5 Best Hiking Boots for Men (Our Top Picks for 2022)

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Looking for the Best Hiking Boots for Men? Our Top Picks for Men's Hiking Boots

Hiking outdoors is an exciting alternative to going to the gym if you want to get some cardio exercise. A lot of men choose to go hiking not only because of the physical exercise that it provides, but also because of the nice views, fresh air, and sounds of nature. Hiking in nature has specific … Read more

18 Top Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure: 2024 Review

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Find out what the Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure are in this essential oils review.

If you have been paying attention to the general health of our country, you are well aware that high blood pressure is a common health issue among Americans. While there is not one exact cause of high blood pressure, there are many contributing factors. Some of these include smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, … Read more

Blinkist App Review 2024: Business Book Summaries in 15 Minutes?

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This blinkist review post explains how business book summaries help you learn faster.

Do you ever see a book that you would love to read, but you know that you just don’t have the time to check it out? If you go to a library, you probably see a lot of books that you would ideally love to read, or when your friends start talking about their latest … Read more

25 Best Essential Oils for Eczema & Psoriasis (2024 Review)

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Did you know that eczema and psoriasis affect about 42.5 million Americans? If you are suffering from one of these diseases, then you know about the pain and discomfort that is associated with them. So, what do you do to treat it? While there are a lot of prescription drugs on the market for these … Read more

25 Best Essential Oils for Energy, Focus, and Motivation

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Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings? Do you find yourself wishing for a nap throughout the day? If so, you are in good company. While caffeine is commonly found in office break rooms to help energize adults who are barely making it through the day, reaching for an … Read more

Best Pedometer Watch (and Wearable) Review for 2020

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What are the best rated walking and running pedometers for 2016? Pedometer reviews for FitBit, Omron, Striv, and Mio. Get the best activity tracker!

A quality walking routine needs a quality pedometer. In this article I focus on helping you find the best pedometer for 2018. Regardless of your level of fitness, walking every day can have a significant positive impact on your health, energy levels, fitness and overall happiness. Daily walks are one of the most important habits … Read more

11 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety (2020 Aromatherapy Oil Review)

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Imagine what it would be like to stand up in a crowd of people and give a speech…completely relaxed. Or come home from a long day at work and just be able to let it all go. Can you believe that using essential oils for anxiety can actually make a significant difference? In this article, … Read more

17 Best Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration (Our Selection for 2024)

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Improve focus and concentration by using the Best Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration.

Are you afraid that you have the attention span of a 3-year-old? Does your inability to sit still through an assignment or event for a short period of time cause great agitation, even anxiety? Do you often ‘lose’ items that, unfortunately, are staring you point-blank in the face? You my friend, suffer from a global … Read more

4 Best Mindfulness Games for Kids (Our Review for 2024)

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Teach children mindfulness using the Best Mindfulness Games for Kids.

Did you know that having fun can provide some of the best stress relief? Games can provide kids with a source of eustress, which is the “good” type of stress that keeps people feeling alive. Eustress refers to the sense of excitement that you get from finishing a project, meeting a challenge, or even riding … Read more

4 Best Mindfulness Games for Adults (Our Review for 2024)

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Practice mindfulness with the 4 Best Mindfulness Games for Adults that are fun and effective.

Have you ever noticed how when you are having fun you are able to put life’s stressors aside and just be happy for a little while? Having fun while playing a game will not only reduce your stress in the short term, but can also have lasting effects that make you a more relaxed person … Read more