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Are you looking for something to help you stay young?

Many people who want to stay looking and feeling like they did in their youth shop around for the best DHEA supplement to help them achieve this goal.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone that is produced by your body, and then converted to sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. The amount of each hormone that this supplement converts to depends on your biochemistry, age, and sex. However, after the age of 30, your body’s ability to produce DHEA declines. And, since your body’s ability to produce testosterone and estrogen also declines with age, people turn to DHEA supplements to help balance their hormones and to stay healthy.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best DHEA supplement?

In this article, we will look at nine of the best DHEA supplement products available on the market to help prevent disease and maintain your youth.

But first, let’s take a deeper look into what DHEA is and its possible benefits when used in supplemental form.

Our Top Picks for the Best DHEA Supplements

If you're a busy person who doesn't have time to read this entire review, we've simplified everything. Here is a table to show you a quick rating of the best DHEA supplements.

Best Overall Choice: Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Value for the Money: Zhou Nutrition DHEA 50 mg Supplement CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best for Muscle Support: Horbäach DHEA 100 mg CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Most Easily Absorbed DHEA: Pure Encapsulations DHEA CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Powdered DHEA: Bulk Supplements DHEA Powder CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best for Increased Energy Levels and Mental Sharpness: Natrol DHEA CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Low-Dose Option: Amazing Formulas Micronized DHEA CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best for Healthy Aging: Havasu Nutrition DHEA Extra Strength CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best All-Natural DHEA Supplement: Double Wood Supplements 100mg DHEA CLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Why Take a DHEA Supplement?

DHEA functions in a variety of ways in your body, including converting to testosterone or estrogen if your body is low in either of these hormones. As a natural hormone balancer, DHEA helps optimize your health in a variety of ways. If you already have healthy levels of these hormones, your body will use DHEA for other functions such as metabolism, aging, and overall well being.

As you age and your levels of DHEA decline, your probability of developing several health issues increases. Studies have found a correlation between levels of DHEA and disease outcomes. Specifically, taking a DHEA supplement could benefit those who are suffering from depression, lupus, obesity, inflammation, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and adrenal fatigue. Additionally, low levels of DHEA may accelerate aging and increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, HIV, and a variety of psychological diseases.

In slowing down the aging process, DHEA can help you appear younger by keeping your skin healthy. Taking supplements can improve the hydration, thickness, and overall appearance of your skin as you age. It has also been known to help increase bone density, therefore reducing your likelihood of developing osteoporosis.

When it comes to your mental health, studies have found that taking DHEA supplements can relieve mild to moderate depression. This means that short-term use of DHEA supplements could be very helpful for people suffering from depression who are unable to tolerate anti-depression prescription medications. Because it acts as a hormone balancer, DHEA can also help regulate mood swings that occur due to hormonal changes.

DHEA also reduces inflammation, which is important for everyone, but specifically, metabolic syndrome is linked to inflammation in the body and can be a result of low DHEA. When supplementing with DHEA to decrease inflammation, you’re helping protect your body from a vast array of chronic disorders.

Your DHEA levels steadily decline at a rate of 5% per year after they peak in your 20s, which can contribute to a weakened immune system, a decline in cognitive function, and poor physical strength. DHEA is also negatively impacted by cortisol, which suggests that your stress levels can reduce your body’s amount of this important hormone. Because you cannot consume DHEA through your diet, it is often a good idea to take a DHEA supplement to add to what your adrenal glands are able to produce naturally.

How to Choose the Best DHEA Supplement

While there are a lot of options on the market, some DHEA supplements are more effective than others. One study analyzed the quality of various DHEA supplements and found that while most of the products came within 10% of the amount of DHEA that was reported on the label, some products contained almost no DHEA at all. On the other hand, they study found that some supplements had up to 50% more DHEA in them than the amount reported on the label.

This study emphasizes the importance of using a high-quality DHEA supplement, so make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand and the label on the product explicitly states how much DHEA is contained in the supplement.


