9 Benefits of Creative Writing to Help Your Children

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benefits of creative writing | psychological benefits of creative writing | importance of creative writing to children

There they go again! Your children run through the house, mimicking characters right out of the latest Disney movie. You sense some special energy is attached to their activity, but you don’t know how to turn it into gold. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer… writing! This article will demonstrate how the benefits of … Read more

How to Establish a Good Morning Routine for Your Toddler

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morning routine for toddlers | morning routine with 3 year old | 2 year old morning routine

Mornings can be stressful for many people. I mean who does not want a few extra minutes or hours of sleep?   Parents are the only ones that have a hard time getting out of bed… kids do to. Especially if they are headed someplace they don’t want to go.  But Christmas morning, on the … Read more

7 Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Quizzes to Try Today

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growth mindset quiz | growth mindset quiz for students | fixed mindset vs growth mindset quizlet

Do you wonder what your dominant mindset is? According to Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University and author of the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, there are two basic types of mindsets: the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. One type is instrumental in a person’s success, while the other … Read more

9 SMART Goals Examples for Mentoring (Both Mentor & Mentee)

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smart goals mentoring | mentee goals for mentoring examples | smart mentoring goals examples

Mentoring is all about communication and having clear objectives. As a mentee, you shouldn’t expect much from mentoring if you don’t have goals. Likewise, as a mentor, you can’t expect your client to reach their goals without help setting them correctly. This is why you’ll want to use SMART goals. Mentoring effectively is a lot … Read more

30 Growth Mindset Phrases to Encourage Children

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growth mindset phrases | growth mindset phrases pdf | growth mindset phrases for children

When a child is born, they have a clean slate ahead of them. While they don’t know it yet, they’re faced with years of opportunity to create a life that’s fitting and unique for them. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize until much later in life just how much control we have over the directions … Read more

9 Ways to Show Respect for Yourself

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how to respect yourself | how to respect yourself as a woman | how to respect yourself as a woman in a relationship

Take a few minutes to look at your life thus far from an aerial view. From this outside perspective, how do you feel about your skills, accomplishments, and where you are today? Can you see the growth or progress that you’ve made since the last time you were struggling? When objectively looking at your life, … Read more

9 Extrinsic Motivation Examples You See Throughout Life

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extrinsic motivation examples | intrinsic motivation examples | extrinsic motivation examples in the classroom

One classic commercial from the 80’s-90’s that you probably remember (if you’re of age) was for Klondike bars. I’m sure you can recite the song in your head: What would you do-oo–o…for a Klondike bar! There was a whole series of these commercials portraying people doing silly things such as acting like a chicken or … Read more

Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass Review: Is it Worth the Price?

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aaron sorkin masterclass pdf | aaron sorkin masterclass subtitles | aaron sorkin movies

I’m sure most of you have heard of the website offering online classes taught by famous people, called Masterclass. If you haven’t, read my recent review of the site here. It’s definitely worth a gander. And with a 30-day money back guarantee, the site is worth a shot if you’re interested in… um, just about … Read more

20 Mnemonic Device Examples (and How to Use Them)

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mnemonic device | mnemonic device examples | mnemonic device maker

Do you ever have something that you have to remember, but for some reason you’re having a hard time keeping it straight in your mind? For example, one thing that I always have to double check in my mind is how to spell the word “lose”. It sounds like it would have two Os in … Read more

45 Best Courses to Take on Udemy for 2024

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best udemy courses | best udemy course | best courses in udemy

Online courses have opened up a whole range of opportunities for personal and professional advancement for many people. Those who don’t have the funds or the time for sit-down college classes now have the opportunity to pursue their academic interests and further their careers through the courses offered by different e-learning platforms. When it comes … Read more