How One Small Habit Has Changed My Life

It’s high time to get rid of problems in your life.

Yeah, easier said than done. I considered it impossible, as I believed life wouldn’t be life if there were no problems, challenges, hard struggles, and losses in it. My life was a mess, but it was okay for me: I struggled with it every day, getting disappointed in the beauty of the outside world.

But my zero hour has come.

I sat at the computer, reading the article of a women’s magazine. (I don’t even remember the title! Well, whatever.) The article told readers how things, stuff, and items in their apartments could influence their mood, energy, relationships, thoughts, and life in general.

I looked around.

my room

It’s like the installation Find a Cat, isn’t it?

It was the first time in my life when I took notice of what women’s magazines wrote. And I decided to develop that small habit they called “be cold-blooded – throw everything out!”

More than 200+ daily habits exist to develop for people who want to be happy and successful, but I’ve started with a small but so important one. It took me two weeks to stop crying over the tons of garbage that lived in my room. But as they say, see the target, don’t see the obstacles. Now I am ready to reveal the #1 secret of every person’s happiness:

If you want to sort out the mess in your life, sort out the mess in your house!


Your love of bits and pieces is a sign your past has tied you, and it slowdowns your way to the future.

Your house is your reflection and extension. If you long for changes, take care of your house, apartment, or room first of all. When it’s clean and tidy, your thoughts come into order, and things work out for the best.

If you can deal with your old shoes, you can change a hairstyle, a job, an apartment… or start looking at your life in a new light.

6 Main Principles to Keep in Mind

To free yourself from mountains of unnecessary stuff in your house, you have to be decisive and ruthless. Moreover, you should clearly understand why you do this.

Keep in mind the following principles:

  1. Get rid of something old before buying something new.
  2. If you haven’t used a thing for a year or two, you will never need it again.
  3. Ask yourself: “Do I want to keep this thing “just in case” or it makes me happy?”  In the former case, it’s high time to throw out your broken Tamagotchi.
  4. Your memories are not physical objects. Getting rid of your grandmother’s cracked vase doesn’t mean getting rid of your memories about how wonderful your granny was.
  5. If you doubt whether to throw out a thing or not, hide it somewhere for a month. If you need it during this time, keep it; if you still do not use it, throw it out.
  6. It’s silly to throw everything to a junkyard. Surely, you have some new things that have never been used: share them, give them to charity, or organize a garage sale.

5 Things to Do With Your Clothes

Keeping your old clothes “just in case”, you admit this case will come and you’ll have to wear… shabby jeans, for example. Therefore, you develop a philosophy of poverty, thinking you’ll not be able to buy new things but wear old, out-of-fashion ones.

  1. Everything soiled or scruffy goes to trash. In fact, every old thing is your unrealized dream and plan.
  2. The fewer things you keep, the sooner your wardrobe will get new clothes.
  3. It’s important to have some TRULY favorite things in your wardrobe: they give confidence, they fit you, they make you feel special, and this feeling is carried over to everyone around you.
  4. The clothes that give you some physical discomfort or rake over the ashes should be thrown out with no mercy.
  5. In general, keep your wardrobe tidy: choose the clothes by color or style, do not leave it on chairs, do the laundry in time.

9 Things to Do With Your Room and Furniture

It’s not surprising that something disturbs you from the realization of your plans: just look around to see how much stuff surrounds you, preventing the circulation of your ideas!

When the things you love and use fill your house, they give you energy. On the other hand, debris has a strong negative influence on you. That happened to me, and that’s what I had done to change that (and you can do that, by the way):

  1. First of all, I’ve made my dumpsters happy by throwing out all cracked vessels and mirrors.
  2. I’ve repaired all broken appliances. If you can’t do that, just throw them.
  3. I’ve deported all books that were bought by accident. My advice: keep books that reflect a today’s you or a person you want to be tomorrow.
  4. There’s always a temptation to keep old or broken things for the end. Doing this, you procrastinate happiness in your life and harmony in your home. So, no broken things in my room anymore.
  5. The maximum lifetime of a bed or couch is ten years. As for pillows, they “live” three years.
  6. Keep your house clean. Let it look as cozy as your money allows. Cook the simplest food carefully, lay the table with the maximum sense of taste you have.
  7. The feelings you experience while buying new things will influence the feelings you’ll have when those things are in your house. So, let’s go shopping with a good mood!
  8. Buy perfect things, not cute or pretty ones.
  9. It’s important to change something in your house all the time: rearrange the furniture, clean the dust. Let things know they are not forgotten.


It took me two weeks to develop a habit of throwing out all unnecessary things and keeping my apartment clean and cozy. An order in a flat is an order in a head. I know this for sure now.

Don’t be a hamster! When you hide everything to a burrow, things bridge all pores of your house; and this story might end with a sad fact you couldn’t breathe in your room.

Don’t hold onto things! If you want positive changes to come – make room for them.

About the Author

This article was written by Lesley Vos, a writer and blogger of Bid4Papers website. She is developing a daily writing habit now, and you can always find more works of hers on Google+.


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