Three to six weeks after you start taking DHEA, you should have a blood test to verify the proper dosing for your needs. Failing to do this could result in taking a daily dose that is unhealthy for you. DHEA blood testing may ultimately save you money if it shows your optimal dosage of DHEA is less than what you believed it was in order to maintain proper DHEA serum levels.

The optimal range of DHEA levels for men is between 400 and 560, and for women, it is between 350 to 430. Without supplementing with DHEA, those who are over 40 typically have DHEA levels that are below 200, and oftentimes, closer to zero.

Side Effects

DHEA is generally well tolerated, but you may experience some side effects when taking this supplement. Some possible side effects include congestion, headaches, fatigue, acne, and excess sebum production. Most of these can be managed if you can determine your proper dosing needs.

9 Best Brands of DHEA Supplements

Now that you know the potential importance of supplementing your diet with DHEA, let’s look at the best DHEA supplements to enhance your health.

1. Best Overall: Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA

Superior Labs – Extra Strength Natural DHEA

This is the best overall choice for supporting a healthy immune system and overall health. Each capsule has 100 mg of 100% DHEA without the addition of magnesium, preservatives, or dioxides. Without any unnecessary synthetic additives, this supplement is made only with high-quality ingredients.

All of the ingredients in this supplement are tested for heavy metals and bacteria that may potentially be harmful that is commonly found in plant material. This pure DHA supplement is made without GMOs and is put through safety, potency, and purity tests to guarantee its quality. The vegetarian capsules are free from pesticides, allergens, and additives. Aside from pure DHEA, these capsules only contain natural rice flour and plant cellulose for the vegetable capsule.

This supplement is produced in facilities that are regularly tested and certified by NSF, which is among the strictest quality manufacturing assurance companies. The company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee to back up their product. And, one thing that customers especially like about this product is that the company behind it has a very positive reputation and only manufactures DHEA and related products, which means their focus is clear.

Customers have noted that after taking this supplement, they have experienced an improvement in their mood, mental clarity, energy, and muscle strength. The 100 mg DHEA vegetarian capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken once or twice each day. With 60 capsules in the bottle, this product will last you one to two months. 


  • Best overall option for immunity and wellbeing
  • Go through strict quality testing
  • Easy to swallow


  • More expensive than other products
  • Some users notice an increase in acne
  • Users’ experiences vary

2. Best Value for the Money: Zhou Nutrition DHEA 50 mg Supplement

Zhou Nutrition DHEA

This is the best option to support healthy aging for both men and women. The formula facilitates optimal levels of DHEA to help slow down the aging process and maintain your mental clarity. This option will help you regain control and restore your peak DHEA levels with just one veggie capsule each day.

Along with age and increased levels of stress, your adrenal gland is unable to make as much DHEA as it once could. This supplement helps your body make up for what is lost through adrenal fatigue and aging.

Zhou Nutrition puts their DHEA supplements through a strict quality assurance process and follows procedures and documentation protocol to make sure that each of their products contains the exact strength, purity, and composition that is labeled on the bottle. This allows consumers to purchase this supplement with confidence, knowing that they are getting exactly what they see listed.

Zhou Nutrition uses the highest-quality ingredients and follows GMP during production. They then test all of their products in a second lab before releasing them for sale, so users can be sure that they are getting only the best ingredients in your supplement.


  • The ideal option for people who want to slow down signs of aging
  • Easy to swallow
  • Has no aftertaste


  • 50mg may be too high of a dose for some people
  • Some report a side effect of hair loss
  • May cause stomach discomfort

3. Best for Muscle Support: Horbäach DHEA 100 mg

This is the best option if you’re looking for DHEA that provides optimum support for muscle health and adrenal function.

As we hit our 30s, we experience a decrease in our adrenal function. Stress becomes more difficult to control. Furthermore, beyond our 30s, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass.

