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Looking for some self-help products? Things to buy like fitness equipment, healthy eating tools, and other real-world products that support healthy habits? These posts from DGH will help you get your health on…

The 5 Best White Noise Machines to Block Out Any Sound at Night (2020 Review)

If you’re having trouble falling asleep due to disruptive noises, adding more noise might seem counterintuitive. However, the right kind of noise can mask all others, making it easier to have a good night’s sleep. On the contrary, some people can’t bear the thought of sleeping in total silence. It either makes them uncomfortable, or […]

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Best Tea for Sleep to Feel Calm and Relaxed at Night (2020 Review)

It’s estimated that around 50 to 70 million adults in the US suffer from some type of sleep disorder. And sleeplessness or insomnia is among the most common sleep disorders. Difficulty falling asleep is usually followed by a series of symptoms that significantly impair your ability to function during the day. They include low energy, […]

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