7 Best Website Blocker Apps for Studying and Increased Focus

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The Internet has become a significant part of our lives. It has become our number one source of information. It helps us to be more efficient at work. And of course, it makes study time far more effective.

However, with the vast amount of information available to us at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, it has become much easier to get distracted by time-sink apps and “fun” websites. And the biggest time-sink of all is social media.

Research shows that, globally, people spend an average of 2.5 hours per day exclusively on social media. People use social media in almost every setting, often to negative effects. It causes people to become less productive at work and to lose focus when studying.

Fortunately, this is completely preventable.

Website blockers can help you focus on the task at hand. They prevent you from being tempted to access time-sink sites so you can get things done. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other techniques to increase your ability to concentrate, you might want to check out this post on how to develop extreme focus.

Today we have featured seven of the best website blocker apps currently available so you can decrease distractions and increase your productivity.

This list does not mean you need ALL these apps to free up your time. Simply find the one YOU think is best and see how it works for you. All of these website blocker apps are effective and all will help to decrease the time sink nature of using online tools at work and study.

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1. Freedom

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This app block websites and apps across different devices. In fact, you can even sync your blocks on your Android phone and your Mac computer. This effectively stops you from using your phone because you’ve blocked Facebook on your laptop.

To stay focused when you are working or studying, there are three blocking options you need to be aware of:

  • Block all – Allows you to block the whole Internet.
  • Block all except… – This is the app’s whitelisting feature that blocks access to all websites except for the ones you’d like to access (hopefully something related to whatever you’re working on).
  • Locked mode – This feature encourages you to fully commit to a blocking period when you activate it.

This is a paid app, with options for a monthly or yearly subscription.

2. Famisafe

website blocker with password | cold turkey blocker | stayfocusd

If you’re a parent, it can be a real challenge to make sure that your kids are safe all the time. Fortunately, this app can help when it comes to the Internet.

Not only does it let you know your kids’ whereabouts through its location service, the app also allows you to filter and block dangerous sites and control screen time to help kids regain their focus on school work and other activities.

The app’s monitoring feature ensures that your kids do not become victims of cyberbullying or become exposed to the negative effects of pornography, gambling, or excessive gaming.

Once the app is downloaded on you and your kid’s phones, you can personalize and set everything up through your phone. This is a paid app, and offers a three-day free trial.

3. Cold Turkey

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This app has been chosen as one of the best website blocking apps for the year due to its useful features that prevent you from losing focus when important tasks are waiting. The following are the standout capabilities of Cold Turkey that users have been raving about:

  • Website blocking (whole websites or specific webpages) – Use the default “distraction list” or create your own blacklist that allows you to add an unlimited number of websites to block. When a site is blocked, a motivational quote is displayed on the screen to help bring your focus back to the task at hand.
  • Blocking timer.
  • Blocking scheduler.
  • Blocking the entire Internet.
  • Blocking the entire Internet (with exceptions).
  • Blocking Google searches – Blocking keywords (e.g., cat memes) on Google can help curb the temptation to visit the sites that show up on the search results page.
  • Blocking games and apps.
  • Daily time limits – This feature allows you to schedule blocking times throughout the day, so you can work Pomodoro style and be more productive.
  • Frozen Turkey – This feature prevents you from accessing your device for a specified time period, encouraging time away from your computer.

The app has a free basic version, with an option to upgrade to a pro account that gives you access to all the nice features, as well as priority support. Students can request for 20% off the regular price of a pro account.

4. FocusMe

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FocusMe can help you stay off your phone when you need to zero in on important tasks. The following features earned this app a spot on our list today:

  • Blocks websites
  • App blocking
  • Prevents opening of email while still allowing you to send them
  • Tracks the actual time you spend on specific websites and gives a detailed report so you can decide if it’s time to cut back on your visits to these time-sink sites
  • Task scheduler and tracker
  • Customizable time supports the Pomodoro technique of time management

The basic version of this app is free for Android users. Furthermore, its premium version is one of the most affordable website blockers on the market.

5. Zero Willpower

stayfocusd | freedom website blocker | wastenotime

This app comes with a default list of distracting websites that you can choose to block if using them causes you to lose focus and productivity. The default sites include Facebook, YouTube, and 9gag.

As with other website blockers, you are prevented from accessing websites for between 1 and 24 hours, and the app prevents you from overriding the blocking period while it is in effect. For the moment, this app works exclusively on Safari.

6. Forest

website blocker with password | website blocker android | stayfocusd firefox

If you want to incorporate an element of social responsibility into your browsing, this app can help with that.

Technically, Forest is not a website blocking app. Instead, its standout feature is that it encourages users to plant virtual trees instead of visiting time-sink websites. You’d be surprised how a website that encourages you to plant virtual trees can actually help you become more focused and more productive.

It also has a sharing option so you and your friends can “plant” trees together, encouraging you to have face-to-face interactions.

The price for this app varies for different operating systems.

For those looking to have social impact, this app partners with Trees for the Future to plant actual trees in several countries in Africa.

7. BlockerX

barracuda web blocker | cloud based web filtering | aobo filter

Watching porn is considered by many to be a bad habit (#141 on our Bad Habits List), largely due to its host of negative effects. If you need a web blocker to prevent yourself or your child from accessing adult websites, then this app does the job.

This app blocks all access to porn sites. However, since a lot of adult content is still accessible through apps, social media, and other seemingly innocuous websites, this porn blocker also has a built-in website and app blocker.

Furthermore, it allows for parental control, preventing your child from being exposed to adult or inappropriate websites. It also has a “prevent uninstall” feature so that your child cannot disable the blocker.

This app works best with the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Brave

Lastly, you might want to check out this post for a highly effective, nine-habit strategy to help you stop watching porn for good.

Final Thoughts on the Best Website Blocker Apps

We live in an age when technology brings social media and information right into the palms of our hands. Unfortunately, this ease of access leads us to spend many wasted hours on social media, entertainment platforms, gaming apps, and other time sinks each day.

This has a number of negative effects on us. We are more distracted. We are less productive. We lose interest in our studies.

One way to remedy this situation is to use website blockers that help us make use of our time more effectively.

There are many web-blocking apps out there, but today we’ve presented the seven best website blockers for your perusal. We hope that the information we shared here can help you make an informed decision as to which app is the right one for your needs.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to improve your focus, you might want to visit this post about 10 mindful habits to help you achieve the power of focus.

In addition, if you need some tips on how to study better, this post will show you how to build better study habits.

Finally, if you want another positive ​way to improve your life, then read and learn something new every day. A great tool to do this is to join over 1 million others and start your day with the latest FREE, informative news from this website.


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7 Best Website Blocker Apps for Studying and Increased Focus