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Thanks for checking out 35 Free (and Discounted) eBook Resources.

This is a compilation of the best places to locate high-quality Kindle eBooks.

Here are three ways to get started:

1) Download the Free Report

I just sent you an email, which contains the link to this report. Just open up this message and you'll get free access.

2) Get Discounted Books Today

As you'll see inside the report, the #1 featured resource is the BuckBooks website.

Buck Books features 4 to 5 books (through their email newsletter) priced at $1 or less, plus a daily free book and a featured author.

Signing up means you get a daily email update with at least five books for a very low discount.

What separates Buck Books from the others on this list, is they hold special events (every week) in a variety of themes. As an example, they have a special Paleo diet event coming up in a few days that has $1,000 worth of giveaway:

3) Get Bad Habits No More on Amazon

Finally, I also have a permanently free book on Amazon called Bad Habits No More.

It's a brand new book that provides a step-by-step plan for eradicating those limiting behaviors.

Happy Reading!


Steve “S.J.” Scott

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