30 Free (and Discounted) eBook Resources

Want to read more eBooks?

Here is a list of 35 websites that offer free and discounted books.  Click the below links to load up your e-reading device.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: This article was written in MARCH 2015.  Since this was published, there may have been changes to some of these sites since that time, in the volatile world of publishing.  In late June 2016.  (When I write this note.) Amazon pulled the affiliate status of many smaller free booksellers. Gutting many of the options on this list.

The book sellers that seem to be weathering the effects are the ones who have diversified from their base model.

Bookbub, Buckbooks, Reddit and Freebooksy all are currently still operating. While one of the biggest, Pixel of Ink. Has shuttered its doors.  As of 7/1/2016. The sites still listed here are still good. But who knows what the future holds.]

Featured Website:: #1. BuckBooks

Buck Books features 4 to 5 books (through their email newsletter) priced at $1 or less, plus a daily free book and a featured author.

Signing up means you get a daily email update with at least five books for a very low discount.

What separates Buck Books from the others on this list, is they hold special events (every week) in a variety of themes.  As an example, they have a special Paleo diet event coming up in a few days that has $1,000 worth of giveaways:


#2. Free eBooks

Free eBooks offers free and discounted books. Some are published using the website’s own publishing platform. The format of each book is dependent upon the publisher.

A VIP membership gives you unlimited downloads of all book formats and full access to the audiobook library, while a standard free membership limits you to five books and three audiobooks per month. The website offers a wide range of genres, the most popular of which are romance, science fiction and erotica.

#3. BookBrowse

Rather than offering free books, BookBrowse provides online excerpts and reading guides that can help you make a purchasing decision. Their main product is BookBrowse Online Magazine, a monthly publication featuring reviews, previews, author interviews and reading guides.

#4. Habit Books

Of course I have to include my email list.  Every few weeks, I hold events where I heavily discount many of my habit books. Sign up today and you can grab my free book: “77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life.”

#5. Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink provides regular updates on free and bargain books in the Amazon Kindle store. Sometimes they update more than once a day so you always get the latest deal. You can subscribe to their feed to get the updates via email. Most books featured are in the romance, mystery and science fiction genres.

#6. BookBub

The monster of all the free ebook lists. Chances are you have already heard of BookBub.  With bookbub alerts you to free and discounted books in your preferred genres. You also have the option to activate Author Alerts. This service alerts you every time your favorite author has a free or discounted book available.

#7. eReader IQ

When you sign up for daily eReader IQ updates, you get an up-to-date list of free and discounted Kindle books. The list often includes both fiction and nonfiction titles. The website also makes it easy for you browse based on the best price drops, most popular freebies and best titles under $1.

#8. Kindle Nation Daily

Kindle Nation Daily publishes blog updates containing book excerpts and Amazon links to free and discounted books. You can sign up for their daily digest here. You do not have to sign up to view the links. Most of the books they feature are fiction.

Kindle Nation Daily also has a site for independent authors.

#9. One Hundred Free Books

One Hundred Free Books features free and bargain fiction and nonfiction books daily. Browsing the website is easy. You can check for the newest free books, search for discounted prices, find book deals and even filter your search using various categories.

#10. Reddit

The FreeEBOOKS subreddit is where you can find books that are currently free at marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Illegal file sharing isn’t allowed on this subreddit. The number of free books available depends on the submissions of subscribers.

To take full advantage of the subreddit, you can sign up for reddit and subscribe to r/freeEBOOKS.

#11. Sweeties Picks

Sweeties Picks posts daily updates on currently free and discounted Kindle ebooks. They feature books for children and adults. You can sign up for their Daily Newsletter to get updates in your inbox.

#12. Hundred Zeros

Hundred Zeros has different websites for different countries: US, UK, Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain and Canada. They feature free ebooks—mostly fiction. The Fresh Stock section features new books at discounted rates.

#13. Indie Book of the Day

Indie Book of the Day features books written by independent authors. The site sends alerts about free and discounted books. The great thing about Indie Book of the Day is that they specify which books are free right now, which books are going on sale soon, and which promos have ended.

