55 Famous Failures Who Became Successful People

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Failure.  That is a word that most people dread. Everyone wants to be a success. We want to be liked and admired. But that dreaded “F” word always pops up. Failure. This experience is strong enough to make you want to quit and start a new life. It is no different for any entrepreneur. Or … Read more

Trust the Process: 8 Ways to Use This Mantra in Your Life

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Whether or not you have ever completed a marathon, I am willing to bet that you can imagine the thought process that one goes through during this extensive experience. Presumably, marathon runners face feelings of doubt and despair as they consider how far away the finish line is. Some may even experience physical pain, making … Read more

Success is Not Final: 4 Lessons from a Famous Winston Churchill Quote

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill There are a variety of sources who have been credited for saying these words, from a poet in 1905 to a medical doctor in 1920–and even a Budweiser campaign in the 1930s. However, by the 1960s, … Read more

10 Ways to Deal with a Impostor Syndrome Mindset

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Discover how to deal with impostor syndrome and learn how to celebrate your accomplishments.

Do you know that sudden feeling you get when you are assigned a new project at work and you think you are in way over your head? Or when people around you are talking about their careers, and you feel quietly ashamed because you don’t think your success measures up? Maybe you beat yourself up … Read more

Make Your Bed Speech: Summary and 5 Lessons

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One thing that every 2014 graduate of the University of Texas has in common is that they were able to witness one of the most empowering and inspirational commencement speeches of our time. Given by former Navy SEAL, Admiral William H. McRaven, this inspiring 20-minute speech offers timeless lessons that anyone can apply to their … Read more

15 True Motivational Stories to Inspire Your Success

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Just like other people who have achieved success in life, you are fully capable of reaching your highest goals. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses to focus on to increase their chances of being successful, and everyone will face challenges along the way. The true motivational stories that we will look at in this article will … Read more

13 Steps to Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions

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Did you give in to that leftover piece of cake in your office’s breakroom? Or do you frequently procrastinate on tasks or projects that you know are important? As humans, we are fantastic at picking from a wide range of excuses to limit our capabilities. From avoiding the gym to studying for an exam, it’s … Read more

The High 5 Habit Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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Are you looking for a simple method for boosting your self-confidence? Then one resource that can help is the best-selling book, The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins. This transformative book is packed with actionable tips on how to harness the power of positive self-talk to start your days on the right foot. What Robbins … Read more

17 Proven Strategies to Positively Reinvent Yourself

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We all fall down sometimes. You can’t live life without making some major mistakes and hitting a few brick walls and low points along the way. Fortunately, it is not about how low you fall, but about how high you bounce back up when you hit the bottom and have had enough. These low points … Read more

Tim Ferriss TED Talk on Fear Setting Instead of Goal Setting

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“We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that can be applied to many aspects of life. Essentially, it is a philosophy that can be used to determine things you can control and those you cannot, and then focusing on the former through guided exercises. Tim Ferris: Smash … Read more