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Master Evernote

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As you've probably seen, there are a LOT of links within the book.

So I've compiled this short list to help you quickly find a specific tool, app or resource.

Here is a complete list:

To get started with Evernote, use one of the following four links to instantly download the software suite:

  1. Web version
  2. Android
  3. iPhone/iPad
  4. Kindle
  • Penultimate add-on app – gives you access to all the “paper styles” in Evernote
  • Skitch – a tool to mark up a picture and add important annotations on images in Evernote
  • Create Stacks on Evernote – official Evernote video on creating stacks
  • How Evernote’s Image Recognition Works – official Evernote blog post explaining how OCR works
  • CamScanner – One of the best tools digitizing any file and it works seamlessly with Evernote.
  •  – If This, Then That. IFTTT is a website and app that automates processes between two different services.
  • IFTTT recipes for Evernote – has 8,400 recipes specifically for Evernote
  • Evernote Web Clipper – An add-on thatgives you is a simple tool for bookmarking any site on your desktop and saving the information within Evernote.
  • Windows version of Evernote
  • IFTTT recipe: Siri to Evernote – everything you say to Siri or Google Talk will automatically be sent to Evernote
  • Penultimate – an app that gives you a blank canvas with an assortment of drawing and writing tools.
  • IFTTT recipe: Google Calendar to Evernote – automatically creates a new note for each item that goes into Google Calendar
  • Kindle – where you can see your purchases
  • Evernote Clearly – can be used to save all of your Web browsing to a “to-read” list so you don't spend your work time reading articles that aren't relevant to your current projects.
  • Yelp and Trip Advisor – websites where you can quickly discover great places to eat in any part of the world
  • Remember the Milk and Evernote – Visit this page to learn how to combine this app with Evernote to sync your checklists.
  • Evernote Food – Take pictures of food, leave reviews and share your meal experiences via social media.
  • Shazam – an app you can use to discover the specifics of the song and find out where to buy it
  • Spotify – a commercial music streaming service

Three apps that are almost a “core” part of the Evernote experience:

  1. Evernote Web Clipper (clip Web articles)
  2. Evernote Clearly (read content later without advertisements or distractions)
  3. Skitch (clip and mark up images)

Other Evernote Tools:

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