#14. It's Write Now

This site features mostly free fiction (mystery, romance and westerns) and nonfiction (cookbooks, business and technology) books. The website is updated every morning with a fresh list of free books from the Amazon Kindle store.

#15. Book Daily

Book Daily has a wide range of book samples. It’s a good website to browse when you’re looking to buy a certain book but want to read a sample chapter or two. The site also links directly to Amazon reviews, making it easier to decide which books to buy.

#16. World Literary Café

WLC features free books daily on their forums. You do not need to sign up to access the links. In addition to providing links to free and discounted books, the website also connects authors with beta readers. Only authors who are members can post about their books.

#17. Book Goodies

Book Goodies features free and discounted books as well as countdown deals. They even provide a list of holiday gift ideas. You can sign up to receive daily emails about special deals and bargain books.

#18. Ereader News Today

Ereader News Today features a free book of the day as well as free and bargain-priced Kindle books. When you sign up for the eReader Newsletter, you can customize the emails you receive by picking your favorite categories.

#19. Free Booksy

Free Booksy highlights new series and shares information about free and discounted books.

#20. Indie Author News

Indie Author News features a free ebook of the day, every day of the week. Most of the books featured are fiction (romance, young adult and science fiction). The sidebars also feature books that are not currently on sale.

#21. Awesome Gang

Awesome Gang connects readers with new authors and their books. Each book featured on Awesome Gang is currently free. The site provides excerpts and links to books in blog posts. You can also sign up for their email list to receive updates in your inbox.

#22. Book Gorilla

When you sign up for Book Gorilla, you get the latest deals on Kindle books once a day via email. Books included in their “Deal Bulletins” are always of high quality and match your preferences. They also include limited-time specials.

#23. Daily Free Books

Daily Free Books is the go-to place to find perma-free fiction books. You’ll be introduced to new authors and their series when you start reading the first book for free. The website is well-organized and even uses search filters to help you find books according to your preferences. Email updates are also available.

#24. eBooks Habit

eBooks Habit features ebooks that are currently free. A neat site feature is the “Top Free eBooks” list in the sidebar. eBooks Habit curates a list of the top 100 free books in various categories,  such as romance, thriller, nonfiction, science fiction, cooking and mystery. You can sign up for the eBooks Habit mailing list to get free daily updates.

#25. Free Kindle Books and Tips

The FKBT website provides links to the latest free and discounted Kindle books, but that’s not all you’ll find. The site also has author interviews and tips for maximizing your Kindle experience. The best way to learn about free ebooks is to subscribe to their mailing list.

#26. Bookish

Rather than providing links to free and discounted books, Bookish shares useful articles and recommendations on what books to read next. They feature new authors, introduce new novels, discuss bestsellers and talk about upcoming books that sound interesting.

#27. The Kindle Book Review

As the name implies, The Kindle Book Review publishes book reviews to help you decide which books to purchase. The site also has lists of free and 99 cent books available on Amazon.

#28. Addicted to eBooks

Authors pay to have their books featured on the front page of the website, so most of the books you’ll see on the home page aren’t free. Addicted to eBooks also has a section featuring perma-free books on Amazon.

#29. BookSends

BookSends emails alerts about free and bestselling books on Amazon.com. If you don’t want to sign up, you can check “Today’s Deals” for currently free and discounted books. BookSends also hosts giveaways.

#30. The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian makes it easier for you to find books to read. Sign up for their free updates to receive alerts about books in your favorite genres. Filter your selections according to your profanity/sex/violence preferences.

#31. The Ereader Café

The EReader Café features free and bargain books, and the site is updated daily. The owners usually share links to fiction books and a daily cookbook selection. Ereader Café also features bargain books priced at 99 cents.

#32. Choosy Bookworm

Choosy Bookworm provides updated lists of free and discounted books on Amazon. Most books are fiction (romance and thrillers). You can sign up for the free daily newsletter, or you can get free titles by joining the “Read and Review” program.

#33. We Love eBooks (Facebook Group)

#34. KindleNation (Facebook Group)

#35. eBook Impresario (Facebook Group)

5 book deals out of 35 closed down as of 7/1/16. More may fold, with amazon puling a major source of funding. But for now still lots of good opportunities out there.

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