3 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Kitchen or Office (Our 2020 Review)

3 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Kitchen or Office (2020 Review)

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Do you feel fatigue and pain in your feet, legs and lower back caused by long standing at work or in the kitchen? Are you looking to provide relief and better working conditions to your employees and yourself?

If so, anti-fatigue mats can be the perfect solution to reducing the pain and suffering that comes from being on your feet for hours at a time.

Wearing quality shoes helps to reduce pain for extended standing. But the additional protection from purpose specific standing mats is really the best bet in the long run.

While one of the healthy habits that I often recommend to people is to frequently stand throughout the day. Unfortunately, this extended standing can cause a few minor issues, so that's why it's important have the right equipment before starting the standing habit.

In this article, I will show you the​ best anti-fatigue mats for your kitchen or home office.

Don't have time to read the entire review? Then check out this table for a quick review…

Best QualityBest QualityImprint® CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue MatCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Most AffordableMost AffordableAmazonBasics Premium Kitchen/Office Comfort Standing MatCLICK HERE FOR PRICE

What is the Purpose of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

The role of anti-fatigue mats is to relieve you of pain produced by standing on hard surfaces in one position for long periods. Standing in the same position for extended time will shrink and immobilize your leg muscles, restricting blood flow and causing pain.

Extended standing causes pain, but that is not all. It will often also make you lethargic. Your body loses energy because the heart works harder to pump blood through shrunken muscles. One of the big advantages of anti-fatigue mats is that they widen your muscles and make them live again, stimulating normal blood flow and decreasing fatigue.

The final benefit of anti-fatigue mats is the potential savings. All the fatigue, joint stress and pain often lead directly to downtime, sick leave and decreased productivity. This downtime adds up.

Specifically when extended standing aggravates other injuries. Like any preventative measure, you may never know exactly how much money is saved, but studies of workplaces where workers who spend hours standing have shown a decreases of injuries and sick leave of as much as 30%-40%.

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Really Work?

The health and performance boost you’ll see from your anti-fatigue mats becomes more noticeable over time. These mats are a great choice for corporate, industrial, and even home use!

They stimulate blood flow, increase oxygen levels and reduce fatigue in your legs, ankles and feet when standing in the same spot for hours on end. Watch this video to see the benefits an anti-fatigue mat can provide:

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

During your search for the right anti-fatigue mat, you may be daunted by the choices available to you. The standing mats you will find come numerous sizes, colors and varying quality of construction. Many mats on the market are sold as anti-fatigue, but don’t back it up with results. Don’t be cheated. Before you go to buy an anti-fatigue mat, answer the following questions:

1. What are your needs?

Anti-fatigue mats vary in cost, material, construction, features, size and more. Think about what kind of environment you’ll be using your mat in and do your research accordingly. You stand a much better chance of choosing the perfect mat for your needs when you shop for your specific criteria.

2. What characteristics should your mat have?

Will this be a large mat covering an entire workspace, or a smaller unit you’ll use in the kitchen? Will you leave it in place permanently or remove it once the work is done? What will you need to properly clean the mat, given the workspace?

3. How will the firmness level of the mat affect you?

An anti fatigue mat’s firmness has a great impact on how if combats fatigue. If you choose a standing surface that’s too hard or soft you could inadvertently increase your likelihood of fatigue or injury.

4. How responsive should your mat be?

If you have your own company and want to improve working conditions for your employees by supplying them an anti-fatigue mat, pay attention to mat responsiveness.

Mat responsiveness means that the mat returns to its original form when you move from it. If its responsiveness is slow, that means it’s probably too elastic for the weight put upon it. Unresponsive mats will cause additional fatigue because the employee has to make additional effort to maintain their stability. On the other hand, a good, responsive mat should allow you to lightly and stably walk across or stand on it.

5. Does it bottom out?

It is very important that the mat maintains its thickness under weight. If it is very soft you can bottom out, negating many potential benefits. Professionals advise that the most efficient mats only lose between 5 and 10mm of their total thickness under weight.

6. Is it stable?

If you want to avoid fatigue, you will have to choose a mat with the right balance of stability and instability. Instability can be useful. In just the right amounts it can increase blood flow through your muscles.

Too much instability causes injures as a result of loss-of-balance, slips, and falls. Very firm mats can decrease blood flow, causing your legs to sleep. Low circulation causes often blood clotting and swelling.

These conditions can cause complications like varicose veins. Decreased blood flow in muscles means a reduction in protein and oxygen to the muscles as well. Too much stability puts painful pressure on muscles.

7. Does the mat shift as you use it?

It would be great to have always clean floors because it is one of the best ways to prevent your mat from sliding. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. An important point to consider when choosing the right anti-fatigue mat is the material it is constructed from.

There are kinds of foam that break down very easy and can create a slippery layer of fine dust between the mat and the floor, leading to mat sliding. This isn’t always noticeable at first because the top layer stays almost the same.

8. How long should your mat last?

Durability is significantly affected by the mat’s material and construction. The life cycle of anti-fatigue mats varies from a few months to a few years. The losing of foam cells during the time may not be visible right away but will eventually lead to the mat bottoming out.

As time passes, the mat’s edges will become damaged. This happens faster with mats made of low-quality foam. This can be dangerous, so you should be inspecting your mat every six months to a year, given daily use.

9. Is the mat easy to clean?

Mats consist of foam. Rough surfaces or mats with perforated textures are often susceptible to collecting dust and dirt, or being adversely affected by humidity. That makes for unhygienic and/or unpresentable conditions.