This product is ideal for maintaining optimal muscle health and keeping stress at bay. In the elderly, Horbäach DHEA 100 mg also increases muscle mass for those who do resistance exercises.

Most DHEA sources are available in 50 mg doses. However, this maximum-strength product is available at 100 mg in quick-release capsules. Taking one capsule a day ensures that your body receives the right DHEA levels it needs at a faster rate.

This product is manufactured free from yeast, gluten, lactose, and artificial colors and flavors. It is non-GMO and made from DHEA sources that have passed the company’s stringent purity standards.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your purchases, this product is certified to have compact packaging that ensures lower carbon emission levels.

Finally, a single bottle of the product contains 200 capsules, making this a great value for your money. The high-quality ingredients, ethical manufacturing, and non-GMO status of this supplement makes it a great buy.


  • Non-GMO.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Quick-release formula.


  • Some users notice that it made their skin break out.
  • The dosage might be too high for some users.

4. Most Easily Absorbed DHEA: Pure Encapsulations DHEA

Pure Encapsulations DHEA

This is the most easily absorbed DHEA supplement on the market. The pharmaceutical grade DHEA is micronized to help your body use it to the best of its ability. Pure Encapsulations is committed to using only premium ingredients to manufacture its allergen-free supplements that will give you the results that you’re looking for in the way that you would expect.

This DHEA supplement is ideal for those who are sensitive, as it is free from additives such as gluten, magnesium, hydrogenated fat, artificial colors and sweeteners, GMOs, and fillers. Pure Encapsulations worked with other professionals to develop this DHEA supplement, including leaders in genomics, mental health, weight management, and immunology.

Each capsule contains 25mg of micronized DHEA and hypoallergenic plant fiber and water to form the encapsulation. Users have reported a noticeable difference in their hormone balance after taking this supplement. Many mention its impact on energy, mood, and libido. Users have also reported trying this brand after using a generic store brand and noticing a big difference in results.


  • Very easily absorbed
  • Comes in low dosage capsules to improve users’ ability to control dosing
  • This brand is often recommended by doctors for help with infertility


  • Some report experiencing side effects such as hair loss and acne
  • May lead to stomach pain
  • Some bottles are mislabeled regarding the number of capsules contained

5. Best Powdered DHEA: Bulk Supplements DHEA Powder

Bulk Supplements DHEA Powder

This is the best option if you want more control over your dosing or you don’t like to swallow pills. This clean and pure powder comes in a sealed foil pouch to ensure its freshness.

It is recommended that users start with 5mg of this powder each day and increase to 25mg per day over one to two weeks. To measure the powder, users are instructed to use a milligram scale.

This supplement has many benefits, including improving bone density, decreasing inflammation, and supporting mental wellness. It is also used to help protect aging individuals against cognitive decline. When this supplement is used alongside a healthy weight training routine, it can help build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, and burn fat as well.

Because this powder is not easily dissolvable, some users choose to buy vegetarian capsules to fill themselves so they can have more control over their dosing without having to try to mix the DHEA in with a liquid.

Users often report an improvement in their sleeping habits, reduced inflammation after exercising, and increased energy levels. This high-quality DHEA is easily absorbed by the body and begins to work quickly after you start taking it daily.

Those who have had any issues with their order report to have experienced excellent customer service and have ended up completely satisfied with the problem resolution process.


  • Users have high control over dosing
  • Great for those who can’t swallow pills
  • Pure DHEA product


  • It may be difficult to measure the exact amount
  • Requires measurement device
  • Does not dissolve in liquids

6. Best for Increased Energy Levels & Mental Sharpness: Natrol DHEA

This Natrol DHEA formula is specifically designed to provide DHEA to boost mood and reduce stress. It promotes natural, balanced hormone levels and supports a healthy mood.

Natrol DHEA Mood & Stress tablets are vegetarian, and contain no yeast, wheat, corn, milk, eggs, soy, gluten, or sugar. Each tablet contains 60 mg of calcium and 50 mg of DHEA.


