8 Tools For Building Strong And Effective Habits

There are many apps and tools you can use to form powerful habits. This post goes over eight habit apps that can change your life for the better.

Good habits are hard to come by. We have to work to build them, sometimes for long, long periods of time. It’s effort which we – understandably – don’t like to deal with. It’s just so much easier to drift through life with the habits we already have (both the good AND the bad ones). … Read more

Why You Can’t Fight Bad Habits Directly

fight bad habits

Stephen Guise has written multiple posts on this blog about his “mini habits” concept. Today he talks about one reason many people struggle with their habit development — they focus on direct resistance– and why it can be a losing effort to fight bad habits directly.  To learn more about Stephen’s work, check out this … Read more

6 Limiting Beliefs about Email That Kill Your Inbox Productivity


The following is a sample from my book Declutter your Inbox: 9 Proven Steps to Eliminate Email Overload.  If you’re struggling to keep up with stream of messages that flood your inbox, then I encourage you to check out this book and learn how to develop the habits that lead to “daily inbox zero.” Getting … Read more

Why People Procrastinate? 7 Common Procrastination Excuses (and how to beat them)

Want to overcome procrastination? Procrastination is driven from sub-conscious excuses; see seven popular procrastination excuses and how to overcome them.

The following is a sample from my book 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life. It includes many of the common “Procrastination Excuses” that many people use, as well as explaining why people procrastinate. If you’re struggling with procrastination, then I encourage you to learn the simple habits … Read more

Mental Models: 6 Steps to Overcome Procrastination-Causing Thoughts

Obstacles Procrastination

Have you ever had a really important project you want or need to do and for some reason you just can’t find the discipline to dig in and get started? What about when you do start a project. Do you ever get stuck in the middle of a project and can’t continue but you have no … Read more

Struggling With Your Habits? Three Questions You Need To Ask Yourself.

Today we have a guest post brought to you by Derek Doepker the author of the book 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew and founder of Excuse Proof Fitness. What he talks about in this article centers on the idea of failure. We often struggle with a habit change but don’t know why it’s happening.  … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Building Willpower [Part 2]

Goal Soccer Willpower image

Welcome back to our discussion on willpower. In the first part of this series we talked about how even successful people (like Oprah Winfrey) often succumb to temptation.  Plus we went over three experiments that showed “why” you can’t rely on willpower alone to stick to a new habit.  And we finished off with a simple … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Building Willpower [Part 1]

Brain-Willpower Blue brain image

Willpower is a concept that’s often misunderstood. It’s easy to give credit to willpower when you successfully build a new habit, but it’s also equally easy to chalk up a failure due to a lack of willpower. So what is willpower? How does it affect your ability to stick to a new routine?  Is it … Read more

Why “Broken Windows” Cause You to Feel Overwhelmed and Out of Control

broken windows theory | what is the broken windows theory | broken window theory pdf

If you’re like most people, there are times when you feel overwhelmed and out of control in your life. You want to take action, but you feel too depressed to do much with your day. The interesting thing? There is a specific habit you can develop that will help you minimize the “blue feelings” that … Read more

Is Quitting Cold Turkey the Right Choice?

Going Cold Turkey

Is “quitting cold turkey” the best choice for a bad habit? If you have an addiction, you may wonder about the effectiveness of this sudden change to your routine. Is it better to wean yourself off your addiction with support, or immediately stop? If you want to build more good habits and are curious about … Read more