45 Personal Mantras Examples to Face the Day with Confidence

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Do you have a personal mantra?  Or do you have a saying that you frequently tell yourself that conveys a deeper meaning in your life? A personal mantra inspires and offers comfort. It realigns your perspective and reminds you of your goals. And personal mantras empower you to create motivation throughout the day. So if … Read more

I Hate My Life: 5 Things to Do if You’re Really Unhappy

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Hope. This is the one thing that keeps us going every day, especially when times are tough. Hope for a better future, hope that whatever efforts you’re making today will pay off tomorrow, and hope that one day you will live the life of your dreams (assuming you aren’t already). However, so many people get … Read more

Habits You Should Ditch: 20 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back

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There are the Habits You Should Ditch including 20 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back.

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.” – Anonymous Habits make the man. Or in some cases bad habits can unmake the man. On DGH we talk about how to improve habits all the time. But what about all those bad habits. We all have a … Read more

2 Habit-Related Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Check Out

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Habit Related Crowdfunding Campaigns -Sidekick Journal - Start your day on the right foot.

I have to admit something… I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding campaigns. Often, these products would never see the light of the day unless they’re funded by a small army of backers. So today I want to recommend two habit related crowdfunding campaigns. I believe you will like these campaigns because they are based on … Read more

Daily Walking Might Be Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts

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daily walking- walking fat loss

What?  Surely walking is awesome and everyone should do it for overall good health and a lean body?  Yes, I strongly recommend that they do. However, I have over my many years in the fitness industry noticed many people walking a lot and not getting any leaner.  You may have been to a gym yourself … Read more

My Daily Routine (An Example of How to Find Work-Life Balance)

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What is the best daily routine? Here's an example of how to be productive, complete a powerful morning routine and find work-life balance.

​Many people struggle with “what” to do daily.   Identifying what to work on is a constant, daily struggle. As a​ busy person, you’re faced with a seemingly infinite amount of opportunities.  What do I write next? Do I need to answer the 40 emails in my inbox? Should I pursue a new project that … Read more

Kindness: Does Being Kind to Others Help you Live Longer?

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kindness live longer | how does kindness make you live longer | why kindness is important in life

Kindness is not just a habit that is good for others, it also has important benefits for us. Life should be one of kindness and giving anyway, but writer, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and former HR executive Louis Efron gives us some great “selfish” reasons to develop the habit of being kind to others.  Take it … Read more