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I know what it’s like to listen to audio content. You hear an important link, but can’t immediately write it down. So I’ve put together these show notes of every link that’s mentioned in 10 Minute Declutter.

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10 Minute Declutter Notes

  • 77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life  – Download  link for the 77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life ebook
  • 10 Ultimate Home Decluttering ChecklistsDownload  link for the Ultimate Checklist Guide for Home Organizing
  • Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century: 32 Families Open Their Doors – a book that revealed how addicted to material things we are as a society and how much stress clutter creates
  • Live Bold and Bloom – an award-winning personal development site founded by Barrie Davenport
  • Barrie's Amazon Author Page – a series of self-improvement books on positive habits, life passion, confidence building, mindfulness and simplicity
  • Develop Good Habits – blog on habit development run by Steve Scott
  • The Ultimate Shopping List for Decluttering Your Home – a list of items to help you thoroughly declutter your home
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy – where you make poor decisions after a bad investment
  • Keystone Habit – a habit that affects so many other aspects of your life and personality
  • Andrew Hyde – a minimalist blogger and author who owns  just fifteen items
  • Thomas Gilovich – Cornell  psychology professor who has spent years researching consumption and happiness
  • Red Cross and Goodwill – accept all sorts of donations, plus they’ll give you a receipt for tax purposes
  • Melissa Data – a simple tool that helps you research each charity to find out if it’s a registered non-profit organization
  • Freecycle – provides an easy way to get rid of valuable items
  • Eaglesaver – a  fairly hassle-free way to get rid of old textbooks, books, DVDs, CDs and video games
  • Craigslist – probably the most famous way to get rid of your possessions while recouping some of your money
  • eBay – use eBay to resell items that are in demand
  • Professional Seller – find out how to be a professional seller on Amazon
  • FBA homepage – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. This means you ship the item to Amazon, they store it and when it sells, the folks at Amazon ship it to the customer.
  • Gumtree – UK’s leading ad website
  • Ego Depletion – “a person’s diminished capacity to regulate their thoughts, feelings and actions.”
  • Tiny Habits” – concept and teachings of B. J. Fogg
  • Hawthorne effect – theory that states you’re more likely to follow through with a commitment when you’re being observed by others
  • Chains and – app that help to track your progress
  • “Unclutterer” question – Ask Unclutterer: Feeling guilty about parting with sentimental items
  • Repurposed Coffee Mugs – check out additional ideas for repurposing old mugs
  • Expiration Dates: A complete guide to reading food labels and understanding best by date, sell by date, best before date and use by date
  • Eat By Date – website that helps you find out dry food expiration dates
  • Some Facts About Cleaning Product Disposal – read before throwing away any cleaning products
  • Consumer Med Safety – check out this website for the safest ways to dispose of medicines
  • Key Holder Racks –  check out these cool ideas for hanging your keys so they are handy but out of the way
  • Fruit and Vegetable Storage – best way to store fruits and vegetables to maintain their taste and freshness.
  • Survey by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) – suggest that people actually sleep better when their bedrooms are comfortable and tidy
  • beautiful bedrooms – check out ideas for bedroom decorations on Pinterest to find your “pillow style.”
  • Pedestal Sink Storage Solutions – check  out these cool ideas on Pinterest
  • CDC Report – “more than 60,000 young children go to the emergency room each year because they got into medicines while their parents or caregivers were not looking.”
  • How to fold sheets – YoutTube video on how to fold a fitted sheet—courtesy of Martha Stewart
  • Towel Folding – you can also save space by creating a deep fold for your towels, creating a narrow rectangle rather than a square.
  • How to Store Shoes – check out these creative ways to store shoes
  • 34 other ideas for storing jewelry
  • Claire Lerner – researcher from the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families who said: “Our studies show that giving children too many toys, or toys of the wrong type, can actually be doing them harm. They become overwhelmed and cannot concentrate on any one thing long enough to learn from it.”
  • Hulu or Netflix – Consider  digital versions of movies and music.
  • A Well-Organized Drawer – You can organize desk drawers by grouping items together.
  • Cardboard inserts  – you get creative with drawers by crafting cardboard inserts for desk drawer organization
  • Coinstar machine – save up your coins to redeem it for a gift certificate
  • Paperwork solutions:  wall organizer or a partitioned box
  • NeatDesk or the CamScanner mobile app –  high-speed scanners that quickly decrease the amount of paper clutter
  • Use old toilet paper rolls to store cables. (Here’s a photo of how this looks.)

Apps to help decrease paper clutter

Options to store and back up your digital items:

Other Websites:

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