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We all need a dose of encouragement every once in a while.

If things haven’t been going your way lately, here’s a collection of encouraging memes to lighten your mood and help you get through the day.

For this collection, we’ve rounded up a mixed bag of memes, with funny ones laid out alongside others that are more serious. Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you.

Check out the collection below and enjoy!

Table of Contents

1. Congratulations!

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It takes grit to get up and keep going even when life gets difficult. Congratulations on making it to where you are now!

2. The Stats Are True

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You have to marvel at what it took for you to be here today. It’s a miracle that ought to be celebrated.

3. That's It

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There's no point in arguing. You can do whatever's necessary, whether it's finishing that task, making a decision that turns your life around, quitting a bad habit, or starting to love yourself more.

4. Hope It Helps

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I know many of you need this picture today. Now that you’ve seen it, I hope your day is 10 times better.

5. Don't Deny It

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People often don't realize that they are teeming with amazing potential. This meme reminds you that you are awesome. Embrace it. It's time to start doing great things.

6. Recognize Your Worth

We are often our own harshest critics, but that shouldn't be the case. Let's work on being friends to ourselves—to be kind and patient. We're all a work in progress here.

7. It's Time

If you're holding yourself back from something you know is going to make life better for you, this is a reminder that it's time to take that leap. Go for it.

8. Sending Good Vibes

Surrounded by bad juju lately? We're sending good vibes your way. Be ready to receive them.

9. Keep Going

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Whatever happens, don't quit. Rest for a while. Once you've recharged enough, keep moving forward.

10. I Hope This Bunny Does the Job

Here’s a picture of a cute bunny doing something silly. I hope it makes you smile.

11. Another Bunny With an Important Reminder

encourage with mirth | joyful humor | stay positive and inspired

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Here's another bunny with a very important message. You matter. What you do matters. Thank you for being here.

12. The Sky's the Limit

laugh your way to motivation | laugh for encouragement | hilarious motivation

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Make sure your dreams are huge. The universe can afford to be generous.

13. Take Risks

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Take this cat's advice. You might just land on your feet.

14. You Still Get a Prize

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via You've Got This: Encouraging Memes for Emotional Wellness

When it comes to goals, many people tend to only focus on achieving the outcome they want. This is why they can get pretty discouraged when their efforts are met with failure.

However, not achieving your goal can also be a rewarding experience. Setbacks help you develop strength, tenacity, and wisdom.

15. There Is a Distinction

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You are allowed to rest for a while. Even planes have an autopilot feature. Remember that when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re not required to seize every opportunity each day has to offer.

16. Your Attitude Matters

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There are likely rough times ahead, but you will get nowhere by constantly complaining about it. Find a way to turn your setbacks into strengths.

17. Go Further and Farther

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This isn’t the finish line. There’s more to discover and more to achieve. Keep going. Keep learning.

18. Be You

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You are unique, and you contribute somethings special to the world. Thank you for being you!

19. Looking Forward to Something Great

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Let things devolve if they must, but be ready rebuild, because the time to do so will come after something in your life falls apart.

20. You’re More Than Capable

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If there’s only one thing that you can do today, let it be having faith in yourself. You are capable of great things.

21. Not Gonna Give Up Now

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Remember the reason for taking that shaky first step toward your goal. You’re almost there. It’s okay to take a break, but don’t ever quit.

22. A Minty Encouragement

Here’s a cute herb with a message for you. Hope you be-leaf it.

23. That's Success in My Book

A small success is still a success. It deserves to be celebrated.

24. Totally Believing You Got This!

You’ve got this trio of vegetables rooting for you. Muster up the energy to get to the finish line.

25. Your Purpose Shows the Way

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If none of the memes above have resonated with you, perhaps it’s time to look within. Knowing your life’s purpose could be the key to helping you align your goals to your true self and inspire you to do great things.

Here’s a 12-step guide for finding your why.

26. We All Are

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Dr. Brené Brown suggested that we assume everybody’s doing the best they can. If we adopt this mindset, we become kinder and more empathetic, and our lives will be filled with grace.

27. Doing It Your Way

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You can make your life better by exercising your power to choose. And this time, choose to align yourself with positivity. Try it today!

