How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs: A Simple Guide

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If you step back and look at your life, do you see patterns? You may feel like you’re living your life on repeat if you stop to look at your relationships with other people, your financial habits, your work ethic, and any other area of your life that you’ve been trying to improve for what … Read more

6 Reasons Why People Blame Others for Their Problems

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How many times have you shown up late somewhere and blamed traffic? Traffic is such an easy thing to blame when you rush into work ten minutes late. But is it really traffic’s fault that you’re late? Blaming others for your own misfortunes–whether it’s another person or an external circumstance–is an easy way to outsource … Read more

5 Ways to Use Choice Paralysis to Your Benefit

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One of my least favorite questions to hear from friends or family is: Where do you want to go for lunch? I…uh…I don’t know…I want whatever you want. With such a wide range of places to eat around here, I don’t want to commit someone else’s lunch plans to a place they don’t like just … Read more