Free Printable Habit Tracker

Want a simple way to track the habits you'd like to build?

Well, one tool that can help is this free printable habit tracker.

Here's how it works:

#1. Print out this PDF (and be sure to save it to your computer or download.)

#2. Identify a habit (or habits) you would like to build. If you're not sure how to do this, then watch this 9-step video on how to build a habit that sticks.

#3. Write down an Implementation Intention for each of your habits.

This will answer the  answer the when? and where? questions that will describe the exact time and place for how you will complete this habit.

As an example, here is an implementation intention to build the meditation habit:

“I will meditate for 10 minutes after brushing my teeth at night on my meditation cushion.”

To get started, use the above link or click on this image…

Free Printable Habit Tracker