55 Dr. Seuss Quotes for the Places You’ll Go

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Do you need a dose of inspiration to get through a challenging day? Theodor Geisel, who generations of readers knew by his beloved pseudonym, Dr. Seuss, is an expert in the field of the inspirational. He is known for lifting us up from the harshness of ordinary life in order to see the good in … Read more

53 Inspirational Quotes About Change and How to Embrace It

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Be inspired by these 53 Quotes About Change and How to Embrace It.

Are you afraid of change? Do you find yourself resisting situations that throw your life out of balance? Actually, change is inevitable. Whether we want it to happen or not, change is the only constant in life. We encounter change that is very challenging. Some change can be dramatic. Other changes are uncomfortable. So, what … Read more

57 Great Leadership Quotes by Inspiring Women

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From Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth to CEOs taking the world by storm, women have led the world through strife into many golden ages. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some of the wisdom that female leadership has to offer in the form of some inspiring quotes. So whether you’re a sister, a mother, a manager, … Read more

11 Navy Seal Motivational Speakers to See in 2024

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There is nothing worse than sitting through a speech by a “motivational” speaker and feeling absolutely bored stiff and totally disinterested. Sadly, there are often individuals who simply don’t know how to connect with your own internal warzone, much less offer you any hope of making it out alive… except for Navy SEAL motivational speakers.  … Read more

11 Black Motivational Speakers to See in 2024 (with YouTube Clips)

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When you are looking for motivation, it is often much more effective to watch a video than it is to read. This is because you have a chance to quiet one part of your brain, so that you can fully experience what you are listening to and seeing. It also helps to know that the … Read more

35 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas & Examples for 2024

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Need some winter bulletin board ideas? Today, we’re sharing with you some amazingly cool ideas for your bulletin board this season. A bulletin board is ideal for helping introduce and reinforce learning concepts, regardless of the learner’s age. The way your bulletin board is set up stimulates the visual senses and opens up the mind … Read more

101 Thinking Of You Quotes To Let Someone Know You Care

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Letting the people we care about know how much they mean to us has a positive, healing benefit for us and for our loved ones as well. There is nothing like being reminded that a person is constantly in your thoughts, with the reminder expressed in a most sincere, endearing way. It does not merely … Read more

71 Best Inspirational & Motivational Songs to Pump Up 2024

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Looking for ways to get motivated? In addition to reading this article on motivation, listening to the songs we’ve listed in this post can supercharge you to get things done and go the proverbial extra mile. Music is a powerful force. The right song can inspire you to work hard. It can make you move, … Read more

15 Inspirational Poems About Life You Must Read Today

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It’s ok if you’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I think many of us are running on fumes–overwhelmed, overworked, and not living the life that we necessarily pictured we would. But, wallowing isn’t going to make things any better. You need to keep trying, continue moving forward, and take life by the horns. So … Read more

11 Inspiring Famous People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a widely researched disorder that continues to have advancements in understanding and treatment. While it was once assumed to be rare, autism is now thought to affect 1 in every 59 people. Symptoms of this complex neurobehavioral disorder usually start to show before the age of 3. Characteristics of someone … Read more