17 Long-Term Benefits of Reading Books

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It’s not surprising that as the amount of time people spend on activities such as browsing social media and playing online video games increases, the amount of time people spend reading books decreases. The truth is, Americans between the ages of 20 and 34 spend only an average of 7 minutes reading per day. However, … Read more

15 Core Values Quizzes to Identify What’s Important to You

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Want to live a more fulfilling, more authentic life? Knowing your personal core values is one way of connecting with your authentic self. Furthermore, personal core values are a big determiner of how you act, make decisions, and live. Living in accordance with your personal values brings a sense of fulfillment in everything you do. … Read more

How Mini Habits Can Change Your Life

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A month ago, I read Stephen Guises’s book Mini Habits: Smaller Habits. Bigger Results.  What I loved about the content was Stephen’s emphasize on how small changes can have an amazing impact in your life.  His “mini habit” concept is something I’ve incorporated into my life.  And so far, it has worked really well.  Hi, … Read more

What the Hell Effect: A Quick Overview

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We’ve all been there… You are trying, with all your willpower, not to eat bad food; but that slice of pizza is simply calling to you. “Eat me, eat me,” the pizza is practically screaming. So your willpower snaps and you eat the slice. Then what usually happens? After that, do you chalk it up … Read more

Neuroplasticity Explained: A Brief Guide

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Is it possible to change a bad habit? Can you replace limiting behaviors with good habits? That’s what many people claim is possible through neuroplasticity. So what is neuroplasticity and how can it help you develop good habits? What is Neuroplasticity? Put simply, the concept of neuroplasticity is defined as: Neuroplasticity nu̇r-ō-pla-ˈsti-sə-tē The way the … Read more

11 Keystone Habits Examples to Change Your Life

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Think about the domino effect that would occur if you went from eating fast food every day to eating whole, natural foods instead. What other areas of your life would be impacted aside from your waistline? First of all, you would lose some weight, which may then inspire you to start exercising. After a little … Read more

14 Ways to Quiet Your Monkey Mind

Tips for Quieting Your Monkey Mind | monkey mind | mindfulness | meditation | buddha | zen

I know what you are thinking. How, do you quiet your insane monkey mind you ask? How do you cut through all the noise that constantly surrounds us and keeps us from finding peace? Everything. Your “to do” list, your current feelings, your worries and fears for the future, what’s for dinner tonight. What was … Read more

Streak Habits VS Occasional Habits: Which is Better?

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Imagine you’re about to start a new habit. You want to turn it into a permanent routine. So do you follow it every day or do it a few times a week? Most experts would agree that the only way to turn an action into a habit is to follow it on a daily basis—to … Read more

13 Steps to Celebrate Small Wins with Your Goals

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If you live a focused life, you probably set yourself goals—I know I do. Goals help you achieve more, cultivate success, and streamline life so you have less to worry about.  But have you been doing the other side of goal-setting, which is to celebrate small wins? Oh, sure, you will probably spoil yourself with … Read more

31 Intrinsic Motivation Examples That Drive You to Success

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Have you ever thought about why you do the things you do? What is it that really prompts your motivated behavior? Motivation can be either extrinsic or intrinsic, meaning it can come from outside or inside of a person. Extrinsic motivation comes when you feel the urge to do something in order to gain a … Read more