85 Critical Thinking Questions to Carefully Examine Any Information

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The ability to think critically will often determine your success in life. Let’s face it. Every day, we are bombarded by news, social media updates, and an avalanche of information. If you take all of this at face value, it’s easy to be deceived, misled or ripped off. That’s why it’s important to develop a mindset … Read more

7 Habits to Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills

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Everywhere you turn these days you are bombarded with the thoughts and ideas of others. It used to be only those around you and television that you had to deal with… but, today, information and misinformation are everywhere. You can’t scroll through social media without seeing a multitude of “news” stories within minutes. The internet … Read more

131 Fun & Interesting Debate Topics for Kids

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Have you ever wanted to try something different to encourage kids to be smarter? Debating can be highly beneficial in aiding young people to develop healthy personalities. Besides this, it can be an exciting learning experience that gives children the chance to think deeply or just enjoy talking about silly topics. Today, we’re going to … Read more

6 Authority Bias Examples That Might Impact Your Decisions

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It starts as children when we try to please and impress our parents. That need to please follows us to school as we try to impress our teachers and coaches–and ultimately to our adult lives as we go out of our way to please our bosses. And this isn’t only true for people who tend … Read more

21 Challenging Logic Questions to Test Someone’s Mind

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One fun way to create a fun conversation and/or get to know someone better is to ask logic questions. By testing someone’s mind you can get to know them a little better in an interesting way. So in this article, we have 21 challenging logic questions that can be peppered into your exchanges with the … Read more