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The 13 Best To-Do List Apps To REALLY Get Things Done

These days, many of us cannot imagine living without an app that helps us manage our busy, nay, overwhelming schedules. It keeps us afloat in our personal oceans of family and work commitments, collaborations, projects, daily tasks, community endeavors, and “me” time. It’s a definite lifesaver. Let’s get started with an answer to a question […]

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32 Resistance Band Workouts for Lower Body, Arms, Legs, Abs, and Core

You probably heard of resistance bands already or have seen them in the gym and wondered about their purpose. Maybe you’ve used them in your workout or wondered if they really are effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals. First off, resistance bands — as your workout equipment of choice — have the advantage […]

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Happiness Quotes: 81 Quotes About Happiness and Finding Joy in Life

How important is happiness? Many philosophers, both ancient and modern, have implied that happiness is the very reason we are alive. Moreover, in a philosophical sense, being happy is the main reason people are able to achieve their goals and make a difference in others’ lives. When we are happy, we are the better versions […]

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36 Best Quinoa Salad Recipes for Weight Loss in 2020

Perhaps you’re already familiar with quinoa. For those who have not encountered quinoa yet in their culinary adventures, here are some of the basic facts. Quinoa is considered a superfood. Why? It is the only plant-based source of complete protein; having all 9 essential amino acids necessary for muscle development. It contains such high levels […]

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