  • Vegetarian tablets
  • DHEA and calcium, which the body needs
  • Promotes healthy mood and stress levels
  • Made without gluten, dairy products, soy, and other ingredients


  • Contains some fillers and binders to form the tablets

7. Best Low-Dose Option: Amazing Formulas Micronized DHEA

Amazing Formulas Micronized DHEA

This brand offers the optimum dosage of 25mg of micronized DHEA in each capsule. By using micronized particles of DHEA, it is easier for your body to absorb the hormone for increased effectiveness. The capsules are also free from sugar, starch, lactose, soy, wheat, gluten, egg, corn, yeast, and sodium. They are also vegan-friendly.

The Amazing Formulas brand is free from artificial preservatives, additives, and colors, making it a pure, safe, and potent supplement that is quality guaranteed. This product is made at a GMP-certified facility, which ensures its high quality. The capsules are made only with ingredients from suppliers who meet strict standards, and each product is subjected to several quality tests to ensure purity and potency.

One daily dose of this supplement can help balance your hormones, boost your immune system, improve your mood, produce energy, assist with weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, and aid in bone health.

Users have especially reported success with weight loss, mood regulation, and skin health. Those who have started with a 50mg and had unwelcome side effects report that this is the perfect product to step down to, as the side effects go away but the benefits remain.


  • Perfect low-dose in each capsule
  • High-quality control
  • Effective in balancing age-related hormonal issues


  • Some still experience side effects, even with the low dose
  • Contains added maltodextrin, which can lead to headaches
  • Some users reported that they did not feel a difference after taking this supplement

8. Best for Healthy Aging: Havasu Nutrition DHEA Extra Strength

Havasu Nutrition DHEA Extra Strength

This is the best DHEA supplement if your goal is to increase your energy. Havasu Nutrition works with other companies who share their passion for health to create the best formulations to offer consumers natural solutions to their health-related issues.

Using only the highest-quality ingredients, this supplement can help improve your health, confidence, and energy levels. The formula used in Havasu Nutrition DHEA is free from chemicals, preservatives, sugars, and artificial ingredients, so you can be sure that you’re taking an all-natural supplement.

This DHEA supplement will not only help boost your energy and mood, it will also help you maintain lean muscle mass. The combination of ingredients offers you the critical nutrients that your body needs to have lasting energy and fight aging so you can perform at optimal levels.

Users like that this supplement is made from non-GMO yams, a whole and healthy food source that can increase energy and help support weight loss efforts. Users have also found this supplement to be effective in increasing libido and reducing symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue.


  • Great formulation for increasing energy
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • High value for price


  • The quality of the product has declined in recent years
  • Some report experiencing oily skin when using this supplement
  • This may lead to dysregulated menstrual cycles in women

9. Best All-Natural DHEA Supplement: Double Wood Supplements 100mg DHEA

Double Wood Supplements DHEA

This is the best option if you want to be sure to have a supplement that is made in the USA. With manufacturing, safety, and purity testing occuring in New York, you can be sure that you are receiving a domestic product that has not gone through extensive shipping times before getting to you.

Double Wood DHEA supports healthy DHEA levels as you age with its 100mg capsules. It supports emotional health and mental clarity, as it works to boost your mood throughout the day. It also supports healthy libido levels that can decline with age.

With third-party testing, this supplement comes with lab report dates and locations of testing so you can trust what you see on the label. For those who prefer a smaller dose, these capsules can be easily opened and split into two 50mg doses. Users note the high quality and efficacy of this supplement.


  • Absorbs easily
  • Improves sleep
  • Users note a definite improvement in their mood


  • Some report having anxiety after taking this
  • Product is not vegan
  • Some users find these capsules to have an aftertaste

Final Thoughts

All of the DHEA supplements featured in today’s review are the best in their categories. However, Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA stands out for its pure ingredients that support immunity and overall wellness.

Superior Labs – Extra Strength Natural DHEA

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