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True friends – the ones who always support you and are always there when you need them – are hard to find. Those relationships should be treasured like the priceless gem that they are.

Friendship is vital for both your mental and physical health. Everything in life is easier to face and conquer when you have a shoulder to lean on and a cheerleader to support you. And having a diverse group of friends with different interests can expand your perspective and enrich your life.

Why Are Friendships Important?

According to the Mayo Clinic, friends boost your happiness, improve your self-confidence, and help to prevent loneliness. Friends cheer you on when you succeed and cry with you when you're sad. Friends are a lifeline when things are going wrong, which is more important than ever now.

The last two years have been hard on everyone as they’ve dealt with the fear, uncertainty, and confines of the pandemic. Visiting with friends, even via a phone or video call, eased some of the stress… but a lot of people are still in a funk.

Even as the world is opening back up and people are easing their way back out there, there is still some uncertainty and feelings of boredom.  Numerous factors cause boredom – including inadequate mental stimulation, loss of interest, and lack of control of your own daily life.

Making plans with friends is one way to conquer that boredom and live a more fulfilled life.

45 Things to Do with Your Friends When You’re Bored

1. Dine at a New Restaurant

Do you always dine at the same restaurant, or eat the same type of food? Get together with a friend and try something different. Instead of Mexican, try Italian. Instead of American, try Mediterranean. If there’s a new restaurant in town, be one of the first guests and show your support. You may find your new favorite spot!

2. Host a Movie Night

Movies are great entertainment, especially with popcorn, candy, and good friends. Plan a themed movie night, like horror or romance, and set the scene by selecting two or three movie choices, setting a table with snacks and drinks, and tossing a few comfy pillows and throws in the seating area. Then kick back and enjoy the show!

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Movies are great and watching them with your good friends can be a good way to conquer your boredom.

3. Get Pampered with a Mani/Pedi

What’s better than a day of self-care and being pampered? Being pampered with a friend! Find a nice salon that offers different manicure/pedicure packages, massage chairs, and wine. Then put your feet up and indulge in a day of beauty and relaxation.

4. Create Dream/Vision Boards

Do you and your friends often share your goals and dreams for the future? Manifest those dreams together by creating vision boards. Study the different types of boards and decide which you want to make, gather magazines and other necessary tools, and get creative.

5. Plant an Herb Garden

Herbs are not only good for cooking. They also have medicinal purposes. Since planting an herb garden is quick and easy, it’s a fun project to do with a friend. Get some clay plots, planting soil, and seeds, and plant the herbs that suit your needs. Some beneficial ones to plant are basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, oregano and sage.

6. Bake a Dessert

Some say baking is an act of love, so it’s the perfect activity for best friends. Choose an easy chocolate dessert, enjoy mixing and baking it together, and then serve it with a glass of wine to make it a special treat.

7. Attend a Paint Night Party

Painting a work of art is more fun with wine and friends. Join a group of other painting enthusiasts at a paint night party and have a wonderful time creating something beautiful.

8. Visit a Museum

A good thing to do when bored is to learn something new, and museums are perfect for that. Meet a friend at a local museum, explore the educational exhibits, and learn something about history, culture, or art.

9. Play Paintball

When you’re bored, sometimes it’s good to get active. Round up your friends, get geared up, and play a challenging game of paintball. You can focus on fun while still striving to be the last one standing.

10. Take a New Home Tour

Looking at new homes is a great way to see current trends and to get some ideas for decorating your own home. And it’s a free activity for friends who may be saving up for their next home.

11. Ride a Bike Trail

Most cities have lovely parks with bike trails. Ride a trail with a friend, burn some calories, and spend some time in the great outdoors.

12. Shop at the Farmers Market

There are several advantages to shopping at the farmers market with a friend. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables and other goodies, make lunch together with your bounty, and feel good about supporting the local farmers.

13. Relax with a Massage

Relaxation is different from boredom, and sometimes you and a friend need to relax together and clear your minds. A friends version of a couples massage will allow you to share your personal space and seal your friendship bond.

14. Volunteer at a Shelter

When you’re bored, consider using your downtime to help others in need. Join a friend at a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or animal shelter and spread some joy and goodness.

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Volunteering at a shelter with your friends can be a fun activity when you're bored and got nothing to do.

15. Go Camping

Camping under the open night sky, cooking on a grill, and sharing stories around a campfire can bring friends closer together. If sleeping in a tent sounds too rustic, rent an RV or a cabin and camp in comfort and style.

16. Reach for the Stars

Discover a whole new world with your friend by exploring the stars, constellations, and galaxies. Check your area for astronomy clubs or take an astronomy class together and reach for the stars.

17. Sing a Song at Karaoke Night

You don’t need to be a songbird to enjoy singing. Join a group of friends at a local club, cheer each other on, and get on stage. Belt out your favorite tune or show your friends some love by crooning a song about friendship.

18. Join a Book Club

Reading is a smart activity to alleviate boredom. Even if you read alone, you can join a friend at a book club to discuss what you’ve read. And you may meet some new interesting friends.

19. Assemble a Giant Puzzle

Puzzles exercise both sides of your brain and can improve your memory and enhance your mood. Invite a friend over to assemble the biggest puzzle you can find and lift your spirits.

