Coming Soon: Habit Stacking — The 2nd Edition

On April 17th, I will be launching Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This will be a completed revised version of the original title, published back in April, 2014. This second edition: Is three times as long, with a clear explanation of how habit stacking can benefit you. Details […]

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20 Success Habits to Start Before the Age of 25

Have you ever witnessed an older person who was stuck in their ways?It’s frustrating to watch when they repeat bad habits that are detrimental to their livelihood. However, the saying is true that old habits die hard.A Harvard study pointed out that “we’re motivated too often by a sense of guilt, fear, or regret. Experts […]

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5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (Our Review for 2017)

Looking for the best essential oil diffusers? Want to disperse your essential oils quickly, easily and safely around a large volume of space? Not sure which diffusers are the best? Look no further.In this comprehensive review of the best essential oil diffusers we give you the important properties to consider when buying any aromatherapy diffuser, […]

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