15 Examples of Procrastination in School, Work, and Life

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We have all put off doing something that we didn’t look forward to. For most people, this doesn’t happen often. For others, however, procrastination is so ingrained that this happens regularly… even when it’s something positive. It’s as if they are sabotaging their own happiness. Chronic procrastination is something that needs to be addressed and … Read more

13 Social Goals Examples to Help Improve the World

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social goals | social goals example | how to establish social goals

The world is a big beautiful place inhabited by billions of people from all walks of life. In my travels, I have first-hand knowledge of how vast our world, cultures, and social dilemmas are. When I was in college, I did community service with kids, the elderly, and at times, the homeless. I had no fantasy … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Your Public Speaking Skills

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smart goals for public speaking | public speaking goals examples | smart goals for public speaking examples

Public speaking is one of the most common fears. It is not easy to get on stage with people looking straight at you, and give a speech. But by working on your public speaking skills, you can get better at it, and start to appear more comfortable when on stage. One strategy that can help … Read more

15 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

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follow your dreams | why is it important to follow your dreams | always follow your dreams

“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time. For dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.” ~ Unknown  As a kid, I was told to “follow my dreams.” Was it the same for you?  My parents wanted me to discover what … Read more

7 Habits to Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills

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how to develop critical thinking skills | ways to improve critical thinking | activities to develop critical thinking skills

Everywhere you turn these days you are bombarded with the thoughts and ideas of others. It used to be only those around you and television that you had to deal with… but, today, information and misinformation are everywhere. You can’t scroll through social media without seeing a multitude of “news” stories within minutes. The internet … Read more

Why the No Contact Rule Works (and How to Do It)

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no contact rule | no contact rule psychology | signs the no contact rule is working

It is undoubtedly mentally and emotionally draining to suddenly make the shift from talking to your partner morning, noon, and night to cutting off all contact–especially if you’re not the one who initiated the breakup. Chances are, you will walk away from that conversation feeling like you’re still in love with that person and now … Read more

9 Ways to Show Respect for Yourself

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how to respect yourself | how to respect yourself as a woman | how to respect yourself as a woman in a relationship

Take a few minutes to look at your life thus far from an aerial view. From this outside perspective, how do you feel about your skills, accomplishments, and where you are today? Can you see the growth or progress that you’ve made since the last time you were struggling? When objectively looking at your life, … Read more

41 Focus on Yourself Quotes for 2024

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focus on yourself quotes | just focus on yourself quotes | focusing on yourself quotes

We live in a society where putting others first earns you a badge of valor, but prioritizing yourself can get you labeled as egocentric and selfish. It’s true that being altruistic can improve our happiness, but when we constantly prioritize other people’s needs over our own, we run the risk of jeopardizing our health. Furthermore, … Read more

5 Ways to Stop Your Self Sabotaging Behavior

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self sabotaging | self sabotaging meaning | self sabotaging relationships

Think back for a moment to a goal you’ve set for yourself over the past few months. Maybe it’s that New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds or your goal to save money so you can take a trip or complete some of your other goals this summer. No matter what your recent goal was, … Read more

31 Self Care Ideas for Women to Avoid Burnout

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self care ideas for women | self care ideas during covid | self care gift ideas

You always hear other people preaching the importance of taking care of yourself. Your doctors tell you. Your friends tell you. Your family tells you. Your boss and co-workers may even tell you. Still, no matter how often we hear it, we don’t always actually follow this advice. For many of us women, life is … Read more