9 Free Workout Calendar Templates to Plan Your Exercise Habit

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Determined to succeed in your fitness goals? Whether you’re working out to lose weight, bulk up, get toned, or develop more strength, writing down your workout schedule can be a major determiner of your success. The Benefits of a Workout Schedule Having a workout schedule benefits you in the following ways: It strengthens your commitment … Read more

Rockport Walking Test: How a 1 Mile Walk Can Test Your Fitness Levels

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If you’re looking for a quick way to measure your level of fitness, you don’t have to see a doctor or go through a complex stress test. Instead, you can do it in less than 30 minutes with a simple one-mile walk called “The Rockport Walking Test.” The Rockport Walking Test is a fitness test … Read more

9 Best Walking Apps to Count Steps, Lose Weight & Map Your Walks

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Are you looking for the best walking apps to try this year? If so, you have landed on the right page! Here, we share with you the nine best walking apps to help you track your steps, manage your weight, and record your walks. Walking apps are hugely beneficial if you want to get serious … Read more

9 Best Exercise Mats for Your Home Workouts (Review for 2021)

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If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the best exercise mat for your home workouts is, then we recommend Lululemon Reversible Mat as the best choice. Everyone knows that daily exercise is one of the best habits for lifelong health. Regular exercise protects your heart … Read more

30 Day Ab Challenge: How to Get Started with Flattening Your Stomach

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Have you ever decided to make a positive change in your life? You probably started strong–that first morning, you were determined that this was the day that your life changes. On day 2, you were so proud of yourself for making this awesome change in your life. On day 3, you’re kind of over it. … Read more

5 Best Budget Treadmills for Under $500 in 2021

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Walking and running are two of the easiest exercises for beginners. I understand, though, that coming up with a consistent workout routine can still be challenging, especially if it’s going to require you to get out of the house. Fortunately, there’s the classic treadmill, an exercise machine that can help you simulate the act of … Read more

5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Options (2021 Review)

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When it comes to exercising, there’s a lot of information to process. Which type of exercise is best for you, and should you get indoor workout equipment? You have probably heard about recumbent bikes and might thinking of getting one for yourself. If that’s the case, you’d want to get the best recumbent exercise bike … Read more