FitBit Badges List -The Ultimate Guide to Fitbit Step Achievements

FitBit Badges List -The Ultimate Guide to Fitbit Step Achievements

Fitbit badges and trophies can turn walking and running activities with a bit more fun and challenge.

The Fitbit app has many badges you can acquire for reaching those daily and total walking milestones. These badges can turn your daily walks into a bit of a challenge and add a fun element as you try to unlock specific achievements. 

You may be surprised at just how much a little electronic "achievement" badge can spur you on to more exercise. If you are a competitive person (like me) you may find yourself doing quite a bit more to simply win a new FitBit achievement badge.

What Fitbit Badges are Available?

There are 9 different types of Fitbit badges:

  1. Lifetime steps badges
  2. Lifetime miles badges
  3. Lifetime floor badges
  4. Daily climb badges
  5. Daily step badges
  6. FitForGood Challenge Badges
  7. Weight-loss Badges
  8. Fitbit Adventures Badges
  9. Fitbit Group Challenge Badges

Every single badge is listed below with a big picture and requirements for each Fitbit badge. These Fitbit badges cover all of the major milestones you can get from walking.

Some are easy to reach. You may hit some of these fitness goals the first few times you use your pedometer. The  Boat Shoe badge, for example, is for only walking 5000 steps. A goal that most people are likely to achieve the first time they use a pedometer.

Other badge goals are quite difficult.  Some daily badges like the "Olympic Sandle" badge for walking 100,000 steps in a single day are close to impossible for anyone but the fittest walker. Then there are badges that will take even the fittest athletes months to achieve, like the prestigious lifetime badge "Earth" which has you walking for 7,900 miles.

These Fitbit badges "gamify" the process of walking. While they will not make you get out and walk, you may find yourself pacing around a bit in the evening trying to "reach your next goal". They are a fun addition.

You can see the all the  Fitbit achievement badges below and use them to set your own goals for reaching some of the tougher milestones. Best of luck!  Keep walking!

Fitbit Badge Questions & Answers

This Badge page has been pretty popular for a few years now, ranking #1 for many "fitbit badge" questions. Because of that fact I am often asked many questions about Fitbit badges. Up til now, I have been trying to make this post better by including the answers somewhere on this page.

But from here on out I will directly answer any questions that may help lots of FitBit users in this section. ON with the Fitbit Q&A.

What is a Fitbit Marathon badge?  Fitbit has badges for walking distances. The Fitbit Marathon bad​​​​ge is for doing 26.2 total miles walking with a Fitbit. For comparision, the Great Barrier Reef   achievement is for 1,600 total miles walked.

Where do I find my badges on FitBit app?

1. Log into your fitbit dashboard

2.  Click the gear icon in the top right.

3. Click Settings > Privacy.

4. Choose whether you want your achievements (badges) visible to all Fitbit users, only your friends or only to yourself. 

How far is 90000 steps? This number can vary greatly depending upon a person's stride length. A runner using a fitbit pedometer, for example, will likely cover a far greater distance per step than someone walking. However, using a purely "average" step, 90,000 steps is about 50 miles.

What are Weight Badges? These  are badges available if you own a Fitbit and the Fitbit Aria scale or a Fitbit and you enter your own weight levels. You earn badges when you lose 5 pounds or reach a weight loss goal

FitBit Adventures - Challenge & Badges

2017 has brought us a brand new type of FitBit Badges: The FitBit Adventures. 

These badges are pretty easy to get, and they can be a lot more fun than some other simple "mile" or "step" badges.

The folks at FitBit have created (so far) 2 virtual locations. NYC during a marathon and hiking in Yosemite park. Each location has three mini-challenges. with gradual increasing difficulty of achievement.  Along the way you can get views of what the route would look like, just as if you were there.

Upon completion of each of the three FitBit Badge challenges,  you will receive a badge for each of three, like to two sampled Fitbit adventure badges above.

NYC Fitbit Adventure is here

Okay, I have run the NYC Marathon (and hiked Yosemite). I am not going to make a condescending statement that doing the adventure is, "just like being there". 

It isn't.

But it does add a level of fun to a process that can sometimes be a bit dull. Even though I have run the NYC Marathon and hiked Yosemite in the past, I found myself looking forward to reaching the badges milestones.  It was fun.

If you are daunted by the idea of a 26.4 mile walk. Do not be. Unlike the original marathon, this marathon can be paused and started the next day where you left off. Making these achievements reachable for all levels of fitness competitors using the pedometers.

What is next for FitBit Adventures?

The folks at FitBIt have committed to making steady increases and adding more adventures over time. They have had FitBit adventure badges requests in the forums and are currently working on introducing new adventures. 

We just don't know what they will be yet. Stay tuned here and I will update as new Fitbit Adventure badges are released.

