10,000-Hour Rule: Does It Take This Long to Master Something?

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10000 hour rule quote | the truth about the 10000 hour rule | how to master a skill | how long does it take to learn a skill

“Learning isn’t a way of reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it.” – K. Anders Ericsson In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it requires 10,000 hours of concentrated practice in order to possess what is considered a world-class skill in something. Whether you intend to become the most … Read more

The Feynman Technique: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Fast

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Learn How to Apply the Feynman Technique | Benefits of the Feynman Technique | Steps of the Feynman Technique

As a student (or someone interested in lifelong learning), there are many things competing for your attention. These can become major distractions whenever you need to concentrate. Fortunately, there are numerous learning tools that are proven to be effective in boosting your ability to fully comprehend your lessons. One such strategy that helps students understand … Read more

How to Stay Awake in Class: 15 Tips to NOT Fall Asleep

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Learn why students fall asleep during class hours and get tips on how to stay awake in class.

Have you ever fallen asleep in class? There’s no need to be ashamed about dozing off in class. It is actually a natural phenomenon. Studies have shown that people can only stay completely focused on something for a maximum of 10 minutes. Unfortunately, most classes last longer (often waaaay longer) than 10 minutes. In addition, … Read more

6 Habits to Fix and Reduce Brain Fog

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Learn what is brain fog, the natural cures for brain fog, and how to get rid of brain fog.

Do you often find it difficult to concentrate? Or are there times when you feel disoriented as if there’s a constant haze around everything so that it’s hard to form a coherent thought? If you are experiencing difficulties keeping your focus, you could be suffering from brain fog. In this article, we’ll define brain fog, … Read more

How to Use Deliberate Practice to Master ANY Skill

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Learn how to use deliberate practice to master any skill using these deliberate practice examples and steps.

We live in an age of abundant information. No matter where your interests lie, it’s possible to get a world-class self-education experience with an internet connection and by meeting the right people. In other words: If you’d like to learn any skill, then finding information on how to do it is easy to do with … Read more

What Is Kaizen? (or How to Build the “Continuous Improvement Habit”)

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Learn what is kaizen and what is the kaizen process in this article.

With the new year well into motion, are you still focusing on your New Year’s resolutions or improving yourself in any way? Often, people make big promises to themselves at the beginning of the new year that are soon forgotten once the reality of everyday life sets in. Maybe you told yourself that you would … Read more

7 Styles for Learning New Things (and Actually Remembering Them!)

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Learn to learn with the 7 styles of learning and how to implement strategies that will help you pick up that next skill with ease.

Have you ever struggled to learn something new? People of all ages often have difficulties with learning new things. Everyone has memories of struggling in school over their least favorite subjects, but academic struggles are definitely not the end of the road. Even many adults routinely struggle to pick up new skills at their jobs … Read more

7 Habits That Kill Creativity

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It's clear that most creatives follow certain habits that make them even more so – and so do people who complain about the lack of creativity in their lives. Here are seven common habits that kill creativity.

Have you ever thought about why some people are more creative than others? It doesn’t take a lot of insight to know that people are lazy and likely to spend minimum effort on getting things done. Our brains like to follow known patterns instead of reinventing a process every single time. For some activities this … Read more

20 Self Education Habits to Educate Yourself on Anything

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20 Tips for Effective and Easy Self-Education

For those of us who have been using our computers, smartphones and tablets solely for the purposes of entertainment, it’s time for an important realization: your digital device can be your ultimate tool for growth and self-education. Public libraries are also a huge source of knowledge. You can choose any printed or online material you … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes

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digitizing study notes- how to improve your study habits with digital note taking

Many students take notes in order to boost the memory retention. Some like them as much visual as possible, which helps them recall what they read or heard. Keeping a pile of paper isn’t practical, however, and it’s often hard to find the information you need. Messy and inaccurate notes are more likely to confuse … Read more