How Walking Helps with Weight Loss (a Pound-Per-Step Breakdown)


benefits of walking

The following is a sample from my book 10,000 Steps Blueprint: The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness.  If you’re having trouble developing the “exercise habit,” then I recommend this book to get started on a routine that can be added to any busy day.

Many people want to lose weight and keep it off or some want to maintain their healthy weight. Challenging yourself when it comes to weight loss can be difficult, but no one ever said it would be easy. If you are someone that does not have a lot of time for a full workout,but feel the need to get back in shape, then walking can be the solution for you. A great way to start is by committing to taking 10,000 steps per day.

Going on a diet is generally a more temporary solution, as it often results in a rebound effect. As it was said before, 10,000 steps a day is a great way to start making a sustainable lifestyle change. When planning the change, you should take your weight and daily routine into consideration. Continue Reading →

115 Productivity Apps to Maximize your Time (Launch Week)


Productivity_Apps_Smallest We live in an increasingly digital world and it’s easy to get buried under an avalanche of information overload.

One solution is to use productivity apps which can streamline our daily tasks and help us get things done.

The problem?

Finding just the right app for your time management needs can be a laborious process.  The app marketplace has some gems, but it’s often like finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce my newest book:

115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

Let’s take a quick look at this title and what it offers.

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How to Improve Your Bad Posture Habits


How to Improve Your Bad Posture Habits

Bad posture is something that most people don’t think about — until they experience negative health consequences .  But numerous studies have shown that it can lead to long-term back pain, fatigue and even migraine headaches.  In this guest post, James Hollister goes over a simple action plan for improving your bad posture, with specific habits you can easily add to your day.

At some level I think we all know that we could do better when it comes to our posture.

Even if we can’t explain any of the health benefits or any “real” reasons to get better at it, we still go through periods when we try to work the problem.

Just like any other long term, ingrained habit it can be extremely tough to make any headway. We try for a little while and then give up because we feel like it’s not working or we just forget.

This article should give you some tips on how to make it stick this time.

First – Fixing your posture is all about awareness.

There’s even one of those big Latin medical sounding terms to describe that awareness – proprioception – basically the understanding of our own body and the position of each of its parts relative to each other and to our environment. The problem is that our lifestyles have stifled our awareness. The things around us have numbed our ability to even perceive where certain parts of our body are at any given time.

When we’re thinking about fixing our posture we’re working against decades of behavior, it’s going to take some time to make progress. These are behaviors that go as far back as when you first started walking, crawling even. Lessons you learned from your parents, lessons they learned from their parents.

Don’t give up on yourself though. Celebrate each time that you realize that you’re standing or sitting incorrectly, catch yourself and fix it. Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Fight Bad Habits Directly


fight bad habits

Stephen Guise has written multiple posts on this blog about his “mini habits” concept.

Today he talks about one reason many people struggle with their habit development — they focus on direct resistance.   To learn more about Stephen’s work, check out this book: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits. Bigger Results.

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6 Limiting Beliefs about Email That Kill Your Inbox Productivity



The following is a sample from my book Declutter your Inbox: 9 Proven Steps to Eliminate Email Overload.  If you’re struggling to keep up with stream of messages that flood your inbox, then I encourage you to check out this book and learn how to develop the habits that lead to “daily inbox zero.”

Getting a handle on your inbox starts before you check email. In order to end every day with a clear conscience, you’ll need to address the underlying psychology behind how you view email. In this section we’ll cover six limiting beliefs many people have about email.

They’re called “limiting beliefs” simply because they limit your ability to do great work. Rather than spending your time focused on important projects, it’s often easier to respond to that ding of a new message and immediately respond to it—kind of like a rat chasing down a piece of cheese.

If you want an empty inbox on a consistent basis, you first have to address these six limiting beliefs. Some of them might not apply to you, but take the time to look at each one and decide if you’re making these mistakes.

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Master Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote


Master Evernote (Revised)In many of my books and blog posts, I mention one tool time and time again.