FitBit Daily Maximum Steps Badges

Boat Shoe: 5,000 Steps

Sneakers: 10,000 Steps

Urban Boot: 15,000 Steps

High Tops: 20,000 Steps

Classics: 25,000 Steps

Trail Shoe: 30,000 Steps

Hiking Boot: 35,000 Steps

Cleats: 40,000 Steps

Snow Boot: 45,000 Steps

Cowboy Boot: 50,000 Steps

Platform Shoe: 55,000 Steps

Blue Suede Shoes: 60,000 Steps

Ruby Slippers: 65,000 Steps

Spring Loaders: 70,000 Steps

Genie Shoe: 75,000 Steps

Futuristic Kicks: 80,000 Steps

Rocket Boot: 90,000 Steps

Olympian Sandal: 100,000 Steps

The daily steps walked Fitbit achievements run the gamut from the easiest to some of the most difficult achievements. However, theoretically ever single badge could be obtained on a single day.

The 5,000 step “boat shoe” badge will be most peoples first fitbit badge. 5,000 steps in a day is a fairly simple goal. This is an average days steps with a small “extra walk” thrown in. An naturally active person who paces around a lot may even reach this number without even trying. 10,000 steps takes a bit of effort, and any achievement over 25,000 steps means there was quite a bit of effort put into walking for that day.

How Many Miles is 100,000 Steps?

​The Olympic Sandal Fitbit badge, for walking 100,000 steps,  is quite the achievement for any fitness or walking fanatic. But many might not realize this because they are not sure how many steps are in an average mile. Here is the step to mile conversion.

1) The exact distance you travel with 100,000 steps will be different from person to person, due to different stride length.

2) While you need someones specific stride length to be precise, you can give distance of 100,000 steps based off the average stride length.

3) The average person has a stride length 2.5 feet.

4) This means that 1 mile is just over 2000 steps.

5)Therefor  10,000 steps are close to 5 miles

6) 100,000 steps is therefor around 50 miles.

50 miles... That is just shy of two marathons in a single day.

Quite a bit of accomplishment tied to that Fitbit badge!

FitBit Lifetime Distances Badges

Marathon: 26 Miles

Penguin March: 70 Miles

London Underground: 250 

Serengeti: 500 Miles

Italy: 736 Miles

New Zealand: 990 Miles

Great Barrier Reef: 1,600 Miles

Japan: 1869 Miles

India: 1997 Miles

Monarch Migration: 2,500 Miles

Sahara: 2,983 Miles

Nile: 4,132 Miles

Africa: 5,000 Miles

Great Wall: 5,500 Miles

Russian Railway: 5,772 Miles

Earth: 7,900 Miles

Earth: 12,430 Miles

I am fond of the Fitbit lifetime distance badges due to the fact that they really show dedication. Many of these goals take months, or even years of using the Fitbit to reach. Also they can be rewarded to someone who consistently walks as easily as they can to the person who may occasionally walk for great distances but has not taken the idea of daily walking use onboard.

FitBit Daily Climb Badges

Happy Hill: 10 Floors

Redwood Forest: 25 Floors

Lighthouse: 50 Floors

Ferris Wheel: 75 Floors

Skyscraper: 100 Floors

Rollercoaster: 125 Floors

Stadium: 150 Floors

Bridge: 175 Floors

Castle: 200 Floors

Waterfall: 300 Floors

Canyon: 400 Floors

Volcano: 500 Floors

Mountain: 600 Floors

Rainbow: 700 Floors

Fitbit daily climb badges are hard to do, and can sometimes be hard to get. As you well know walking up an elevation adds a lot of difficulty to your daily climb. The numbers may not be gaudy, but walking up 100 levels is darn tough on the legs. This can also be a difficult achievement if you live in an area that is mostly flat, like I do. Most of my badges for this section have come when I have been hiking on a vacation.

FitBit Lifetime Climb Badges

Helicopter: 500 Floors

Skydiver: 1,000 Floors

Hot Air Balloon: 2,000 Floors

747: 4,000 Floors

Cloud: 8,000 Floors

Spaceship: 14,000 Floors

Shooting Star: 20000 Floors

Astronaut: 28000 Floors

Satellite: 35000 Floors

These cumulative climb badges, like the ones above, show a remarkable achievement. Walking climbs are not easy. To do them often enough and consistently enough to make 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 levels climbed is quite an achievement that anyone should be proud of.

FitBit FitForGood Challenge Badges

FitForGood: Participation

DoGooder: 25,000 Steps

Helping Hero: 60,000 Steps

Charity Champion: 100,000 Steps

Walking for charity is a cool option the folks at Fitbit added to their fitbit app. They donate a small amount of money to your favorite charities based on your step counts while participating in charity walks within the fitbit app system. It feels great to walk.. but it feels even better to be part of even a small amount of aid to those in need while doing so.

How can I share my Fitbit badges on social media?

  1. Go to the " share stats" page. You can get there from link directly underneath your profile photo on the Fitbit home page.
  2. Use the "share on" button to link your fitbit and social media accounts.
  3. This will link your two accounts and you can then see your data on available social media profiles.

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