In kitchens or other areas where food is prepared, food particles can become trapped in the foam. This creates ideal conditions for bacteria propagation and can be almost impossible to clean.

Top 3 Anti-Fatigue Mat Models for Your Kitchen or Office (Our 2020 Review)

After a lot of time spent researching and testing a variety of anti-fatigue mats, I made this list of my top three anti-fatigue mats of 2020.

1. Imprint® CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

(24 in. x 36 in. x 3/4 in. Black)

Imprint® CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Imprint® CumulusPRO™ Anti-Fatigue Mat is a high quality, durable mat that responds to the highest requirements when it comes to health and comfort. This easy to use mat helps eliminate pain and fatigue. The main feature that makes this mat so amazing is its solid, one-piece polyurethane construction.

Another important feature of this product is its high-density core, which guarantees the mat will provide support for years to come. Besides the comfort and relaxation it provides during long periods of standing, it also ensures stability and safety for your employees, increasing uptime and productivity. The only downside is the cost, but you get what you pay for!

Key Values

  • #1 Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat – It relieves up to 40% of the pressure on your knees, feet and the delicate joints in the legs. This mat will be a benefit regardless of the length of time you use it. It is just as effective as a kitchen mat for making meals as it is as a standing mat where you work for hours at your office desk.
  • Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Multi-surface – This mat is designed to be used on marble, wood, laminate, and concrete. It will work effectively on any hard and flat surface. It is smooth and soft, but durable enough to withstand spills or kitchen disasters.
  • Non-rolling edges provide protection from trip hazards and slipping. One-piece, solid polyurethane material guarantees support over time
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute

Quick Product Demo

2. Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

(20 in. x 39 in. Multi-Surface All-Purpose Luxurious Comfort – For Kitchen, Bathroom or Workstations – Black)

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

The Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is a pioneer in anti-fatigue mats.

This healthy, body support based product can be used anywhere, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or work station.

If you need a standing mat that is not as squishy as memory foam while giving you the same time pleasant feeling when you are standing, this is a good choice.

Key Values

  • Anti-Fatigue – Same as Imprint® CumulusPRO™ Anti-Fatigue Mat, it relieves up to 40% pressure on your knees, feet, and joints. The pleasant feeling will be the same, regardless of the environment (kitchen, bathroom, office desk, etc)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multi-surface – This standing mat is designed to be placed on any kind of surface. Its key design function is to provide superior stability. It is easy to clean and resistant to all any kitchen accidents like spilling liquids. These standing mats are not resistant to heel pressure, so wearing heels can potentially damage the mat.
  • Applicable to any kind of environment and purpose – It provides you comfort in almost any environment, making it great for the kitchen, bathroom, or office use
  • Design – It’s the perfect size at 20″ x 39″ and comes in four different, beautiful colors (Jet Black, Burgundy, Caramel Brown and Sand Beige). Its beveled edges and no-slip bottom prevent tripping, and with a thickness of 0.75 inches it provides ample comfort and stability

3. AmazonBasics Premium Kitchen/Office Comfort Standing Mat

(20 in. x 36 in., Black)

AmazonBasics Premium Kitchen/Office Comfort Standing Mat

The AmazonBasics Premium Kitchen/Office Comfort Standing Mat was a real surprise when I tried it.

It's simple yet effective, a durable and comfortable mat for the cost.

It’s billed as a non-slip mat, but my testing showed a bit of sliding.

My experience showed that this mat is not a good all-day solution, but it is solid for a couple of hours of standing. It’s not fancy, but if you’re looking for an unobtrusive, practical mat that’s easy to clean, this is the right choice.

The Amazon mat is an efficient, simple and inexpensive solution. While it is not the BEST solution or the fanciest one, it is more than good enough for a few hours of daily standing.​

Key Values

  • A simple but comfortable mat that decreases fatigue when standing
  • The foam layer adapts to the shape of your feet
  • The surface is grease resistant and easily cleaned
  • Edges don’t roll, helping to avoid tripping or similar accidents. Non-slip base so the mat stays in place
  • Colors – Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown

My Favorite Standing Mat

Anti-fatigue mats are an effective solution to problems of fatigue and pain from standing for extended periods.

The standing mats presented here all encourage better blood flow, help with posture, and relax your muscles. They save on additional costs due to injury, fatigue and missed work.

If you own a business with employees standing in front of machines all day, take the time to calculate all the costs and decreased productivity caused by sick leave and absenteeism. Downtime will cost much more than investing in anti-fatigue mats that will provide better working conditions for all.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

My favorite from the list is the Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat. The difference in comparison to the Imprint® CumulusPRO™ Anti-Fatigue Mat is minor, but the cost difference is significant. This anti-fatgue mat meets all of my requirements for quality.

What makes this mat the best?

The Royal Anti-Fatigue standing mat is designed to be used in any room. It is wear, tear and puncture-resistant. Additionally, it has a strong outer layer. Finally, it has a nice “grip” to it so you should never encounter any slipping problems using it.

The “grip” of this mat mentioned above is an important point. It is the slim margin where this mat separates itself from the competition. The mat will not move out of place when you’re standing on it. Additionally, it will not move when you roll a chair over it. This stability is due to its non-slip base. Because of this your risk of injury is significantly reduced when using this standing mat, even on wet floors!

This standing mat includes a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by both the manufacturer and sellers, providing you peace of mind that your money won’t be wasted. What more could you ask for? SEE IT HERE.

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3 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Kitchen or Office (2020 Review)