99 Fun Two Truths and a Lie Game Examples & Ideas

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two truths and a lie | two truths and a lie game examples | two truths and a lie ideas funny

Ever been to a work function, only to be desperately bored? It happens. You know very little about your colleagues, and bonding at the company retreat can be equally challenging – unless you find a great way to have fun, get to know each other and josh while you’re at it.  Enter Two Truths and … Read more

9/80 Work Schedule: Definition, Pros and Cons

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9/80 work schedule | 9/80 work schedule companies | 9/80 work schedule pros and cons

When Henry Ford popularized the traditional 40-hour workweek, it was a great improvement for workers of the time. Working 8-hour shifts, five days a week, ensured he could operate his company around the clock without causing workers to tire out so much. Through WWII, other companies were quick to adopt this schedule. Most workers worked in … Read more

8 SMART Goals Examples for Kindergarten Teachers

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smart goals kindergarten | smart goals for elementary students examples | math smart goals examples

Kindergarten is one of the most crucial periods for a child’s development. Hence, kindergarten teachers have a massive responsibility as teachers and as caregivers. Self-work, professional improvement, and improvement of the kindergarten itself can all be very beneficial to the children. But how to tackle this big quest? SMART goals can be a right fit … Read more

5 Example Answers to the “What Are Your Career Aspirations” Question

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career aspirations examples | sample career aspirations statement | career aspirations examples for leadership

Congrats! After all of those resumés that you’ve sent out, you’ve finally landed an interview! You’ve passed the first test, and you only have one more chance to really stand out from the crowd. But how? Nailing a job interview can be the deciding factor between getting an offer and going back to the drawing … Read more