?

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Mindfulness has become a popular word recently, but do you know how it differs from meditation? Meditation and mindfulness each have many definitions and are often intertwined, so it’s easy to confuse the two terms. However, these two terms actually complement each other. Mediation and mindfulness are two sides of the same coin and often … Read more

71 Mindfulness Exercises for Living in the Present Moment

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​Looking for mindfulness exercises? Something to help you increase your daily mindfulness, in a hectic life? If so, then the following article ​details 71 ​mindfulness activities that can be added to any busy day. Granted, it is impossible to engage in all these exercises at once.  Trying to do so would cause you to neglect … Read more

19 Best Books on Finding Happiness & Life Satisfaction

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We all want to be happy. When we are kids it is easy. We laugh. We play. We live and we are happy. As adults it becomes a little bit more difficult. We have responsibilities. We are expected to act like adults. We delay gratification to achieve future success and happiness. But this is the … Read more

14 Tips to Tame Your Monkey Mind & Calm Your Thinking

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Tips for Quieting Your Monkey Mind

I know what you are thinking. How, do you quiet your insane monkey mind you ask? How do you cut through all the noise that constantly surrounds us and keeps us from finding peace? Everything. Your “to do” list, your current feelings, your worries and fears for the future, what’s for dinner tonight. What was … Read more