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Diet and weight loss habits are the toughest habits to change.

Bad habits are binary, you either do them, or do not do them. If you work hard at it, you can hopefully quit them forever.

It is impossible to simply “quit eating”. This is what makes keeping the weight off such a difficult task for many. Those that find weight loss difficult often have to battle with eating the correct portions of the correct foods for their entire lives.

Typical “diet” books are no help whatsoever. They are contradictory. They often give bad advice. They are based on rapid weight loss that can only be achieved by some sort of severe calorie restriction.

Diets don’t help; they make the problem worse.

Discover more about changing habits the “right” way, in this mini-habits for weight loss book review.

Stephen Guise’s new book: Mini-Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering is the antitheses of the rapid weight loss books.

It is not about losing weight quickly. It is about losing weight for life. With the emphasis on building sustainable habits, Stephen gives us a method to change ourselves, the weight will follow.

Essential points from mini habits for weight loss:

“Diets” Don’t Work

One of the most important lessons from the early pages of this books is the plentiful research that Stephen shares. This research clearly proves the negative effects of “dieting”. It shows that while diets can have some immediate positive effects in the short term, diets are almost always failures in the long term. In fact, a whopping 70% of all diets end in failure.

But that is not even the worst of it. Not only do diets fail to keep the weight off, but almost always more weight is gained than was initially lost, and future weight loss becomes more difficult.

This is because the body views restriction of calories the same way it does starvation.

It works like this: People begin a new diet. They get some initial positive results. The body begins to freak out, because it feels it is not getting its required amount of food. The body begins to run more efficiently, storing away more fat for the next “rainy day”. Eventually the results stop coming. People go off their restrictive “diet”. Then the weight comes right back on. Often to a greater level of weight than ever before.

Habits make real lasting change

The key point of Mini-Habits for Weight Loss (after pointing out this insanity) is to propose a reasonable method to take off the weight, and keep it off. The secret in making any weight loss changes habitual and consistent.

This should not be a huge surprise to anyone reading this website. I have been banging the habit change drum for a few years now. Consistency and habit change are the easiest methods to actually effect real change that lasts. This is true with something like quitting smoking as well as weight loss.

The mini-habit concept is designed to provide that consistency. It is about committing to just enough change to make it hard to fail. The point of creating a habit of change is not the initial physical changes you go through. The point is to make the brain changes that will bring about true life-long change. Good habits make a difference.

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What makes a mini-habit different from any other habit?

According to Stephen a mini habit is a “stupid small” behavior you do every day. He calls these habits, “stupid small” because they sound absolutely ridiculous and generally take one minute or less to accomplish.

Some examples of mini-habits:

Now, let’s be perfectly clear. No one is saying that a single serving of fresh veggies or a single pushup is going to bring about massive lifestyle change and serious weight loss. That’s just ridiculous.

The point is to make habits so simple they are impossible to fail. When you have such simple goals you will always achieve them. The funny thing is that these simple goals will often lead to far greater results.

Let’s look at the one pushup example. It is hard to fail at finding the motivation to complete a single pushup. This is a task you should easily be able to complete every single day for the rest of your life.

The trick about the single pushup mini habit is that it is so simple it is often hard to STOP at one. Often you will find yourself completing quite a few pushups. This may then energize you for even an even more fitness.

In this way, what starts out as a simple commitment, can lead to quite a bit more. That is the magic of the mini-habit.

Now that you know about the power of mini-habits, find out how Stephen’s new book: Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering can help you achieve your dreams of lasting weight loss.

What Mini-Habits for Weight loss will teach you:

  • How the brain and body naturally change.
  • How weight loss works.
  • The ideal psychology of weight loss?
  • Best methods of weight loss?
  • Importance of water for weight loss.
  • Importance of satiety?
  • Why unprocessed foods matter.
  • How should we think about our weight loss journey in general?
  • HFCS, artificial sweeteners and sugars.
  • Setting boundaries.
  • How exercise fits into the weight loss puzzle.
  • Creative strategies to mitigate weight gain from eating out, social events, and holiday binge sessions.
  • Why outright banning junk food is a bad idea.
  • How to change your food preferences.

Find out all of this and so much more…

Get your copy of “Mini Habits for Weight Loss” today!