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14 Habits that Kill Your Personal Productivity


Bad Productivity Habits

Do you often find yourself unable to resist the allure of social media when working?

Is getting yourself psyched up for long stretches of work impossible to do?

Is staying on task when you’re working just not possible for you?

You’re not alone, both engaging and maintaining productivity is hard for most, especially with our worst distractions being just a mouse click away.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, because it only takes a little awareness and some quick action to make things better again.

Your bad habits kill productivity

Humans are creatures of habit, plain and simple. And it’s these habits that define how effective – and ineffective -  we are at life.

The problems arise when we don’t realize that our bad habits are interfering with our effectiveness, and a major part of our effectiveness lies within our productivity.

You haven’t figured what your bad habits are

This makes sense when you think about it; if something’s a habit then usually it happens automatically and bypasses the thinking process (which can a gift or a curse, depending on the habit involved).

The solution is to find and eliminate those bad habits

The first step in fixing a problem is to find out the cause, and the second step is to fix it. Unfortunately, self-examination can be a little tough for a situation like this, so instead I gathered a list of 14 common bad habits for you to check out. Continue Reading →

The Sand Grains Method (How to be Productive During “Lost Time”)


Sand Castle-Productivity

Today I’m pleased to announce the first guest post on Develop Good Habits.  The following article is written by Michal Stawicki who recently published the book Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day (which is free for the next few days.)  The habit that Michal is about to discuss can have an amazing impact on your productivity and overall ability to manage time.   

Do you know that feeling of frustration when you waste time waiting at the dentist office? Or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam?

There is an easy way to transform that feeling of frustration into a sense of achievement. The trick is to fill those unproductive minutes with tiny tasks—a concept that’s called the “Sand Grains Method.”

This approach is one of the core ideas in David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. You put every important task on several to-do lists. Those list are context dependent—some tasks can be done only using your computer, some at home and others are errands. Your goal is to manage your time based on those lists. Continue Reading →

Inbox Zero Habit: How to Empty Your Email Inbox Daily [30 DHC]


Mail-EMail-Declutter your inbox

Email is an important part of life.

Whether you use it stay in touch with friends or as part of your job, using email is a routine that most people do on a daily basis.

Unfortunately email is often a “time suck” that takes you away from working on important projects and living life.  Even worse—it often causes a lots of stress.  When your inbox is full of unanswered messages, it’s not easy to relax and focus on the things that truly matter.

Now, if you look closely at many successful people, you’d see they’re not buried under thousands of messages.  Their secret?  They practice the habit called “Inbox Zero,” where they completely empty their inbox every single day.

So, for December’s 30 Day Habit Challenge (30DHC), I set the goal to develop the daily inbox zero habit.  (Actually I’ve done it already for a few months, but didn’t start “officially” tracking it until December.)

In this post, we’ll talk about this productivity habit and a few strategies you can use to do it on a consistent basis. Continue Reading →

Pomodoro Technique: How a 25 Minute Habit Helps You Master Time



If you’re like most people, time management can be a challenge.

Odds are you’re bombarded with work tasks, personal projects, lengthy to-do lists and constant emails flooding your inbox.

So, how do you get it all done in the most efficient manner?

One possible solution is to use a popular time blocking system called the Pomodoro Technique.

In this article, I’ll talk about how the 25-minute “Pomodoro habit” can help you quickly complete tasks and get things done in a streamlined fashion.  Continue Reading →

Networking Habit: How to Develop Online Relationships Even If You’re an Introvert [30DHC]



You can’t run an online business in isolation.  Instead, you should develop relationships with bloggers and marketers in your niche.

Whereas most entrepreneurs might view others as their “competition,” I prefer a win-win approach where we can help one another.

So how do you form online business relationships?

Through networking.

Even though I’ve built a few successful online businesses over the last decade, networking has never been my strength.  In the past, I took a passive approach where I let relationships evolve organically.  But for September’s and October’s 30 Day Habit Challenge (30DHC), I decided to develop my networking habit.

Here’s how it went.

Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Punctual at Work [HCP]


Punctual Habit

Why is it important to be punctual at your job?

This is what you’ll learn in today’s Habit Change Profile.

First we’ll cover how punctuality can help you improve your job success.  Then I’ll provide a simple strategy where you can permanently change the “lateness habit” and become an early arrival who gets more done during the workday.

This information has a direct impact on your ability to hold a job and get a promotion.

So pay close attention to what you’re about to learn.  Continue Reading →

203 Good Habits – THE List to Live a Better Life


203 Good Habits List

As you know, I’m working hard to develop many good habits in my life.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the top 203 good habits for your inspiration and personal use. I’ve categorized habits to make this list simple to read and easy to use. Peruse this list of habits to find the habits that will change your life!

This list can be used in a variety of ways. You write a few down and try to do them throughout your day. Another idea is to turn one of these ideas into 30 Day Habit Challenge.

No matter what you decide to do, try to incorporate some of these habits in your life. If you want to get results with these habits, then it’s best to do them on a daily basis.

(To get detailed instructions on some of these habits, check out my free report: “77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life“)

Let’s get to the good habit list.

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