5 Steps to Practice Future Self Journaling

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When I first heard about “future self journaling,” I thought it was just another feel-good hack. You know the kind, right? Where some influencer or blogger promises you can and will have the life you want, provided you simply write to your future self. While I was skeptical initially, I thought “why not?” and began … Read more

75 Fun Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

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journal prompts for kids | daily journal prompts for kids | fun journal prompts for kids

From the moment they are born, children are trying to communicate what they are feeling. Babies cry when they are hungry, tired or need their diaper changed.  Toddlers will often throw tantrums that tell onlookers they are angry, but in reality they may just be frustrated about something.  Displaced emotions are common in young children… … Read more

7 Steps to Manifest Something By Writing It Down

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how to manifest something by writing it down | how to manifest by writing on paper | how to manifest something instantly

Personal and professional growth can happen faster just from knowing how to manifest something by writing it down. Does this surprise you? If so, keep reading to learn more about this powerful tool. Writing is thought made permanent. You also see your thoughts on paper. I read that in a book as a teenager and … Read more

7 Best Idea Journals to Track Your Great Thoughts

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Looking for awesome idea journals? Wonderful ideas often come in like a sudden flood that catches us unprepared. As much as we’d like to trust our ability to recall these thoughts later, chances are there’ll be details that get unintentionally omitted. Sometimes there are so many ideas churning around in our heads that we simply … Read more

15 September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

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It’s lots of fun to create bullet journal spreads for the month of September using different themes. September is a month of transitions. During this month, those in the northern hemisphere prepare for fall, while those in the southern hemisphere are transitioning into spring. In the US, the month of September usually heralds the start … Read more