6 Straw Man Fallacy Examples & How You Can Respond

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In the context of a debate, it’s always good practice to make sure you clearly understand your opponent’s position before you respond, so you can argue against their actual views. Unfortunately, good practice doesn’t always come through and people end up misrepresenting other people’s views.  A straw man fallacy is a kind of logical fallacy … Read more

6 False Dichotomy Examples & How to Counter Them

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In 2001, then-president George W. Bush was quoted making the following statement to Congress in response to the attacks on 9/11: “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” In the time since, President Bush has been criticized for his all-or-nothing … Read more

7 Slippery Slope Fallacy Examples (And How to Counter Them)

slippery slope examples | slippery slope examples in real life | slippery slope meaning and examples

Say you’re debating a friend over the topic of marijuana legalization and they say this: “If we legalize recreational marijuana, then marijuana will become normalized in public life. If marijuana is normalized, that will make it more likely that children and other impressionable people will partake. Before you know it, everyone will be doing drugs! … Read more

What is a Logical Fallacy? (with 10 Examples)

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Have you ever made a mistake at work and then thought you were surely going to be fired? I was recently in a bind at work and my boss asked to have a meeting with me the following morning. I was positive I was going to get fired–or, at least get into big trouble. I … Read more

What is the Planning Fallacy (and How Can It Derail Your Time Management Efforts)?

Learn what is planning fallacy and how to overcome planning fallacy in project management.

How often do you find yourself racing at the last minute to meet a deadline? Do you often find that you end up finishing projects after you had promised they would be complete? Have you let people down because you didn’t have enough time to fulfill your obligations? If these questions sound familiar, then you … Read more