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Finding out the love of my life had to relocate was hard. I’d give anything to have him here to argue about appropriate toothpaste extraction methods or toilet seat etiquette. The little things are what I miss most.

Whether your partner relocated, or you’ve always been in a long distance relationship, it can be a challenge to keep the relationship thriving from afar.

But we can’t give up now! It means too much. He means too much.

In this post, I will recommend long-distance relationship activities to keep that spark alive.

What is a Long Distance Relationship?

A long distance relationship is an intimate relationship or bond between partners who are geographically separated, significantly decreasing or eliminating physical contact.

The person you meet online who is 25 minutes across town, but for some reason you never meet or rarely hang-out together, is not a long-distance relationship. I feel it's necessary to point this out in today's age of online dating, Instagram and Facebook interactions.

Positives of a Long Distance Relationship

Believe it or not, there are some positives to long-distance relationships.  For instance, we can all admit that sex sometimes gets in the way of really getting to know our partner… or recognizing whether or not true compatibility exists.

Since you can't touch each other, or at least not as much as you may want from a distance, now is the perfect time to really get to know your partner. Being physically apart can create strong emotional intimacy

You'll also build effective communication skills because you'll have to say what you really mean to establish understanding and make the most of your limited time together. Nonverbal clues won't be as readily available.

Trust will be tested and built, as most things you do will be apart.  

If you're both putting in all the hard work long distance relationships take, it will prove you really want to be together.

Couples are less likely to take each other for granted and appreciate one another more when geographically distant.

They're also more likely to do things more meaningful or memorable when finally together. You'll always have something to look forward to, even if it's just being in each other's arms.

Here are 35 suggestions for activities that will give you brownie points with your partner for keeping things exciting!

35 Long Distance Relationship Activities to Keep That Spark Alive

1. Movie Night

Watch a movie at the same time while talking or video chatting. Here are some apps designed for couples to do this and more.

2. Cook a Meal

Plan ahead of time, to make sure you both have all the ingredients. Or, if you want to live on the edge, your partner can accompany you to the grocery store over Facetime. 

Looking to spice things up? How about cooking in something sexy, like lingerie, underwear only, or no shirt? (But please be fully dressed when you go to the store.)

3. Go for a Walk

Stroll through the park with him or her over Duo. Just be aware of your surroundings to stay safe.

4. Virtual Date

Order from the same restaurant if there's one where you both live, or order your favorite dish. Light candles and play romantic music. When it arrives, eat together.

End the evening with a bubble bath. If you haven't been physically intimate or seen each other's birthday suits yet, the bubbles will keep some things hidden.

If you've crossed that bridge already, I'm sure there are some things you can think of doing while in the tub together. Video or phone sex comes to mind, if both individuals are comfortable.

5. Take a Class or Do a Hobby Together

Expand your horizons with an online class.

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Take a class that can expand your horizons or do a hobby together.

Painting, knitting, and woodworking are some hobbies you could do at home.

6. Online Video Games 

Play the games you usually play on your phone alone or with strangers, with your significant other.

7. Mundane Tasks over Video

Start a Duo or Skype session and just do what couples in the same location do together. Nothing. Everything.

You can talk if you like, but do your usual, boring daily routine within eyeshot of each other. Fold clothes, wash dishes, clean out the closet.

8. A Game of 20, 50, or 100 Questions

Get ready to build that intimacy that lasts the test of time: emotional intimacy. Let these range from the deep, to the trivial, to the silly and funny, to the naughty. 

9. This Time Every Week

This is like movie night, but with consistency. Pick a TV show and tune in weekly together.

If your schedules don't coincide with the show, TV apps like Philo allow you to save and watch later, or start a show when you want. 

10. Truth or Dare

The dares will tell as much about your partner as the truths.

11. Never Have I Ever

One person says something they've never done. If the other has done it, they win or lose a point.

Make this a drinking game. “Never have I ever played this game.” If your partner has, they take a drink. Or, to make it risqué, maybe they take off an item of clothing.

12. Scavenger Hunt

You can give each other a list of things to take pictures of, then once found, scrapbook them. Examples might be of a particular animal, night spot, or food item.

13. Karaoke

Sing your hearts out with a karaoke app and video chat.

14. Charades

This is a perfect spur-of-the-moment activity. Turn on the webcam. Take turns guessing as the other acts out a movie, character, song, or person you both know.

