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Are you looking for the best gift for a loved one who has been burning the candle at both ends lately? 

In this article, we’re sharing with you our recommendations for the best self-care gifts you can give to the people you love. These gift ideas also serve as reminders for the recipient to take a break and indulge in a little “me” time in order to rejuvenate. 

There are gifts that focus on beauty, relaxation, mindfulness, wellness, and time management. Check them out! 

21 Best Self-Care Gifts for Relaxation and Wellness

1. Stone Diffuser

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Help your loved one feel relaxed after a busy day with an oil diffuser that spreads fragrant aromas throughout the house. This Stone Diffuser from Vitruvi has an elegant design that is both subtle and eye-catching.

It is crafted from porcelain, and will run for 3 hours uninterrupted or 7.5 hours intermittently. For safety, this diffuser automatically turns off when the water runs out or when the diffusing time is up.

2. Self-Care Digital Planner Icon Stickers

self care digital planner icon stickers | diy self care gifts | self care gifts for busy people

EsaGrey Design on Etsy

Gift your loved ones this Self-Care Digital Planner Icon Stickers set featuring cute images about self0-care. They can be used in digital bullet journals, planners, and notebooks. The eye-catching designs include phrases such as “go on a walk,” “reward yourself,” and “family time.” They serve as reminders to set aside time for self-care.

These stickers are pre-cropped and designed for use with the GoodNotes app.

3. Heart Habits Self-Care Gift Box

heart habits self care gift box | self care gifts for busy people | personal care care package

ShopLoveMo on Etsy

It could be that someone you love is busy with school or their career, and you worry about their well-being. You can remind your loved one to focus on themselves with the Heart Habits Self-Care Gift Box.

The box contains items designed to help people get in touch with their true selves and set aside time to pamper themselves.

There are items containing uplifting words, fun challenges for self-care, and wonderful treats for soothing stressed-out bodies and minds.

4. Lavender Eye Pillow

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Give the one you love the gift of deep relaxation with the Lavender Eye Pillow infused with lavender fragrance. This pillow is filled with flax seeds, which provide a light and gentle acupressure massage around the wearer’s eyes, taking away the tensions of the day.

This pillow is especially beneficial for those suffering from migraines. It can be placed in the microwave or the freezer for warming or cooling effect, depending on the wearer’s needs.

5. Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt

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Bath salts are awesome gifts because they help reduce pain and inflammation. Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt offers therapeutic benefits for the skin. The product dissolves easily in warm water, and is just what one needs for a truly relaxing bath after a long day.

Your loved one will enjoy three bath salt variants:

  • Unscented – promotes healing for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Lavender – relieves itchiness and promotes peaceful sleep
  • Eucalyptus – takes away toxins from the body and soothes aching muscles

This can also be used as a body scrub for extra pampering.

6. Sleep & Stress Care Package

sleep & stress care package | self care gifts for busy people | personal care care package

WoodlandHerbal on Etsy

Sleep & Stress Care Package takes away stress and promotes deep sleep. It is the ideal gift box for those who need a way to keep stress at bay, improve their moods, and achieve a peaceful sleep.

The care package consists of the following items:

  • Dream balm – infused with lavender, chamomile, and other essential oils that promote better sleep
  • Sweet dreams tea – an herbal tea that also promotes better sleep
  • Pillow sachet – contains lavender and lavender essential oil, which have properties known to aid in deep sleep
  • Calming tincture – an herbal formula that relieves anxiety and tension

7. Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket

temperature balancing weighted blanket | self care packages | self care gifts for moms

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Weighted blankets are known to give a calming effect, easing tension and anxiety. The feeling of a weighted blanket is like a warm, firm hug. If you can’t be there in person to give your loved one a hug, the Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket will do the job for you.

Choose a blanket that has a temperature-balancing feature to provide extra warmth and comfort. Tranquility’s weighted blanket also comes with a washable cover to keep it sanitary.

8. Organic Herbal Tea Sampler

organic herbal tea sampler | self care packages | self care gifts for moms

Check Price on Arbor Teas

Looking for something healthy to give to your loved one? If so, you might want to consider this Organic Herbal Tea Sampler.

This set of tea samplers contains four different blends of organic herbal tea. They are rich in flavor and provide a boost any time of the day.

9. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

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Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle has a built-in feature to remind its owner to drink up at regular intervals. This ensures that they stay hydrated throughout the day. (You can check out our other smart water bottle recommendations here.)

The Hidrate Spark 3 glows to tell you that it’s time to drink water. It fits in most backpack pockets, cup holders, and bicycle bottle cages. You’ll never have to worry if your loved one is sufficiently hydrated if they have this water bottle with them.

10. Salt Lamp

salt lamp | best self care gifts for stress | diy self care gifts

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This Salt Lamp is made from salt crystals from the mountains of Himalaya. When used, it produces a calming effect through its amber colored light. In addition, it purifies the air by releasing negative ions. This, in turn, improves mood and relieves stress.

The Neva Salt Lamp comes with a dimmer, so the light can be adjusted according to preference.

11. Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

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A zafu provides firm support while doing sitting practices in yoga. It gives the person’s hips extra height, helping maintain their natural curve, and provides comfort—especially during extended periods of meditation.

Give your loved one this Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion for a more peaceful experience during meditation. It comes filled with buckwheat hulls to provide a balance of pliability and firmness. There are six colors to choose from, as well as a flower mandala design.

12. The Mindfulness Journal

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The Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices, Writing Prompts, and Reflections for Living the Present Moment reminds us all to live in the present moment. It features activities that prompt the user to apply mindfulness in all areas of their life.

As a gift to your loved one, The Mindfulness Journal can help them:

  • Lessen feelings of anxiety
  • Ease stress
  • Improve memory
  • Sharpen focus
  • Tame the monkey mind
  • Cultivate happiness

13. Book Lover's Soy Candle (Old Books Scent)

book lover's soy candle old books scent | self care gifts for moms | cheap self care gifts

Frostbeard on Etsy

Pamper the book lover in your family with this Book Lover's Soy Candle (Old Books Scent). It smells like old books—the sweet, comforting aroma found in well-kept bookshops. It entices the user to curl up with a favorite book and spend the whole day just reading beloved stories.

There are a couple of benefits to soy candles. For starters, they are naturally sourced and renewable. They also last longer than paraffin candles, and are friendlier for the environment.

14. Positive Affirmations Engraved Wooden Tokens

positive affirmations engraved wooden tokens | cheap self care gifts | best self care gifts for stress

WallfrogGraphics on Etsy

These Positive Affirmations Engraved Wooden Tokens are wonderful reminders for taking time for self-care. They can be given on any occasion. The tokens are handmade from cherry wood and are engraved with different affirming, inspiring, and empowering phrases such as “I believe in me,” “I am loved,” and “I am a survivor.”

These wooden self-care tokens come in a jute bag so they can be brought anywhere and drawn anytime someone needs a boost of affirmation.

15. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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A pillow spray can help prevent sleep anxiety and promote a deep, relaxing slumber. This Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Thisworks is proven to help people fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling more energized.

The sleep spray is formulated with natural essential oils, and has no harmful chemicals. It is even safe for use by pregnant women.

16. Undated Planner

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If your loved one is constantly juggling tasks, then this Undated Planner will be of great benefit to them for developing an effective time management habit. It will help them really zero in on their goals.

The planner has space for a mind map and vision board to help bring success for the year. It also comes with stickers for creating interesting reminders within the planner’s pages.

17. Mindfulness Cards

mindfulness cards | self-care wellness gifts | self care packages

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These Mindfulness Cards help inspire mindfulness, creating balance and re-centering the reader despite their hectic schedule. Each card contains an inspiring message, such as:

“Reflect joy.”

“Make space for silence.”

“Look for the lovely.”

On the reverse side of each card is a simple exercise to promote mindfulness.

18. Wooden Finger Labyrinth

wooden finger labyrinth | self care gifts for moms | cheap self care gifts

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There are several cultures around the world that use labyrinths for meditation, prayer, and relaxation. It is also used for healing restoring well-being. Moreover, in ancient times, a labyrinth was viewed as a symbol of our journey through life.

Give your loved one this Wooden Finger Labyrinth to help them relax and arrive at a state of meditation. It comes with a sawtooth attachment that can be used to hang the labyrinth on the wall.

19. Deluxe Hygge Box Subscription

deluxe hygge box subscription | diy self care gifts | self care gifts for busy people

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Hygge is a feeling of contentment and deep comfort. To give this gift of comfort and coziness to your loved one, you might want to subscribe to this Deluxe Hygge Box Subscription so they can regularly receive a Hygge box.

You can choose a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual box subscription. Your loved one will receive Hygge boxes that contain curated products that promote self-care and evoke the Hygge lifestyle.

Some examples of items in the boxes include:

  • Specialty hot drinks
  • Eatable treats (chocolates or biscuits)
  • Items that promote wellness
  • Items with an element of light (candles, fairy lights)

20. Classic Bathrobe

classic bathrobe | cheap self care gifts | best self care gifts for stress

Check Price on ParachuteHome

A Classic Bathrobe is a must-have item for relaxation, so we have added it to our list as an ideal gift for self-care.

This classic plush robe is designed for ultimate comfort. It has a couple of slouchy pockets, and its shawl collar adds a cozy feel as one lounges in it after a long day at work or school.

21. The Essential Rumi

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If the person you love enjoys the written word, give them the gift of The Essential Rumi with the works of the great Sufi mystic Rumi. His words transcend time to touch the hearts of those who read his poems. Rumi’s writings encourage moments of contemplation and inspire delight.

Final Thoughts About the Best Self-Care Gifts

When the people you love are working hard and stressed out, you probably feel worried about their health and well-being. A thoughtful gift to inspire any type of self-care can be a way of saying that you care.

We hope that you’ve found an item that’s perfect for your loved one among the gifts featured today.You might also want to include a message of encouragement when you give your gift. This post features self-care quotes that can help remind the recipient to take better care of themselves.

And if you want more resources about self care , be sure to check out these blog posts:

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