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Discover the habits that help you learn more effectively. ||  Learn more – Do More. Creating learning habits and routines can change your life

How to Stop All or Nothing Thinking: Step-by-Step

“All or nothing” thinking, which is also referred to as “black and white” thinking or false dichotomy, refers to the tendency that people have to think and speak in extremes. Consider these absolute words that people often say: always, never, perfect, complete, impossible, identical, ruined, can’t, everybody… Have you said any of those words today? […]

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7 Steps to Learn from Mistakes and Grow as a Person

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgment.” This quote has been attributed to a variety of speakers and there are multiple variations of it floating around. However, without knowing who said it, its meaning is still clear. Think about a good decision you made recently. When you made this confident decision, […]

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25 Growth Mindset Posters to Inspire Kids and Students

Are you looking for posters to motivate kids to believe in themselves and help them succeed in school and life? Today we’re featuring 23 growth mindset posters that are visually stunning, inspiring, and attractive to young people. They are specifically designed to promote the concept of a growth mindset—something that many psychologists consider to be […]

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