The Power of Focus: 14 Habits to Improve Your Focus

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how to build power of focus | how to improve focus and memory | what is the power of focus

Do you struggle to stay focused on the task at hand? Do you feel like you could do so much more and be more successful if you could only focus better? Are you interested in tried and true strategies to help sharpen your focus and improve your lifestyle? If so, read on to discover these … Read more

5 Steps to Write Your Personal Mission Statement (with examples)

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Discover Your Life Purpose and Learn How to Write a Personal Mission Statement for Your Life.

Have you discovered your purpose in life yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t – most people have a hard time pinpointing the precise things that they want to get out of life.  People change, circumstances change. It is part of what makes life exciting.  That said, it’s nice to have some direction rather than feel … Read more

31 Bad Habit Examples: A List of Habits to Break in 2023

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bad habit examples | bad habits to stop | list of bad habits

2022 is quickly coming to a close and, like me, you might still be struggling to give up habits that aren’t necessarily good for you. So much for New Year’s Resolutions and the list of changes you were planning to make, right? Worry not. You still have time to get it right. In fact, I’m … Read more

I Hate Myself: 10 Ways to Stop Your Self-Hatred

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Learn how to stop hating yourself, how to overcome hating yourself, and how to deal with hatred in this article.

“Man is his own worst enemy.” No one is a bigger threat to you than yourself, as made evident by the fact that millions of people easily criticize and disparage themselves through self-hatred and self-loathing. Even though it is pretty common, self-loathing is not a personality trait but a serious psychological concern that calls for … Read more

23 Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress in 2023

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If you are dedicated to building a stress reducing habit, it can be done.

Dealing with stress is part of our modern, hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. Stress then leads directly to low self-esteem, headaches, irritability, fatigue and even a huge assortment of potential health issues. Rather than helping us conquer our problems, severe stress can reduce our competence and make us less able to cope with the problems we need … Read more

13 Effective Study Habit Examples: Improve Your Study Routine

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A good study routine can help you learn how to study effectively and build good 11 Good Study Habits for Students

Are you a student looking to build effective study habits? Is your study routine not as effective as it could be? Maybe it’s time to follow a new study schedule that will help you better retain material, manage your time, help you retain information and even help you improve your concentration and focus. Here are … Read more

9 Parkinson’s Law Examples to Skyrocket Your Time Management Skills

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Learn what is Parkinson's law and how to use time constraints to your advantage.

Do you find yourself completing projects at the last minute? Do you ever wish that you got more accomplished, considering the amount of time you spent on a task? Or do you simply want to get better results from the work you do in life? I would assume most people fit into at least one … Read more

26 Best Money Habits (Saving, Budgeting, and Increasing Income)

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Better Money Habits for Saving, Budgeting, and Increasing Your Income

We have been told since we were children that “money can’t buy you happiness.” The fact of the matter is that this old cliche is only “mostly” true. A recent Cambridge University study shows that money can indeed buy happiness. At least up until a certain point. The breakpoint is when money habits are no … Read more

23 Good Work Habit Examples to Build a Successful Career

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good work habits examples | what are the good working habits | examples of work habits

Are your work habits holding you back from a successful career? Do you want to set your business up to thrive, but just can’t propel yourself to the next level? Interested in actionable strategies that can help you stand out from your competition? If so, then check out these 23 good work habit examples.  Here … Read more

36 Freezer Meals for Two: Recipes for People on a Budget

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Eat healthy on a budget. Try these 37 Simple Freezer Meals for Two (or More)

Want to create quick freezer meals for two that won’t break the bank? Taking the time to cook every single day and night can require a lot of time, but the alternative options mean you’ll either eat unhealthy fast food or spend a ton of money eating out all the time.  Or even ordering from … Read more