How to Calculate Opportunity Costs with ALL Your Life Decisions

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We all make opportunity cost decisions every single day. After all, the phrase. “opportunity cost” is just a fancy way of saying that you have to make a trade-off decision. This or that. Think about the last choice you made. Perhaps you were faced with many appealing options, but you ended up choosing the one … Read more

The 7 Best Investment Newsletters to Skyrocket Your Financial Education

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​Are you looking for ways to improve your finance IQ? Then a great habit to build is to subscribe to an investment newsletter and read it daily. Investment newsletters are becoming popular these days as a way of growing your knowledge about the finance and business world. The appeal of financial newsletters lies in the … Read more

16 Best Real Estate Investment Books (Making your money work for YOU!)

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Real estate is a big investment. Don’t rely on just one source of information. Read these books, listen to podcasts, and gather all the information available. | BEST real estate investment books

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live off your real estate investments? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could do it using only minimal amounts of your personal savings? It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that both are possible. But, like any other investment, real estate investing also has the potential to … Read more