3 Top Portion Control Containers for Healthy Eating (Our 2020 Review)

3 Top Portion Control Containers for Healthy Eating (Our 2020 Review)

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Sure, you know what you need to eat to be healthy, but do you know how much?

It is so hard to lose weight, and it certainly takes a lot of discipline. The good thing is that there are tools that can help you manage your diet and take the guesswork out of meal time.

Using portion control containers for healthy eating will allow you to set aside exactly how much food you should be eating for each meal in order to meet your health-related goals.

There are a lot of food storage options on the market, but using portion control containers can help you manage how much you are eating throughout the day, and prevent you from mindlessly overeating.

Here, we will talk about the top three portion control containers that are available for you to purchase.

Our Top Picks for the Best Portion Control Containers

Don't have time to read the entire review? Here's a quick look at our top picks!​

BEST OVERALLBEST OVERALLEfficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers KitCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Largest Multi-Piece Portion Control KitLargest Multi-Piece Portion Control KitGAINWELL 21 Day Portion Control Container kit – 28 PiecesCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best for Weight Loss TrackingBest for Weight Loss TrackingHealthy Living 7-Piece Portion Control Containers KitCLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Why does portion control matter?

Practicing portion control allows you to provide your body with the exact amount of nutrition it needs in order to work at an optimal level. It will help you eat mindfully, which will lead to health and weight loss.

Brian Wansink, author of the bestselling book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, says that our brains are not interested in portion control and our bodies are not well calibrated. This results in overeating, which adds up to weight gain over time.

While it is important to not overeat any specific type of food, it is also important to avoid not eating enough. Knowing about portion control will help you learn about the recommended serving sizes of each type of food, and help you adhere to them. This will help guarantee that you are eating the right amount and that your body is fully nourished without being limited.

What is the benefit of using portion control containers?

The easiest way to make sure you are eating a proper amount of food without depriving yourself is to use portion control containers.

A lot of eating plans specify the number of calories you should be eating, along with the protein, fat, and carbohydrate content of your foods. This information is possibly based on your metabolic rate or your weight loss goals.

Tracking all of this information involves weighing and recording everything you eat, which sounds like an overwhelming amount of work to do for each meal. While this may be effective, I know I wouldn't keep up with it for too long before giving up.

Portion control containers are a simple way to keep up with this habit. Each container measures one specific food group, so rather than weighing your food, you can just measure it with the proper container.

Katherine Tallmadge, the author of Diet Simple, tells WebMD that a large part of not giving up on a diet involves controlling your environment. With portion control containers, you can stay in control of how much food you are eating for each meal.

How should you use portion control containers?

Once you figure out how many calories you should be eating each day, measure out how much food this is in each of your containers. This will allow you to stop counting calories and just count the number of containers that you are using each day, which makes eating healthy a lot simpler.

You can even mix and match foods that are in the same category to fill one container. For example, if you are making a flatbread for lunch, you can fill half of your vegetable container with tomato and the other half with mushrooms to equal just one container.

Take the time to learn about and understand nutrition labels so you are able to properly pack your food each day. Believe me, once you are able to understand how to read the labels, it will become an easy habit to pack your food. It won't be long before you can easily measure things out without having to stop and do any math. Just measure out your portions until you are able to get a good feel for how much a sensible portion size is, and then you can estimate it.

What is the difference between portion size and serving size?

A portion is how much food you put on your plate, while a serving is the recommended amount of a certain food you should eat based on the nutritional label or a nutrition guide.

For example, according to MyPlate, one serving of grain is about one ounce. This equals about one half cup of oatmeal, but the portion of oatmeal that you actually eat is likely much bigger than that specified serving size. While you may think you are eating one serving, you are likely eating two or three, adding calories to your meal. But that's the key to portion control containers—they reduce your chances of overeating.

Three Top Portion Control Containers for Healthy Eating (Our 2020 Review)

We have picked out the best portion control containers to help you meet your healthy eating goals. These products are the best on the market for helping you get used to how much you should be eating.

Best Overall Portion Control Containers Set: Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit

This product comes with seven color-coded, portion-specific containers.

It includes a 1-cup green container for vegetables, a 1-cup purple container for fruits, a 3/4-cup red container for proteins, a 1/2-cup yellow container for carbohydrates, a 1/3-cup blue container for fats, and two 2-tablespoon orange containers that are meant for seeds and dressings.

The containers all have secure lids with grooved corners so they can be taken off quickly and easily.


  • Containers are BPA-free
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • Stackable for storage
  • Comes with quick-start instructions
  • Comes with 21-day meal planner Ebook and over 50 pages of recipes
  • Includes a grocery shopping guide of healthy foods
  • Budget-friendly


  • Tend to leak if contents are liquid and the container is tipped over
  • May warp if they are microwaved too much
  • Quality is not consistent
  • Begin to crack over time
  • Can be difficult to open if the lid is on too tight

Largest Multi-Piece Portion Control Kit: GAINWELL 21 Day Portion Control Container kit – 28 Pieces

These easy and fun-to-use containers are simple to carry with you all day and store away when you are at home.

The color-coded containers let you organize your meals without having to measure out your ingredients, and are specially designed to allow you to control your calorie intake without the need to weigh your food.

They are also perfect for food storage and travel lunch boxes, so you can use just one product for all of your food needs for the day.


  • Comes with a complete portion control guide with a clearly detailed step-by-step plan for understanding the best ways to measure your food
  • Made of high-grade propylene
  • BPA and Dehp free
  • Safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer
  • Thicker and stronger material than Tupperware
  • Colors are vibrant and match the product description


  • Cups do not have the portion sizes and food category engraved in the colored molds
  • Could use more options for allowable foods to guide the consumer
  • Lids do not all fit securely on the containers, which can cause leakage
  • Measurements of the containers are not completely accurate

Best for Weight Loss Tracking: Healthy Living 7-Piece Portion Control Containers Kit

These perfectly sized containers let you gain a proper understanding of how to eat a clean diet and control your portion sizes without having to count calories, making weight loss easy.

They even include a free body tape measure so you can track your progress. This effortless system will allow you to eat the right portions without feeling like you are deprived.

Each color-coded container corresponds to an essential food and macronutrient group. This takes out the guesswork and the measuring.

You can be sure that if your food fits into your portion control container, then you can eat it.


  • Made from high-grade, quality polypropylene
  • 100% food safe
  • Comes with a risk-free guarantee
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Containers nest inside each other for easy, space-saving storage
  • Safe for the microwave and freezer
  • Comes with a free guide, tape measure, interactive 21-day planners, and recipe eBook


  • Instructions that come with the product are not completely clear
  • Labels come off the lid after a few washes
  • Leak if filled with liquid
  • Not all of the lids properly seal

The Verdict

In conclusion, the best overall product for portion control containers is the 21-Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit. This is the best value for your money and seems to be the most reliable set of containers when it comes to avoiding leakage.

This product also comes with much more information about portion control and recipes than the other products, which adds additional value.

Using the 21-Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit, consumers can easily learn how to control their food portions and quickly see the difference between a serving and a portion. This will aid in weight loss, as a balanced diet will be easily achieved.

With the wide variety of recipes included, anyone will be able to find something that they enjoy to eat and store it in these containers. The instructions are simple and make the process easy for the buyer to understand.

Because weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise, you should not be negligent when it comes to what you eat.

Buy these containers today so you can portion out your meals appropriately and begin your journey to healthy eating. Add portion control to a tailored meal plan for even better results.

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3 Top Portion Control Containers for Healthy Eating (Our 2020 Review)