20. Write a Bucket List

Are there things you and your friends talk about doing one day? Write down your bucket lists and share them with each other to see which things you can do together. It’s awesome helping a friend realize a dream.

21. Take a Self-Defense Class

Sign up for a self-defense class with a friend and learn how to defend yourself and each other while improving your physical agility and increasing your self-confidence.

22. Make Matching Jewelry

Friendship bracelets have been around a long time. You can continue that trend or create something different, like beaded chakra bracelets that also relieve stress and improve your mood, so you can de-stress together.

23. Go to a Festival

There are exciting festivals all over the world. Choose a unique one to attend, immerse yourself by doing what the locals do, and enjoy that new experience with your friend.

24. Take a Pottery Class

Creating pottery is a fun group activity, so invite some friends to take a class. Learn how to shape and fire the clay and glaze the finished item to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

25. Flip Garage Sale Finds

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. See what treasures you and your friend can find perusing garage sales on a Saturday morning. Keep your finds or fix them up and sell them as another person’s treasure.

26. Go on a Picnic

Do you have a habit of rushing through your meals or not enjoying your surroundings? Change that by inviting a friend to go on a picnic. Even a simple meal is made better by enjoying it in a park or by a lake.

27. Take a Walk

Walking is beneficial to your health. It can strengthen your heart, boost your immunity, and improve your mood. Invite a friend to go for a walk to share these and other benefits.

28. Donate Blood

Donating blood is a wonderful way to help others, but it can make some people anxious. Make it easier by going with a friend for support and help someone in need.

29. Golf a Round

Golfing is a terrific way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Take advantage of a nice clear day and challenge a friend to a game. Not a golfer? Golf a round at the mini-golf course instead and have a ball working your way through the obstacles.

things to do with friends online | things to do with friends at night | crazy things to do with friends
Golfing with some of your friends is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

30.Go on a Ghost Tour

Do you have friends who love ghost stories and scary movies? Arrange a ghost tour in a haunted area nearby and find out which of your friends is brave enough to make it through without a scream.

31. Play Cards or a Board Game

Games are comforting on a rainy day, so invite a friend or group of friends to join you for a game of Clue©, Jenga©, Yahtzee©, or Monopoly©. Kick back and watch the sparks and conversation fly!

32. Attend a Local Play

Support a local university or community theater by taking a friend to see a play or musical. You don’t need to go to Broadway to view an ovation-worthy performance.

33. Get Crafty

Crafting parties are a blast with friends. Decide on a craft to make, buy the supplies, and set up your space. Make it a potluck with tasty treats and drinks and create something you can proudly display in your home.

34. Throw Axes

Axe throwing has become a popular pastime, and it is worth a try with a group of friends. Discover why so many enjoy it, test your own skills, and make an evening of it with appetizers and cocktails.

35. Take a Wine Tour

A wine tour with a friend is a pleasant way to learn more about wine and the winemaking process and, of course, to taste delicious wine. Take the opportunity to try something new. You may find a new favorite.

36. Solve a Murder

For friends who love mystery books and true crime shows, murder mystery dinners are a rousing way to take it up a notch and test your sleuthing skills during a delicious meal.

37. Hike a Trail

Hiking a scenic trail is an adventurous way for friends to bond while burning some calories, relieving stress, and enjoying the great outdoors.

38.Bowl a Strike

Bowling is a lively sport that anyone can play, and it’s even more exciting with friends. It’s thrilling to bowl strikes, doubles, and turkeys, but even gutter balls can be entertaining when you’re hanging out with a fun group.

39.Attend an Art Show

When you’re looking for inspiration, attend an art show with a friend. Viewing art sparks creativity, reduces stress, and allows you to see the world through the artist’s eyes.

40.Go on a Dinner Cruise

Being near the water reduces anxiety, and some time in the sun allows the body to soak up some Vitamin D. Invite a friend to go on a dinner cruise and enjoy the relaxing ride.

41.Learn the Art of Archery

Archery is one of the oldest arts that is now an Olympic sport. Sign up with a friend for a lesson to learn more about this ancient art and test your skills on a range.

what to do with friends outside | what to do with friends at home teenager | things to do with friends on the weekend
Learning the art of archery with some of your good friends can be very enjoyable.

42.Sit in on a Seminar

Use your down time wisely by learning something that can improve your life. There are year-round seminars and conferences that teach hobbies and side-hustles. Take a friend and learn something together.

43.Play Bingo

Bingo is not only for the elderly. It’s an exciting game for all ages. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you mark off each spot and finally yell “Bingo!”. Make a deal with your friend that the one who wins uses the jackpot to pay for dinner.

44.Kayak down the River

Kayaking is an invigorating way to exercise and see an area from a different angle. Don your sunscreen and a life jacket and enjoy the ride with a friend.

45.Take a Road Trip

There’s no better way for friends to bond than on a road trip. It doesn’t matter where you go, or for how long, as long as you share interesting conversation and a little adventure.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do with Your Friends When You’re Bored

Friends enrich your life, increase your sense of belonging, and can even help you live longer. Lifelong friends become an extension of your family and part of all of the milestones and memories.

When you're bored and not sure what to do with friends or just trying to figure out what things to do your birthday, try one or all of these things to conquer the boredom, improve your mental and physical health, and bring some fun and excitement back into your life!

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