35 Inspirational Quotes About Living in the Moment

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quotes about living in the moment | enjoy every moment of life quotes | quotes about the present moment

Living in the moment allows you to fully experience true happiness and peace. Unfortunately, many people tend to dwell in the past, rehashing old hurts and failing to let go and forgive. Others are so anxious about what tomorrow will bring that they fail to appreciate what they already have. We hope that this collection … Read more

47 Manifestation Quotes to Get What You Want in Life

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manifestation quotes | manifestation quotes for success | manifestation quotes in life

Looking to learn a bit more about the art of manifestation? Manifestation is a term used by all kinds of people, and sometimes can almost be referred to in a vague, magical way of just popping what you want into existence out of thin air. However, there’s a bit more to it than that. In … Read more

83 Walt Disney Quotes About Dreams, Imagination, and Living a Magical Life

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walt disney quotes | walt disney quotes keep moving forward | walt disney quotes about family

​Ever wondered how to make your dreams come true? Walt Disney was one of the most successful people of his time, and he showed the world that dreams do come true. His ubiquitous signature heralds the start of every Disney movie that we’ve watched with wonder and delight. His words and deeds are an inspiration … Read more

47 Perspective Quotes to Get a Fresh Look on a Life Challenge

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Quotes about perspective in art | Quotes about perspective and reality | Putting life into perspective Quotes

Need a new perspective on things? How you choose to label an experience or situation forms your personal perspective. It is very subjective and easily influenced by other people’s opinions. Thus, perspectives can often be a distorted view of what is actually going on. Our distorted perceptions affect how we live. They tend to create … Read more

45 Quotes About Growing Up to Inspire You or Your Children

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quotes about growing up and changing | growing up quotes funny | daughter growing up quotes

Looking for quotes about growing up? Parenting can a bittersweet experience. One day you’re raising tiny humans who barely know how to properly hold a spoon, then the next time you look, they’re grown up and demanding independence. They’re ready to take on the world and its challenges, an to live life on their own. … Read more

35 Stop Making Excuses Quotes to Move Forward in 2024

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Make 2024 the year you cut the chains holding you back. There are all kinds of reasons a creative human mind can think up to stop them from going where you want to go. People often fear success just as much as they fear failure. In today’s post, we’ll be providing you with some “excuses … Read more

82 Dream Big Quotes: Inspiration to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

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dream big quotes | dream big quotes short | dream big quotes for students

Dreaming big can be a powerful way to move you toward achieving your goals. Whether it’s a big career move, starting a business, or simply reaching for your dreams, having the courage and inspiration to do something out of the ordinary can be an important part of success. When it comes to dreaming big, quotes … Read more

57 Great Leadership Quotes by Inspiring Women

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leadership quotes by women | inspiring leadership quotes | empowering female leader quotes

From Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth to CEOs taking the world by storm, women have led the world through strife into many golden ages. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some of the wisdom that female leadership has to offer in the form of some inspiring quotes. So whether you’re a sister, a mother, a manager, … Read more

100 Perseverance Quotes to Help You Never Give Up

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perseverance quotes | quotes on perseverance | perseverance quotes short

In today’s post, we’ll be delving into the power of sticking things out. No matter what struggles you’re facing or what situation you’re in, whether professional or personal, cultivating the power of perseverance will allow you to make the best of anything that comes your way. What makes perseverance so powerful? Why You Should Read … Read more

95 Motivational Quotes for Work to Boost Your Productivity

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motivational quotes for work | thursday motivational quotes for work | motivational quotes for success

Are you looking to boost your motivation and develop ways to foster more for your work? There’s nothing worse than understanding what you have to do to accomplish a goal or objective but not having the oomph to do it. It can make you feel like you’ve lost all spark for your work or it … Read more