26 Better Money Habits for Saving, Budgeting, and Increasing Your Income

Better Money Habits for Saving, Budgeting, and Increasing Your Income

We have been told since we were children that “money can’t buy you happiness.” The fact of the matter is that this old cliche is only “mostly” true. A recent Cambridge University study shows that money can indeed buy happiness. At least up until a certain point. The break point is when money habits are … Read more

31 Habits of Happy People – Backed by Science & Psychology

31 Habits to Make You Happy Backed by Research

Nils is a lifestyle coach and co-founder of njlifehacks.com, a blog dedicated to helping people live a better life through relentless self-improvement. Nils is on his journey to becoming the greatest version of himself and loves sharing what he learns along the way. If you found this post useful, visit his site and get your … Read more

Double Your Productivity With This One Killer Habit Of The Super Successful

Double Your Productivity With This One Killer Habit Of The Super Successful

You know what it’s like. You’re trying to be more productive, to stop procrastinating and actually get stuff done. But before you can execute your perfectly planned to-do list, some disorganized bozo rips it to pieces as surely as if you’d jammed it in the paper shredder yourself. But what can you do about it? … Read more

20 Success Habits to Start Before the Age of 25

In this article, I go over 20 habits you should build before the age of 25.

Have you ever witnessed an older person who was stuck in their ways? It’s frustrating to watch when they repeat bad habits that are detrimental to their livelihood. However, the saying is true that old habits die hard. A Harvard study pointed out that “we’re motivated too often by a sense of guilt, fear, or … Read more

155 Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Your Goals

Just achieved a goal? Here's 155 ways to reward yourself for completing a goal or task

Does this sound familiar? You start a new habit, only to quit in frustration a few days later. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for many people who want to lose weight, increase productivity, or stick with a new exercise routine. Why does this happen? Well, one reason folks struggle is because it’s really hard … Read more

59 Journaling Ideas: What to Write About in a Daily Journal

what to write in a journal diary image

Have you ever struggled to come up with ideas for what to write in your journal? As a writer, aside from enjoying the many benefits of journaling for my mental well-being, I find that keeping a daily journal is a great way to organize my thoughts, think of great ideas, and learn to live in … Read more

The Power of Focus: 10 Habits to Improve Your Focus

How to Build the Power of Focus

Focus means paying attention. It can mean getting things accomplished. But even if you have laser focus, you can improve your focus. So if you want to improve your focus, you need to develop the skill of paying attention to a particular thought, task, or goal for a specified amount of time – without allowing … Read more

7 Benefits of the Accountability Strategy

There are many other reasons why accountability has such a positive impact on personal development.

The following is a sample from my book, The Accountability Manifesto: How Accountability Helps You Stick to Goals. If you’re doubtful of the power of accountability benefits being able to improve your life or think that personal accountability is enough for achieving all your goals, read on to find out more… You might think it … Read more

How to Systematically Face Your Fears with This Unstoppable Habit Stack

Here's The 5-Step System to Getting over ANY of Your Fears

The question of how to face your fears is something that everyone deals with. Because you see, everyone is afraid of something. The cute person down the street, your Mom, that famous celebrity… EVERYONE. The big difference is that some people chose to live their lives in fear and be held back, leading to a … Read more