28. Approaching It From Another Angle

Stuck? Perhaps it’s time to take a short break. Feel free to consider another perspective. Maybe the solution will show itself.

29. Shark

stay positive humor | inspire through laughter | chuckles for motivation

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Don’t shy away from your greatness. Use your “shark” powers to accomplish your goals.

30. Don’t Be Petrified

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If you feel scared when going after your goals, the worst thing you can do is stand there, petrified. No matter what happens, do your best to keep moving forward.

31. At Least Someone Does

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Maybe it’s your grandma or your best friend. Rest assured, there’s someone out there who cares.

32. Fostering Accountability

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This is Master Yoda’s personal take on developing accountability. We are not responsible for his opinions.

33. Just Keep Growing

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Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

34. Thriving

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Surviving = Desperate struggle. Thriving = Gentle growth.

35. What You Believe Matters

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Make the Law of Attraction work for you. Manifest wonders into your everyday life with positive affirmations.

36. May This Meme Give You Strength

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We know you are facing your own struggles. Let this meme’s message be the motto that brings you success.

37. Trust the Process

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As you pursue your goals, remember that it’s okay to take frequent breaks. The end goal is important, but taking care of yourself along the way is necessary to fully enjoy your success.

38. Listen to the Mighty One

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Let this mighty warrior’s rallying cry inspire you to face the challenges ahead. Go!

39. Everything Will Make Sense

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The things you’ve gone through—the joys, hardships, and lessons—will eventually make sense once you've found your life's purpose. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

40. Learn to Love What You Do

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This is a quote from Steve Jobs. It is a reminder that your passion for what you do helps you produce something extraordinary.

41. Holding Out for Something Amazing

Hang in there. The best is yet to come.

42. Get Ready for Launch

Being late gives you the opportunity to observe what has already been done ahead of you. Based on what you’ve observed and learned, you can make adjustments in your own work. Often, this extra time to observe and adjust allows you to accomplish something amazing.

43. When Caffeine No Longer Works…

Love coffee, but still can’t find the motivation you need? Check out this meme!

44. Never Give Up

Hold on. Help is on the way.

45. Claim It!

Here’s a fortune cookie predicting what the rest of the day will bring you. Enjoy!

46. Always Look for the Silver Lining

Sometimes things don’t go your way, but you can still look for the silver lining in each negative experience.

47. You Are Their Source of Inspiration

Don’t give up yet. Someone’s looking up to you.

48. Could Have Been Worse

This also counts as success in my book. Have you chosen a reward for yourself?

49. Toughness Guaranteed

They can try, but I know they will never break you.

50. Be the Tree

It doesn’t matter what’s standing in the way of your success. There is always a way through.

51. There's Always a Reason to Smile

Dry your eyes. Look around. Try to find the silver lining. Then, find something that makes you smile. Finally, look for something that makes your heart sing.

52. Baby Steps

Take those baby steps. You might stumble and fall at first, but the important thing is to keep trying.

53. …Or Puffin Steps

You don’t have to rush things. Slowly but surely does it.

54. Best Be Headin’ Out

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to do great things. Don’t waste your time on those who belittle you or who have no idea how to nurture your potential.

55. There Are No Limits to What You Can Achieve

You are capable of doing great things. The first step is believing it.

56. You're Amazing

It takes a lot of courage to keep moving forward toward your goal, even when faced with adversity. You are amazing for doing it.

57. Endure for a While

Hang in there. All struggles eventually come to an end. There will eventually come a time to savor the fruits of your hard work.

58. Tacos Are Lovable and So Are You

Who can say no to a taco? Whenever you think life’s falling apart, it may actually be starting to fall into place. That’s exciting.

59. It Was Rough, but You Survived

Usually, survival is the best outcome. We’re happy you made it through.

60. Determined to Win

If it’s a race, it isn’t against other people. It’s older versions of you versus the one that continues to improve as time passes by.

61. Hurray!

There’s nothing sweeter than victory. This calls for a celebration.

Final Thoughts on Encouraging Memes

Memes have become the go-to medium for connecting with others. They allow people to express their thoughts and feelings about any topic—even those that are difficult to discuss in person.

Hopefully, through today’s collection of encouraging memes, you feel less alone in your struggles. We also hope they provided some comic relief and inspiration for you to keep going.

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Keep moving forward!

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