How to Do a SWOT Analysis on Your Personal Life (with Examples)

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personal swot analysis | personal swot analysis assignment | personal swot analysis examples for students

A big part of working on personal development is having a clear picture of where you are right now. Knowing exactly where you are versus where you want to be can help you strategically plan for success. But how can you do an objective self-analysis to determine what makes you unique? If you do some … Read more

How Price’s Law Can Positively Impact Your Work

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prices law | prices law examples | prices law graph

Who are the superstar performers at your job? Do a handful of people come to mind who consistently make the most sales, design the best new products, or always seem to have the winning ideas? This person might be you if you’re the one who is adding substantial value to the team, but the larger … Read more

What Motivates You Interview Question: 6 Steps to Answer It

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If you’re in the market for a job and spend a lot of time practicing your answers to common interview questions, you might find yourself laughing at what your “real” answer to a question may be versus what a solid, professional answer would look like. One of the questions that this probably happens with is, … Read more

How to Stick to a Schedule: 6 Strategies

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You know those moments when you glance at the clock and are instantly jolted into reality as you exclaim, “How is it 3:00 already?!” You’ve been busy getting things done, but the fact that you only have two more hours to wrap things up before going home to tend to your family or switching gears … Read more

11 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job on an Application

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reasons for leaving a job | reason for leaving job on application form | reason for leaving current job best answer

There are some job interview questions that we all cringe at the thought of answering, even though we know they’re coming. From explaining your weaknesses to recounting a time that you did not get along with a coworker, some interview questions can be daunting. However, in order to land that perfect job, you have to … Read more

11 Proven Ways to Stay Focused at Work

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stay focused work | how to focus on work | how to stay focused in life | how to stay focused on your goals

How do you stay productive at work without sacrificing your own well-being? The sad fact is that it has become increasingly difficult to stay focused on your tasks because of the modern work environment. One reason is due to the fact that work interruptions are inevitable. From phone calls and emergency meetings to coworkers who … Read more

Time Blocking Template: 8 Steps to Master Your Schedule

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Achieve your goals and manage your time well using the time blocking technique.

With all the demands on your time on any given day, how do you manage it wisely? When it comes to time management & productivity small changes can have some large impacts on results. This is why time-blocking can be so important Consider the following time management scenarios: A. You stay up late yet again … Read more

The Eisenhower Matrix: Make Urgent vs. Important Decisions with 4 Quadrants

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The Eisenhower Matrix - How to Make Decisions on What’s Urgent and Important

Picture this: You have a long list of things to do, and you have no idea where to start. If you’re anything like me, you want to get everything done at the same time so it is all behind you and you can move on. But how can you decide what needs to be done … Read more

What is Brainstorming? (and 6 Rules for Maximizing Each Brainstorming Session)

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Learn what is brainstorming and effective brainstorming techniques to help you solve problems.

Want a quick way to come up with a wealth of great ideas? Then one technique you can try is to build the brainstorming habit. It doesn’t matter how you brainstorm.  You can do it on your own or in a group setting.  What matters is setting aside at least 30 minutes to think of … Read more

7 Best TED Talks on Procrastination: Tim Urban and Others

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Watch the 7 best TED talks on procrastination and learn how to stop struggling to get things done.

TED—which stands for “technology, entertainment, design”—is a company that posts lectures online with the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” The TED conference has been held each year since 1990, and while its initial focus was on technology and design, it has since expanded to include lectures on a wide variety of topics, including education, business, and … Read more