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Personal and professional growth can happen faster just from knowing how to manifest something by writing it down. Does this surprise you? If so, keep reading to learn more about this powerful tool.

Writing is thought made permanent. You also see your thoughts on paper. I read that in a book as a teenager and those statements have been etched in my memory ever since. I've used those notions to my advantage to accomplish many life goals, including becoming a writer and paralegal.

In addition to making them visible, penning your thoughts on paper is almost like engraving them on your brain.  A 2021 study found there's a greater chance the information will stick in your memory longer. More importantly, you're able to visualize your thoughts, emotions, plans, and goals and take action to achieve the desired outcome.

In this article, I’ll provide a list of practical steps on how to manifest things through writing that you can follow to fast-track your success.

What Is a Manifestation?

The word manifestation comes from the root word “manifest,” which means to “show,” “display,” or “exhibit,” something such as a feeling or a characteristic trait. As Angelina Lombardo, the author of A Spiritual Entrepreneursays, “Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality.”

When you manifest something, it becomes the evidence of your inner desire. In this context, writing down your aspirations is like having a tangible, rather than an abstract, idea of what you want. Relying on visible words is a very powerful way of motivating yourself to achieve just about anything that's practical.

How Do Writing Things down Help them Manifest?

Dozens of thoughts race through our minds each day. We forget most of them unless they have some significance. Even important thoughts and plans can slip our minds, regardless of whether or not we verbalize them. Writing changes words into a living force that's capable of becoming something real.

Did you scribble your dream of becoming an artist as a child then forgot about it? Today you're an artist. As you reflect on it, you can see how writing it down could've inspired your career. That's the connection!

Not only does jotting things down serve as visible reminders, doing so also provides clarity of thought, and enables you to reflect, focus, and take action. Having the confidence and inner drive to vigorously pursue what you want means your dreams can manifest faster.

Sending positive energy into the universe helps it to take form and manifest as you've visualized. That's the Law of Attraction in motion and it can transform your life! A key aspect of the Law of Attraction is understanding that focusing on a certain thing, e.g., fear, death, money, promotion, world travel, or love can cause it to manifest.

The law has been used to explain how to manifest something by writing it down. You're probably aware of the power of writing down and repeating affirmations. Reciting daily positive self-affirmations amplifies your desires to the universe. For example, saying, “I am financially wealthy” or “I already possess my desires.”

7 Steps for Manifesting Things through Writing

You are your thoughts because thoughts influence your emotions, behavior, decisions, and outcomes… whether they remain in your brain or you jot them on paper. However, writing your thoughts or goals in a book, journal, or on sticky notes solidifies them.

In fact, writing things down is one of the most common habits of successful people and one of the most effective manifestation techniques. You can see your expectations for financial wealth, a bigger home, or love and happiness before they materialize. The power to take control over and shape your future the way you want is also in your hands.

With these seven actionable steps on how to manifest something by writing it down, you can experience the life you imagined.

Step 1: Write Down Your Goals, Desires, or Intentions

Some experts refer to this step as “scripting,” and it's pretty much the first stroke of your proverbial paintbrush on a blank canvas. Identify and state long and short-term goals and be clear about what you want. Honestly, things might be a bit hazy in the beginning. Still, write them down. You'll have time to come back and process what you wrote and make changes.

Add as many details as you can each time you return to your goal or manifest journal or vision board. This helps make your expectations more specific. If it's a dream house you're hoping for, where is it located? What's the color? How many bedrooms does it have? Adding specific characteristics helps provide structure, content, and significance to your goals. A clear picture of whatever you're wishing for will eventually emerge.

Step 2: Figure out Why You Want to Achieve Those Things

Not having a WHY is a goal-setting mistake. Understanding why you want those specific things to manifest can shed light on whether you actually do need them. Sometimes, we want certain things only because our friends have them. We might be thinking on a subconscious level that achieving those things will help us fit in or increase our social image.

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Identify and state long and short-term goals and be clear about what you want.

Wanting to manifest certain goals for the wrong reason can leave you disappointed or even in debt. Another reason to pre-assess your intentions before acting to manifest them is to ensure they are reasonable and practical. Instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses, work on goals that will enhance your life and promote health and happiness.

Step 3: Explore How You'll Feel after Achieving Them

See it. Believe it. Feel it. Visualize the end results and feel the sensations associated with that major accomplishment you've longed for. Joy, happiness, excitement, fear, uncertainty, or relief are some sensations associated with realizing our dreams.