15. Where Am I?

This works well with places your partner is familiar with or places special to you both. Text a description of where you are and see if your significant other can guess.

16. Conversation Games

These games are a way to really learn a lot about your partner. Here are a few:

Tell your partner 2 truths and 1 lie. They guess which the lie is.

Exchange a secret about yourself.

One of you says a word, and the other says what automatically comes to mind.

17. Checkers

Do people still play old-fashioned physical board games? Well, it really doesn't matter. You can play it online.

18. Chess

If one of you knows how to play and the other doesn't, this is a good time to practice how well you take or give directions from the other. 

19. Scrabble

Spruce it up with some words describing what you want to do together. Make the words X-rated and risqué.

20. Battleship

Play this old school game online or you can both buy the “hardcopy.”

Since you're calling out coordinates to sink the other's ships, you don't have to be in the same room. Eventually, turn your game board around to the camera and show each other.

21. Concert

Watch your mutually favorite entertainers or comedians in concert. Or, do what couples do in person, “convince” the other to join you watching your favorite. Just make sure you return the favor. 

22. Second Life

In this interactive game, you and your partner's self-created avatars do real-life things, like buying property and shopping. You can fly and teleport, too, in this virtual world.

23. Happy Couple

This app helps you build those superb communication skills long-distance relationships create. It gives you daily questions to answer about your values, goals, and beliefs. 

24. My Thoughts

Do this over text or video chat. Tell your partner you're thinking of something. He asks up to 20 questions to figure it out, like, “Is it something you can eat?”

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Tell your partner you're thinking of something over text or video chat.

Make it romantic, sexy, or downright raunchy. Add even more mystery and suspense by making the thought something you can show or symbolize. After the thought is verbally revealed, show them.

25. My Thoughts 2

Start a sentence and let your partner complete it. Something like, “My favorite drink is …” 

Now, don't let this get you into trouble. Let a wrong or unknown answer help you learn more about your partner or be a fun conversation starter, not an argument.

Here's one: “My favorite sexual position is … “

26. Compatibility and Love Languages Tests

Take online compatibility tests. Knowing each other's love language can strengthen communication.

27. Exercise Together

A family that works out together, stays together, or something like that. Laugh at each other as your count to 10 pushups goes from one .. two … to: one .. two … nine … ten.

28. House Hunting

The goal is to be together one day. House hunting online, or even taking each other along on an in-person house hunt via video, is a great way to feel closer to that goal.

29. Virtual Vacation

Visiting each other gets costly. Use an app and save some money vacationing virtually.

30. Bucket List

Plan for your future by making a bucket list together. You may surprisingly find out there are things on your list that he's already done, and vice versa. 

31. Online Shopping

Since you can't go shopping in person together, go online.

Go ahead and tell her she has too many shoes (as she ignores you, of course). And let him know that shirt does not go with those pants. Have fun!

32. This or That

This is another fun way to get to know your partner. They can only choose from the options given:

Water or wine?

Radio or TV?

Top or bottom? (I think you see all the places you can go with these.)

33. Read Together

You can read separately, then discuss it, or read to each other.

Even if your partner dislikes reading, erotica, something sensational, or maybe a book about something your partner is really into may incite interest.

34. Visit Each Other's Loved Ones

If you visited each other's families before you were apart, don't stop now. If you didn't, now's a good time to start. Have your partner set it up with family and friends. 

While at the bar, park, or wherever with your partner's loved ones, include your significant other via video chat, and enjoy.

35. Got Mail?

Send each other a care package or gift. 

Watch each other unpack, put it away, or use it now.

If it's clothes, try them on in front of each other. For sexy apparel, go into another room and emerge with music playing and a full show for your partner. 

Final Thoughts on Long Distance Relationship Activities

A long-distance relationship can result in a more solid connection because it’s built on great communication, real intimacy, trust, and appreciation. These long-distance relationship activities are fun ways to establish that foundation.   They also help you learn your partner’s interests, goals, values, and beliefs in a playful way.

Once you learn how to bring laughter into the most serious and conflictual situations to lighten the mood and get to the other side, you can get through anything.

If you're looking for more ideas, here are other things you can do in a long distance relationship. Additionally, this article provides 139 funny controversial topics to keep you talking while laughing together. And be sure to add your experiences and suggestions in our comments section below!

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