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Declutter_cover_smallerThanks for purchasing Declutter Your Inbox: 9 Proven Steps to Eliminate Email Overload.

As you've probably seen, there are a LOT of links within the book.

So I've compiled this short list to help you quickly find a specific tool, app or resource.

Here is a complete list (in order of their appearance within the book):

  • Merrill-Covey Matrix image – Image showing how work can be divided into four basic categories
  • Zeigarnik Effect – Blog post on Develop Good Habits discussing the Zeigarnik effect
  • 30-Day Habit Challenge – A free series on the Develop Good Habits blog where I test a new routine every month
  • Five Sentences – A website that provides “ a disciplined way to deal with email” by recommending the five-sentence rule
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing – Amazon link to the Mavis Beacon software
  • Evernote – A tool to help you manage lists and reminders
  • Amazon AWS Account – A paid account where you can upload all your commonly used files and help streamline the process of responding to emails
  • Steve Pavlina – Credited for ending “No” responses with a simple “I hope you understand”
  • How to Use Canned Responses in Gmail – A great WikiHow article on how to set up a canned response in Gmail
  • Create an email message template – A brief overview of the email message template process in Outlook
  • How to Save and Use Messages as Templates in Mac OS X Mail – An article that offers a few alternative strategies for creating templates on Mac
  • Gmail Tutorial 2013 – Creating Email Filters (Part 4) – A YouTube tutorial that walks you through the entire process of creating email filters in Gmail
  • Basecamp – Most popular fee-based solution for collaborative projects
  • Hyperoffice – Similar to Basecamp but includes more interaction on their social platform
  • Survey Monkey – Preferred online surveys provider for creating simple polls
  • Wikia – Recommended site for starting a Wiki, which work like many online collaboration tools
  • Skype – Allows free online calls
  • Dropbox – Has a simple and useful “Share Link” option for when you need to share documents via email
  • OS X keyboard shortcuts – Recommended read on various Apple keyboard shortcuts
  • Evernote – Use as your personal “ubiquitous idea capture device”
  • Sanebox – A third-party program that only allows important messages to appear in your inbox
  • Mailstrom – Uses your contact lists, delivered emails and messages read to raise or lower the visibility of the emails that you receive
  • IFTTT – Stands for “If This Then That”;with your inbox. This site uses “recipes” to automate your online activities and can sync certain accounts together…IFTTT recipes
  • Email Game – Adds a ticking clock to your email management
  • UnrollMe – Hunts down all your subscriptions so you can look at them in a single email, unsubscribe from unwanted lists or ignore the email and keep it “as is”
  • How to Sort Mail by Sender in Gmail – Gmail doesn’t have the functionality to sort email by sender. Here’s an eHow article providing a decent workaround.

Software you can use to delegate tasks:

  1. Boomerang

Alternative tools aside from Evernote:

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Remember the Milk
  3. Google Docs
  4. Producteev
  5. Cozi
  6. Microsoft OneNote
  7. Asana
  8. Trello
  9. Azendoo
  10. Basecamp

4 Software Solutions for Template Responses

  1. ToutApp
  2. Yesware
  3. TextExpander
  4. FastFox

2 popular calendar tools:

  1. Google calendar
  2. Outlook calendar

Outsourcing websites that come with collaboration tools:

  1. Elance
  2. oDesk
  3. Freelancer

Recommended browsers for Mac:

  1. Opera
  2. Camino

Recommended browser for PC: Google Chrome

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