That tool is Evernote.

This simple (but free) app can organize your life and set you on a path to becoming a lean, mean, efficient machine.

It’s also a tool that can be ubiquitous to your life.

You can use it for your personal, professional and even for working on those all important habits.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce the launch of my latest book:

Master Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote (Plus 75 Ideas for Getting Started)

Here are the details on why you should check it out…

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7 Reasons Why People Procrastinate


procrastination excuses develop good habits

The following is a sample from my book 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life.  If you’re struggling with procrastination, then I encourage you to learn the simple habits for overcoming this problem.

It’s pretty easy to make an excuse for not starting a task. The trick is to know when a reason is valid and when it’s a creative way to avoid taking action. Most of our procrastination feelings come from a subconscious fear or self-limiting belief. When you take time to explore these thoughts, you’ll find that it’s easy to overcome them and create an action-oriented mindset.

Your mind is an amazing machine. It gives you the power to create anything from your imagination. However, it can also limit your ability to get things done. We often get stuck with a project—not from a lack of desire, but because of maladaptive thought patterns that bounce around in our heads.

The root cause of the “procrastination habit” comes from our self-limiting beliefs. When these thoughts go unchecked, they cause you to make “excuses” for why a project/task can’t be completed. However, when you challenge these excuses, you’ll see that most of them are caused by hidden fears or destructive habit patterns.

There are seven excuses that people commonly give. Understand why they occur and you’ll be one step closer to overcoming procrastination: Continue Reading →

15 Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity


Maximize productivity develop good habits At the end of your work day, do you ever feel like you could’ve done more?

Maybe written more words. Completed more tasks. Or simply just did more work.

And does it leave you feeling a little… incomplete? Like you’ve wasted your day?

…Sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can leave work feeling satisfied and fulfilled with what you’ve accomplished, and all it’ll take are a few “hacks” to get you there.

You don’t know the “hacks” for success.

You probably know a productivity tip or two, am I right? Sure you do, we all learn enough to get by in life, because as long as something works we’re willing to use it.

But this also means we restrict ourselves to old tactics, even if they turn out to be sub-optimal.

You never cared to upgrade your methods.

And since we usually stick with the same old tactics, we stop the search for better ones. We don’t modify or seek improvement, because what we already do is “good enough.”

Improve your productivity with these 15 hacks.

But I’m guessing you want to do more than just “get by,” right? You want feel like you’ve actually accomplished something each day. You want to feel “complete.”

Well this is where you can learn how.

Use these 15 productivity hacks and you’ll elevate your ability to get things done starting TODAY. Continue Reading →

Habit Killers: Four Fundamental Mistakes That Destroy Habit Growth


Habit killers

Stephen Guise has written multiple posts on this blog about his “mini habits” concept.

Today he talks about four mistakes (that you might be make), which can hurt your chances at developing a positive habit.  To learn more about Stephen’s work, check out this book: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits. Bigger Results.

Habits are the pinnacle of self-development. What else can beat doing the right behaviors automatically?

That’s why it’s a big mistake not to aggressively pursue the development of good habits. Another mistake is going about that pursuit the wrong way.

To maximize your chances for success at habit development, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes, or you’ll have trouble getting your good habits to stick. Continue Reading →

Mental Models: 6 Steps to Overcome Procrastination-Causing Thoughts


Obstacles Procrastination

Have you ever had a really important project you want or need to do and for some reason you just can’t find the discipline to dig in and get started? What about when you do start a project. Do you ever get stuck in the middle of a project and can’t continue but you have no idea why?

It feels like something is blocking you but you don’t know what. A lot of times, we procrastinate important things due to mental models.

In my book “23 Anti-Procrastination Habits,” I talked about how the root cause of the “procrastination habit” comes from our self-limiting beliefs.

In today’s post we’ll go over these limiting beliefs, how they create mental obstacles that prevent you from taking action and six-step process for overcoming them.

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