10 Public Speaking Tips to help you ROCK your Next Speech


DGH public speaking tips

Public speaking is a habit I am currently working on improving. While I am getting better, I still have a ways to go to get to where I would like to be. So I was excited when an accomplished public speaker, Ramakrishna Reddy asked to do a guest post on the site about creating a habit of improving public speaking skills. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Pubic Speaking is my passion.

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Good Habits to Lead a More Productive Life


productive habits

Today we have a guest post from author Jamie Hill discussing some productive habits to help you live a better life. Without further ado, take it away Jamie.

Having good habits in your life is extremely important if you are to make the most of your day, if you have to many bad habits your time will get wasted and you will not be as productive as you want to be or as you should be.

Basically I look at habits like this:
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Exercise Every Day: 32 Tactics for Building the Exercise Habit


exercise ebook Exercise is not an easy habit to develop.

It takes persistence, effort and time to make it part of your life.

Being fit does not necessarily mean you need to compete in an Ironman or spend hours upon hours pumping iron in the gym.

The simple goal of daily exercise is something that is within reach of us all.

Daily exercise is not an easy task but it is possible for anyone with a bit of effort and some of the ideas presented in my newest book, Exercise Every Day: 32 Tactics for Building the Exercise Habit.

Find out more below about this book…

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St. Patrick’s Day Sale (7 Books — Each for $0.99)


St. Patty's Sale Final

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  The weather is starting to turn warm; there is a festive atmosphere in the air and I get to enjoy one of my favorite beers–Guinness. This means it’s time  to run another special deal on some of my habit books.

From today (March 11th) to the midnight Tuesday (March 17th) each of the following books will be sold for $0.99 (or 99 pence in the U.K.)

Get them now, while they’re at a deep discount.

(Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow me to run a special deal in countries outside of the U.S. and the U.K.  If you don’t see the above price in your country, simply contact me and I’ll price match the offer.)

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Going Through the Motions (The Secret of Successful Habit Building)


going through the motions In today’s post, Nick shares his thoughts on “going through the motions” and why it is the secret of successful habit building.

“Why are you putting yourself through that? Are you nuts?”

We had hardly sat down and ordered our drinks, before my friend ushered his question with an incredulous look in his eyes. I hadn’t seen Marcus in a while, since he lives in London, but he had obviously been reading my blog…

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Daily Routines Of Successful Entrepreneurs (The Health and Mindfulness Rituals of Success)


entrepreneur daily routines

What makes a good daily routine for an entrepreneur? This is one of the questions I tried to answer in my recent collaboration Rebecca Livermore, The Daily Entrepreneur.

This is a big question, and an important one, for anyone trying to achieve success. In today’s post, fans of “The Daily Entrepreneur”, and those just wanting a few ideas on how to achieve more success in their lives, are in for a treat with another viewpoint on this topic, featuring the health and mindfulness rituals of success.

Adnan is a businessman, marketer, blogger and author with a lot of experience building and keeping his own entrepreneur daily routines. Enough from me, take it away Adnan….

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Creating Effective Workout Routines (from the comfort of your own home)


Workout Routines

What home workout routines are you able to consistently maintain?

Developing an effective set of healthy habits to optimize your overall fitness and health can seem like a daunting task. In reality, maximizing your fitness is simply a compilation of small, doable, consistent, daily tasks that you can implement. Getting familiar with a few home workout routines will enable you to stay focused and motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

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My Daily Routine (Example of an Entrepreneur)


my daily routine

The following is a sample from Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine. If you’re having trouble coming up with your daily routine, then I recommend this book to help you get started.

Identifying what to work on is a constant, daily struggle.

As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with a seemingly infinite amount of opportunities. What do I write next? Do I need to answer the 40 emails in my inbox? Should I pursue a new project that might take my business to the next level? These are the questions you might wake up to every morning.

The problem is, we don’t have a boss telling use what’s important. Often, we began each day by working on the tasks that seemed urgent, but aren’t critical to the success of the business—like checking email or social media.

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How to Get Motivated: The Science of Achievement through Motivation


How to get motivated

“How to get motivated” is something that I do not spend a lot of time talking about here on Develop Good Habits. It is not that I think motivation doesn’t play an important role in successful habit change, but I that feel systems, rituals and routines play a more essential part than motivation.

But motivation IS important, so when I wanted to discuss the importance of motivation and give some ideas on how YOU can get more motivation into your lives, I reached out to a motivational expert.

Ravi Raman is a guy who takes motivation very seriously. He runs a personal development blog that features motivation as a key component of positive life change. (See it here). In this article Ravi discusses exactly what motivation IS, how to get motivated, and how to increase your motivation. Enjoy! -Steve Continue Reading →

Nervous Habits: Signs That Show a Lack of Confidence in a Social Setting


get rid of nervous habits Are you having trouble feeling comfortable in your own skin during social settings? Do you find yourself fidgeting, getting flustered, avoiding eye contact, biting your nails and maybe trying to avoid social situations altogether? Most of these common nervous habits are either caused or exacerbated by stress. We’re going to talk about stress management to help in breaking these nervous habits and make you feel more confident in social settings.

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