Where are you (in the future) when these feelings rush in? Are you at the Hooding Ceremony having the doctoral hood placed over your head? Creating the imagery in your mind is a way to attract the exact outcome and experience the sweet taste of victory before it happens.

You shouldn't be left feeling doubtful or apprehensive. Experiencing a genuinely good feeling about what's to come, before the manifestation even occurs, serves as confirmation that it's something you truly desire. Maybe it relates to personality development, increased financial status, or marriage and family.

Step 4: Take Action to Manifest Your Goals

A lot of set goals remain just that because of inaction. Sometimes, it's because of a lack of inspiration or resources. Perhaps you don't feel motivated or confident enough. Failing to take this proactive step will put your dreams on hold. Taking action can include aligning yourself with the resources needed to attract the things you desire from the universe.

Let's say you wish to become an attorney-at-law. So far, you only have an undergraduate degree. You'll still need to go to law school to obtain a Juris Doctorate (JD) then take the Bar Exam. These are mandatory steps toward getting the outcome you visualized.

Step 5: Repeat Affirmations in Support of Your Dreams

Incorporating written affirmations into your day is a powerful step of manifestation through writing. Composing affirmations helps unlock hidden potentials and sync your energy with your intentions. Repeating them enables you to let go of fear, doubts, and beliefs that limit success.

Use “I” statements and write about your dreams as if they are already manifested. “I am a millionaire.” “I have the love I long for.” Writing about yourself in the third person is just as effective, as studies show. For example, using your name instead of “I,” you can say, “Robert is a successful doctor” or “Nicole is CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation.”

Write the manifestation statements 3-5 times in the morning and 3-5 times before bed. Do this for at least 30 consecutive days and repeat aloud what you wrote each time. Scientists believe that doing the same thing for at least 18-254 days is enough to form a new habit. Through repetition, you're in effect creating new neural pathways and wiring your brain to automatically think and act a certain way. Saying positive self-affirmations eventually becomes second nature.

Step 6: Detach Yourself from the Outcome

At first glance, this step may appear counterintuitive. Why remove yourself from the end result or forget about it when, in fact, you should maintain momentum? Well, there's really no need to focus 24/7 on the things you want to manifest to the point of obsession.

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Incorporating written affirmations into your day is a powerful step of manifestation through writing.

Shifting your focus to other life matters helps to create balance. You'll guard yourself against anxiety over how soon things will manifest and loss of motivation. Distance yourself enough to not grow anxious or lose sight of your goals.

In the article, How to Manifest By Writing, Clinical psychologist, Dr. Anna Kress, emphasizes that detachment from the outcome is as important as goal setting. After writing down your goals in a book, stash the book away. Don't open it again until a few months to a year have passed.

In the meantime, relying on visual aids with keywords, such as “healthy relationship,” “promotion,” “millionaire,” or “mental health” helps keep the dream alive.

Step 7: Check for the Manifestations

Assess whether the goals you set have manifested or the process is at least in motion. No one promises it'll be smooth sailing. There are going to be obstacles along the way. The expected timeframe for manifestations may not be practical or resources may run out. These factors can slow things down or bring them to a standstill for the time being. Try not to lose faith.

Sometimes it's necessary to go back to the drawing board (step 1) and reassess what you're hoping to manifest. In other cases, it calls for goal adjustment, acquiring additional resources (step 4), reinforcing with positive affirmations (step 5), or pushing a little harder to get over the hump. If any of this doesn't make a difference, it's okay to detach, then rinse and repeat any necessary steps on how to manifest something by writing it down.

Whatever you do, remember setbacks are a normal part of the process. There's no need to abandon your dreams if you lose momentum along the way. Give yourself a break. Be grateful for the strides. You'll soon return to chasing your goals with renewed passion! Don't be surprised if things start coming together while you're on pause. If you plant a seed, expect a tree to grow. 

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest Something by Writing it Down

Developing the habit of writing things down to bring them to fruition works! The most essential thing is taking the steps required to elicit the expected results. Otherwise, your dream of a better life will likely remain just an idea. 

Start manifesting by writing today and unlock a future that expands beyond your imagination. Since the type of goal you set matters, I recommend reading Process Goals vs Outcome Goals: How to Decide as a point of reference. 

Much like the famous quote from the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come”… if you write it down, things will manifest.

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