How to Give up Coffee – Without Going Crazy

kick your coffee habit

Coffee is a world-changing product that wakes people up and gets them prepared for the long day ahead of them. Many people love coffee. To the point where they don’t feel human until after they have their first cup. For these people coffee is a part of their lives. Wake up, cup a coffee, drive … Read more

Daily Routines of Bill Gates & Warren Buffet (7 Habits to Try)

daily routine success

What’s the secret of the world’s most successful people? They started in the same conditions as you and me (even worse ones, in many cases). Their day has as many hours as yours or mine. And they surely don’t have superhuman strength or energy. What is it then, that separates them from you and me … Read more

Process Goals vs Outcome Goals: How to Decide

Process goals

We all have results we want to achieve.  We want to make more money, lose weight, or have stronger relationships.  These are all positive things, and they motivate us to take action toward our goals. But not all goals are the same. In fact, most people get better results when they focus on process goals … Read more

Change My Life: 40 Small Habits that Have a Big Impact

change my life | daily habits to improve life | how to change your life for the better

I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression: Old habits die hard. The earliest citation of this saying is in an article written by Benjamin Franklin back in 1758 that was printed in the London Chronicle–however, the expression has been traced back to the 1400s. The deep-rooted use of this saying goes to show that people … Read more

Adopt These Habits! (44 Experts Share their Favorite Daily Healthy Habit)

We asked 44 fitness and health experts to share their number one daily health habit. Surprisingly, the most common health habit that was shared was something not directly related to physical training or exercise. More than a dozen of our contributors identified spending some time for gratitude first thing in the morning as their must-do … Read more

Get In the Habit of Asking Better Questions

He had tied his hands behind his back and was standing on the outside of the railing, preparing to jump. He shouted at me: “One step further and I’ll jump!” He sounded hoarse and it was clear he had been crying. I had been having quite an emotional night of my own. It was my … Read more

5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise (and How to Overcome Them)

5 Challenges that Prevent Exercise

The following is a sample from my book Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine. Exercising isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity. Read on to learn what challenged some people face that prevent them from exercising and how to overcome them. Steve recently polled his email list about their … Read more

The One Hour Weekly Habit to Prioritize, Reduce Your Stress & Determine Your Direction

Weekly Meeting

If you’re here you know or want to learn the power of setting good habits. Habits can make or break us in life, whether that be in how we run our work days, when (and if we exercise), and even our responses to people. But with all the priorities you have in life, including even … Read more

6 Habits Entrepreneurs Should Steal From Olympic Athletes

When you look at the super successful entrepreneurs they all have stories that show much more than what meets the eye. The world of sports is the same as these, as there is a reason that some reach high levels and others don’t. Athletic gifts do play a role in this success but habits play an even bigger role.

Athletes spend years of their lives since childhood build successful habits and it almost goes completely ignored. The problem with most fans of sport is that the behind the scenes story is not paid attention to nearly enough. When you look at the super successful entrepreneurs they all have stories that show much more than … Read more

You’re Reading Food Labels All Wrong – 4 Items to Closely Examine

A huge component of fitness or weight-loss comes down to developing healthy eating habits. Exercise will only take you so far – Fueling your body with the right food is critical. Unfortunately, choosing healthy foods can be more challenging than it seems. Take a quick look at a food label and it’s easy to become … Read more